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They tumbled onto the queen-sized bed, limbs tangled and hands tearing desperately at each other's clothes. Buttons popped and there was the distinct sound of something tearing as clothes were torn off and thrown haphazardly onto the floor. Grimmjow rolled them on the bed until he was on top and sat up, taking in the sight.

Under him, Ichigo was flushed and panting, eyes like melted cocoa and mouth plump and swollen from a barrage of kissing. His own breathing got faster and his world narrowed to that single perfect being. For a second he thought that this was a dream – how could he have gone from obsessing over this man to have him willing and ready under him so fast? He kicked himself for not having made a move earlier. Had he known that it would've been so easy, he would've claimed his Ichigo long ago.

Hands reached up and tugged him back into blazing heat. "Yer taking too long," Ichigo growled as he claimed Grimmjow's lips again. Their lips moved and molded against each other ferociously and when Ichigo gasped, Grimmjow took advantage and plunged his tongue into that wet heat. Tongues battled for dominance but Grimmjow would have none of that. Reaching down, he squeezed one beautifully erect nipple while simultaneously grinding down on his berry's erection.

Ichigo moaned and writhed as pleasure overwhelmed him while Grimmjow continued to practically rape his mouth. He couldn't handle this anymore – he wanted so much more. He wanted this man buried balls deep in him, to have him come undone inside of him. He wanted to be fucked ruthlessly and without mercy, until he couldn't think, until the only thing that existed was this man. His hands came up to bury themselves into that silky mass of hair and tugged harshly, ripping that mouth away from him.

"I swear to god, Grimmjow," he gasped. "If you don't do something right now, I'll fucking rip your dick off and choke you with it!"

Grimmjow let a slow grin spread on his face. He loved a desperate and needy Ichigo. But looking down at him in his state, he decided he loved a pleasure-wrecked Ichigo even more. Slowly, he leaned down and whispered against Ichigo's ear.

"As my princess commands."

He ignored the resulting growl and bit at the man's earlobe, before starting a trail of hot kisses down his glistening neck and heaving chest. He paused at the darkened nubs and engulfed one whole, biting down on it harshly, while playing languorously with the other. Above him, Ichigo almost sobbed as his nerves sizzled and he arched up, craving more of his lover's touch.

Grimmjow gave one last bite and twist before continuing to trail a wet path down Ichigo's torso, stopping to swipe his tongue in every dip and curve of his body. Ichigo gasped as that sinful tongue moved ever closer to his pulsing groin.

"Grimmm…Ah!" he exclaimed as suddenly he was engulfed into a wet inferno. He couldn't help but buck into the delicious heat, but his movements were quickly tamped down by a set of rough hands. He moaned loudly instead, as Grimmjow started a furious pace, tongue laving and slurping every inch of his dick. His fingers clutched the sheets tightly and he tensed as he felt himself getting closer and closer to the edge.

Grimmjow could feel the dick getting bigger in his mouth and he knew that Ichigo wouldn't last much longer. And so he increased his pace, deep-throating the man completely, and felt Ichigo's body arch almost completely off the bed as he screamed, shooting steams of cum straight down his throat. Ichigo twitched helplessly, as Grimmjow sucked and milked him for all he was worth, finally letting the limp cock fall from his lips with a last slurp.

Grimmjow wiped his mouth, utterly satisfied at the exhausted look on his berry's face. Slowly, he crawled back up the beautifully heaving body and kissed the man lightly on the lips. "Tired already?"

Ichigo slit one eye open and looked at him blearily. "Hmmm, what?"

Grimmjow took Ichigo's hand and placed it on his own rock-hard penis. He grinned maniacally and whispered. "Did you think that was it, berry?"

Ichigo's eyes snapped wide open as he felt the hard flesh grow bigger and pulse in his hand.

"Where's the lube, babe?"

"Uh, in t-the drawer."

Grimmjow reached over and opening the drawer, rummaged around until he found the clear bottle. Languidly, he sat back and inspected Ichigo's limp penis. His electric blue eyes flicked up to those molten chocolate ones and he smirked.

