When Two Different Worlds Collide: Larry Stylinson

Chapter 1

Harry knew he was gay since he was born. You can't be turned gay or get rid of 'gay'. It's not herpes. You are born with it, it's a part of you. Harry is a freshman in high school. He hated the idea of high school because of what all the movies tell you. He was afraid of being teased because he was a freshman and of course the fact that he was gay wasn't going to help with that.

His freshman class knew that he was gay because last year, in 8th grade, someone somehow got hold of Harry's private journal and they read it cover to cover. It was a secret journal so it had many personal thoughts hidden within its pages. The person who found it was a boy named Keith Coles. Keith Coles wasn't athletic, wasn't smart, wasn't even friendly. But he had something that lots of people in the world today have: a craving to be popular, to have everyone like you, to be known…

It took Keith a few days to turn the book in to the 'Crew` (what the big group of extremely popular kids was called) because he spent hours pondering. If he turned the book in would he be looked at as a hero or a villain? He wasn't sure the answer to the question, so he acted upon instinct….he would turn the journal in the next day.

The rest of 8th grade for Harry was a complete and massive nightmare. Everywhere he went, there always seemed to be someone with a big mouth that thought they were sooo cool. Harry was strong however, which was not what anyone was expecting. They were expecting him to cry and crumble at every nasty comment they said to him.

Needless to say, although Harry wasn't that excited about entering the dungeon that is high school, he was glad to be there because it meant new unfamiliar people that didn't know who he was or that he was gay.

And then there was Louis. Louis was a senior at the same high school as Harry. Louis also knew that he was gay. He would never tell anyone though because that would ruin his precious rep, so he dates girls to cover it up. Louis was , for a lack of a better phrase, a bully. He was one of the leaders of the 'crew` and he liked it. He liked being mean to people because that means he's accepted and he's wanted. But a bully is not who Louis really is.

When Louis was in 7th grade he was a very socially awkward kid. No one really talked to him much, because he always kept to himself. Then something happened that changed his life forever. He was always the first person out to the buses, he didn't like crowds. So, one day there was a young lad named Liam I think, that was outside before him. When Louis exited the building, Liam was being beat up by a few guys from the crew. Granted, Liam was a pretty tall and muscular kid, but it was 4 to 1. Louis wanted to help the poor little defenseless kid, so he just ran over to the boys and started screaming. He didn't know what else to do. He would not have been able to beat all of the boys up for Liam so he just resulted to screaming and running at them like a madman.

Eventually other kids started pouring out of the school because it was the end of the day. When they entered the scene, all they saw was Liam on the ground bleeding and crying, and Louis standing by him still breathing pretty heavily from all of the screaming. Everyone assumed that Louis had beat Liam up. He guessed it was cool because Liam was so much more athletic and stronger then Louis so the fact that Louis 'beat him up' was practically a miracle. From that day on Louis was one of the crew members. He liked his new place in the ranks. It made him feel like he was worth something rather than feeling like a complete failure every day. He would rather have a bunch of people that he didn't really like around him all the time then be lonely…..

When these two boys meet, their worlds collide and they have no way of controlling what happens.

First Day of School

Harry's POV

It was the first day of school and I was half excited and half terrified. I wanted to believe that the crew had not brought my secrets with them to high school but I was a very negative person. When I got to my homeroom, there were many people in there that I didn't like at all. Then there was this one kid, sitting in the back all by himself that I didn't recognize. I chose the empty seat next to him to sit in.

"Hi. I'm Harry Styles." I said as I took my seat. "I'm Niall. Nice to meet you." He was reading a book but I couldn't tell what it was. "Nice to meet you too. So are you new here?" I asked. "Yeah I just moved here from Ireland." As we were talking I noticed that Keith Coles was in my homeroom. I don't get it though because I thought that homerooms were sorted out by your last name but I guess it doesn't work like that in high school.

"Hey new kid!" Niall shot his head up and found himself surrounded by 'crew` members. "You better watch yourself around Styles here. If you get too close you might catch his gay!" Keith started laughing uncontrollably and everyone else joined in. However, Niall didn't say anything. He just stared at Keith with a look that said "get away from me or I will punch you in the face". After everyone was done giggling uncontrollably, they all took their seats.

"Thanks for not laughing at me. It really means a lot." I said, trying to thank the boy for not making a mockery out of me. "It's no problem, really. I don't like being made fun of about my sexuality, so why would I do it to you? That's just stupid." He said. "Are you gay too?" I asked. "No. I'm bisexual, but it's still not full on hetero so I still get teased for it. That's why my family decided to move here. So we could get away from all of the drama in Ireland for good." He said, this time taking his eyes away from his book and actually making eye contact with me. "I'm glad that you moved here Niall. It's really nice to have someone to talk to and who understands what I am going through." He just smiled at me and then returned to his novel.

Throughout the day I scoped out each class to see if Niall was there. I noticed that he was in my Biology, Maths, and Language Arts. Then I was on my way to Spanish. As I walked into the classroom, I was relieved to find out that Niall was in this class with me too. I took the empty seat that was in front of him. Then as I sat down, Keith and his friend Zayn I think it is, stood up from their seats and said, "Ladies and gentlemen please welcome Homo Harry." They just kept clapping. I noticed that there was a boy sitting in the back of the room laughing as well. He didn't look like he was a freshman. He looked like he was a senior to me. I leaned to the girl that was sitting next to me and asked her. She gave me a quizzical expression like she could not believe that I actually did not know who this boy was. She told me that his name was Louis Tomlinson and he was indeed a senior. I looked back at him again and realized that he was already looking at me. Why was he looking at me?

"Buenos tardes CLASE!" Mr. Polanco, the Spanish teacher has entered the room. Spanish class went by very slowly. Afterwards I only have one class left and then I'm out of this hell hole.

My last class of the day is Theatre Arts. I am glad I get to end the day with something that I love so much. When I walked into the class, I noticed three things immediately, Keith was not there, neither was Niall, but that Luis guy from Spanish class was and he was looking in my direction as I entered the large classroom. I wonder why he's here…..he was probably forced to be here.

The theatre teacher, Mrs. Bonty, went through all of her rules and then put us into assigned seats. To my strange delight, I got to seat next to Luis. As he sat down next to me I got to get a really good look at him. His skin looked like it was super smooth, his face was super hot, he had the body of an Australian model, and he had the best ass I have ever seen! "Hi I'm Harry." I said as he sat down. I wanted to befriend the guy, who wouldn't? "Um I'm Louis." He said with a smirk. Damnit I have been saying his name wrong.

For the rest of the class we kind of had a Twilight moment. He was staring at me the whole time! Every time I would look over at him, he would quickly look away or pretend he was looking at something else that happened to be in my general direction. What if he likes me? I said to myself. C'mon Styles don't get your hopes up. He is probably admiring how gay and ugly you are. I hate my brain's logic.

When the bell rang, I was the first person out of the class. I could not wait to get home so I could use the power of Google and look this guy up.