Louis' POV

This place reminded me of an awful cliché romantic comedy. That thought made me laugh and then I remembered why I was here in the first place.

Everyone was dressed in black and a lot of people were crying. But I wasn't. I don't know why. Maybe it was because I had run out of tears or something but I just wasn't getting emotional at all.

"I am really really really sorry man."

I turned around to see who the stranger was that was apologetic for my loss.

"Thanks…" I said to my boyfriend.

2 weeks earlier

The walk down the hallway was the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life.

I started sobbing softly as I made my way to the exit. I was about 20 feet away from it when I heard a huge commotion coming from where I had just walked from….Harry's room.

I could hear people screaming and machines beeping. Suddenly a doctor was yelling.


That was all I needed before I started sprinting down the hallway. When I reached Harry's room, I saw that one of the heart monitors that was hooked up to him was beeping, telling the medical personnel that he had a pulse and that his heart was beating again. I couldn't contain my happiness. "HARRY!" I screamed. The male nurse, the same one that told me Harry was going to die, pushed me out of the room and closed the door.

This wait was much worse than the other one. I knew that this wait was going to have a positive outcome. Only about 2 hours passed when the nurse came up to me once more. I leaped out of chair and met him halfway. I gave him a look that said 'tell me what's going on right now or I am going to punch you.' So he did, "I don't know how it happened, but Harry's heart started beating again and he's alive. This has never happened before during my 27 years of being a nurse. He woke up about 20 minutes ago and Dr. Cowen said you are allowed to go see him, as long as you are fragile with him. He is still not 100% yet." "I promise!" I yelled back as I ran down the hallway.

You know when you have a moment and you're just like 'Oh my god I love you'? Well, when I walked into his room and his eyes met mine, that was my moment. "..Louis.."
he whispered. I couldn't control myself, I ran over to him and enveloped him in a hug that I wish would have lasted forever. "Harry HARRY oh Harry I love you so much I am so sorry please forgive me I will never leave your side again I am so happy oh my god Harry!" it sounded like a giant run-on sentence that was never going to end. All he said was "Shhh." And I was instantly calm.

Harry's POV

Louis was so cute when he worried. He kept saying that he was glad I wasn't dead. Dead? When I questioned him about it and he said, "Yeah Harry, you were dead for about an hour, then I went to say goodbye to you, then I was leaving and you came back to life."

Suddenly, slight memories started to come back to me.

I was in a room with no lights, no sun, no source of light, but the room was aglow. It was beautiful. There were animals of every shape and size and none of them hurt me. I got to pet a lion! How many people get to say that and live to tell people about it? Also, there was a person standing a few feet away from me. It looked like a little boy. I walked over to him and he smiled at me. "Hello Harry." he sounded like he was about 12. "Um hi, where am I?"

"Let's just say you're in between my world and yours." I looked around once more. This place really was beautiful. The only thing that would make it better is Louis..

"Louis is not here." The young lad could read minds…whoa. "Would you like to see him?" he asked. I nodded. With a little wave of his hand, he put an image in the sky, it was Louis talking, crying. "Oh god Harry I am so sorry!" he cried, "I am sorry that I didn't come to your aid sooner! I should've ran over as soon as I noticed someone was getting hurt! You would be alive if it wasn't for me! I am so sorry!" I was in tears now….why was Louis so upset? "He is upset because you are dead Harry." said the little boy.

Then we saw Louis lean down and give me a kiss. He kissed me. Suddenly I could feel a tingling sensation on my lips. There was yelling and then Louis hugged me whispered something to me, kissed me one last time and was gone. I could feel the tingling again. "What did he say to me?" I was curious. "He said 'I will always love you.'" I started sobbing now.

The boy walked over to me and gave me a hug. I wanted to know who he was and when I asked him he said, "My name is Colfer. Colfer Styles-Tomlinson. And I am your son." My son? I have a son? What?!

"I am not yet born which is why I am here, but you need not be here." He said. I walked over to my son and checked him out. He had my curls, Lou's eyes, and a mixture of our sexiness. "Why thanks." He giggled. Damnit he can read minds. "If I can't be here, how do I get out of here?" I asked. I desperately needed to get back to my Louis. "You just have to believe that what Louis said was true, that he will always love you, and that you will always love him, and you will find your way back…."

I thought long and hard….i know for a fact that I love Louis with all of my heart, but does he love me? He confessed his love to me at my house, he basically came out to some crew members when he saved me from being murdered right there on the street, and he drove me all the way to the hospital and stayed long hours just to make sure I was ok. I do believe that Louis will always love me…I kept thinking. The next thing I knew, all I could hear was loud beeping and then screaming. "WE GOT A PULSE! WE GOT A PULSE! HE'S ALIVE!"

Then I heard someone shout my name, it was Louis! I tried getting up but my limbs were not agreeing with me so I just laid there.

I think about an hour later, I was finally alone. Then, I saw the most beautiful person in the world standing in the doorway. "…Louis.." I said and then he hugged me like he thought he was never going to hug me ever again. "Harry HARRY oh Harry I love you so much I am so sorry please forgive me I will never leave your side again I am so happy oh my god Harry!" he said and I just shushed him. "It's ok Louis I'm here." I soothed him. "I….I…I thought you were dead…" he choked out. At this he started hysterically crying and I sat up and hugged him. I could feel the vibrations of his sobs in my chest. "Louis, you saved my life. You are the reason I am not dead." He looked at me with a quizzical expression. Spo I continued, "Your love for me brought me back to life, I love you." Then I kissed him. This kiss was so much more than just a quick snog or a small peck, this kiss said something. This kiss said, 'I died, and you saved my mother fucking life!'.