Hello all! This is my first attempt at writing about my favorite couple, Diana and Kal-El as new parents. Super Man and the Lovely Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman, got hitched had a pair of lovely twins Lara and Jonathan Kent II and oh the joys of parenthood.

Disclaimer: I own nothing; characters are the property of DC Comics, I only own my little imagination.

Where do we begin…?

3 a.m. and Diana is again changing another diaper because Lara has a slight fever and real bad ear infection and diarrhea now that she's teething. Both Lara and Lil Jon just turned 6 months and are just amazing babies. Even though they are the off springs of two powerful super beings, their powers don't kick-in until they are much older but for now they are just tender babies going through baby things.

"My poor little moon beam" the concern mom thinks to herself. While she constantly checks that her fever doesn't become too critical or she may have to rush to Watch Tower or Themyscira for extra measure knowing that a hospital won't do.

"Where is Kal-El with the Child-E-Lyte?" Diana thinks out loud to herself. "WHOOOOSH" Just on time. The Man of Steel himself, with more diapers, more Child-E-lyte and there to give support to his beloved wife. Kal-El just finished destroying another one of Luthor's flop of a robot of some sort trying to kill/destroy Superman. (Yeah blonde dude w/ long black nails from Superman IV).

Diana: Babe, I'm really worried. Lara is flushed with a slight fever and she just won't shush for a little moment and OH BOY, gotta change the diaper AGAIN, this is the third one in less than half hour.

Clark: Honey, take it easy; here let me change her, go rest. It's pretty normal for babies to go through it, she's teething pretty soon Lil Jon will go through it and….OH GOD, OH MY GOD! Is she supposed to SPRAY like that? WHAT is that smell?" As he's trying not to throw up. (See what had happened was while Clark removed her diaper to get ready to wipe and clean and replace with a new one, baby Lara with the runs just straight up SPRAYED daddy all over.)

Diana: As she holds back her laughter "Imagine that! The Man of Steel becomes Daddy Jell-o at the site of really dirty diapers. Here let me handle it babe, I think you are much better at handling inter-dimensional foes than handling the foul smell from your daughter's boonky".

And right on cue Lil Jonathan wakes up with a slight fever and the runs.

Diana: Clark can you get him for me? Just bring him over here so that I can get him cleaned up. Clark? Clark?... as she turns her head to find Clark passed out after seeing the bad leaking accident of poor Lil Jonathan's diaper.