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Jimmy sighed.

"Man this really stinks," he said, "I loved being Hope's friend."

After she had developed this attitude and he realized how he had been as a child and what he grew up to be he realized he couldn't be her friend anymore.

"Jimmy," Sabrina said, "You don't milk a cow and expect diet coke."

"I know but that would be so cool," Jimmy said.

"Look," Sabrina said, "I love you. Do you know WHY I love you?"

"You love me," Jimmy exclaimed happily.

"Yes. I love you because you're you. No you're not perfect. That's what makes you perfect."

"So you're saying..."

"I'm saying that you're a damn great person," Sabrina said, "And you are doing a great job with Hope. Don't stop being you."

"But what if she ends up like me," Jimmy said, "That's what scares me."

"Well I think it would be pretty great if she grew up like you," Sabrina said, "Look Jimmy you're the best of the best."

"No that would be Hope," Jimmy said proudly.

"Fine. This is an example. Suppose I don't think the right way. Would I still be accepted."

"Dumb question," Jimmy said, "Of course you would. Sabrina you're perfect the way you are"

"And you are perfect the way you are," Sabrina said