"Look at me, and don't look away."

And while he held Ichigo's gaze, he reached forward and took him in his hands. He stroked him, slowly and softly at first, but then the pace increased so that Ichigo's world narrowed to that single point of contact and there was nothing else.

Satisfied that Ichigo was now fully aroused, Grimmjow licked his lips and popped open the cap to the bottle, pouring the unscented lube generously on his fingers. Throwing the bottle away, he slicked his fingers up, preparing himself for that all-important step.

"Ready, Ichigo?"


Without breaking their gaze, Grimmjow slowly pushed one long finger inside his berry. Ichigo winced slightly at the slight burn, but was quickly distracted as Grimmjow stroked his dick firmly.

The finger moved deeper, stroking his velvety inner walls. Ichigo bit his hand as he spread his legs wider, allowing his lover more room to maneuver. Another finger gently pushed him, stretching him wider and his bit his lip, as a sharp flash of pain streaked up his spine. He couldn't help the uncomfortable groan that left his lips and Grimmjow paused.

"No, it's fine. Don't stop," Ichigo pleaded and sighed happily as the two fingers began to move inside of him, stretching and pleasuring him at the same time. A third slick finger quickly joined the fray and jabbed ruthlessly inside him, searching for that spot that would make everything worth it.

White light erupted around him and Ichigo screamed as his body convulsed. Grimmjow grinned and pressed down on the nerve-filled nub again, stroking and massaging him without mercy. His fingers thrust in and out and his own dick gave a painful throb at the sight of his Ichigo writhing and moaning on the bed, his mind lost in a barrage of mind-numbing pleasure. His body screamed at him to claim his berry already and it seemed that Ichigo had the same idea.

"Grimm! Now!" he screamed and Grimmjow lost all control as he ripped his fingers out and buried himself deep inside his berry in one, powerful thrust. Their mouths crashed together and he swallowed Ichigo's scream, forcing his body to stay still until Ichigo got used to him. But his control snapped when Ichigo wrapped his arms around Grimmjow neck and commanded hoarsely.


Liquid fire raced through him as he let himself go and pounded mercilessly against that hot, tight ass. In and out, in and out – he crashed against his lover, the room filling with deep groans and harsh cries.

Ichigo screamed again as Grimmjow brushed that spot inside of him and he saw stars. Mindlessly, he wrapped his legs around Grimmjow, pushing him even deeper inside of him and wrenching a deep groan from the man. Grimmjow moved back slightly and rested his straining arms beside Ichigo's head, changing the angle of his thrusts, so that every one was a direct hit on his berry's pleasure spot. Sweat dripped off of him and his chest heaved for breath as he got ever closer to his end.

Ichigo was lost in a haze of mindless pleasure. He could feel his orgasm fast approaching and he wanted it so bad. He wanted to lose himself in pleasure and know that it was this man who had rendered him this way. He wanted Grimmjow to come inside of him and coat him with his essence. Deliberately, he willed his passage to squeeze and crush the hard flesh inside of him. Grimmjow threw his head back, the veins in his neck visible and straining, as he released a long drawn-out groan. His thrusts got faster and more erratic as he neared the cliff. For a second, he teetered, but with one last squeeze of that insanely tight passage, he came, his seed gushing out of him in thick spurts, coating his berry's passage on the inside.

Ichigo felt himself being filled to the brim and milked the man for all he was worth before one last thrust made him peak himself and come all over their stomachs and chests.

"Grimm—jow!" he screamed brokenly one last time and Grimmjow grunted before collapsing heavily on top of him.

They lay in the heavy silence, before Grimmjow pulled out with a low grunt. Ichigo winced slightly at the gushy feeling inside of him, but he didn't mind really. Sighing happily, he turned on his side and cuddled up against his lover's side, before promptly falling asleep.

Grimmjow looked up at the ceiling and let a small smile of happiness come over his face. Turning his head, he buried his face into that soft mass of sunset hair inhaled deeply, the scent of sex and Ichigo soothing him and lulling him into a deep sleep.

"I love you."

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