The bus sat silent in the large car park of the shopping mall. Ichigo sat in the drivers seat simply watching the front entrance, his head popped up on the wheel underneath his hands that were folded over one another. They had taken the bus for simple reasons, one with four of them the Humvie wouldn't be able to take supplies enough for the entirety of everyone back at the Takagi estate. Rubbing his forehead a hand clasped the back of the seat making him turn to see Takashi standing there looking out the window, shotgun strapped over his shoulder. Ichigo could see Tatsuki looking out the back window, crossbow at the ready, Chad was holding a metal baseball bat he had found in one of the caretakers rooms back at the Estate, sitting in the front row of the bus waiting for Ichigo to come to a decision.

"So what's the plan?" Takashi questioned.

"We generally have three options." Ichigo told him gaining Tatsuki's and Chad's attention along with the shotgun wielding teen. "First option we drive the bus right into the store, grab as much as we can before we're swarmed and get the hell out, not only will this be dangerous but it will also make this place no longer assessable to us in the future."

"Last resort then?" Chad questioned making Ichigo nod at the large teen over his shoulder.

"Second option?" Tatsuki questioned from the back fo the bus, beginning to walk down the isle towards them.

"We park the bus close to the front entrance and make our way inside. Risky on the return run to bring everything back on the bus but barely any of 'them'."

"Sounds simple, and the third?" Takashi questioned.

"We drive around, find a maintenance door and sneak in through there, we can park the bus close but in doing so we're causing more sound and the door might be locked so it could all be for nothing." Ichigo muttered rubbing his forehead. "Not to mention what's in the store, for all we know it could be swarmed already, looters or god knows what else within."

"Think positive you ass." Tatsuki said looking out the window at a passing by zombie who was stumbling slightly as it moved away from the bus, it was a female police officer. "Well it's what? A hundred meters from here to the front entrance? Drive forward a bit, turn the bus around so the back door is pointed at the entrance and we'll sprint in, close the doors behind us and get trolleys ready for what ever we need to take. If anyone's inside we deal with it when and if it comes to that." She suggested.

"Sound's like a plan." Ichigo said turning on the ignition of the bus putting it in drive and swinging the bus left before putting it into reverse and swinging back to the right and reversing the bus up to the entrance of the store. Turning off the ignition and pulling the keys from where they were inserted he shoved them in his pockets and stood up out of his seat.

Chad looked up to see the orange haired teen nod making the large teen pull open the bus door and step down onto the car park and look around, a few of 'them' shambling in the direction from the sound of the bus. Tatsuki stepped down after him and started to head for the back of the bus before one of 'them' shambled from behind the vehicle making her raise her crossbow up only for Chad's hand to lower it.

"You'll waist your ammunition if you shoot randomly." He said propping the metal bat onto his shoulder.

"All yours then." Tatsuki said stepping to the side. Chad nodded and walked forward swung back with the bat before swinging, sending the un-dead flying through the air before skidding across the ground, the automatic doors opening as the body hit the sensor, several shelving and other items had been used as a makeshift barricade around the inner entrance.

"Push it down?" Takashi questioned.

"We're going to have to." Ichigo told them, the four teens running for the doors and pushing a part of the blockade apart so that they could slip through before pushing it back into place only to be greeted with a nervously standing police woman who was holding a baton, her hands visibly shaking before slumping to her knees at the sight of the four teens.

"O-Oh my, A-Asami, I mean this o-officer thought they had gotten smart and gotten through the barricade that officer Matsushima set up!" She said astonished before looking up and gulping nervously as she caught sight of Chad and Ichigo, the very textbook definition of dangerous thugs she had learned all about in the police academy, were standing right in front of her, one holding a metal baseball bat covered in blood the other with a sword strapped to his back. Gulping nervously she scurried back as Ichigo leant down to offer his hand to her.

"Idiot." Tatsuki snapped at him pushing him to the side, swinging the crossbow onto her back she smiled and crouched down before the nervous policewoman. "Sorry, Ichigo looks worse then he actually is, Chad too." She smiled offering her hand to the woman. "My names Tatsuki."

"A-Asami." The officer greeted taking her hand and they both stood up. "Asami Nakaoka, I'm apart of the traffic police department." She informed her.

"People really don't like you do they?" Takashi questioned Ichigo making him scowl even more.

"It's his hair." Chad told him, as Tatsuki and Asami continued to talk. "They think he's a delinquent."

"You don't seem offended by it yourself Chad." Takashi added looking to the larger teen.

"I am who I am." Chad offered.

"It's bullshit, this is the zombie apocalypse and apparently my orange hair is much scarier then the fucking walking dead." Ichigo mumbled causing Takashi to chuckle.

"Where did you four come from?" Asami questioned looking over at the three. "Is there more of you?"

"Yes." Tatsuki nodded. "A few of us are hold up at an estate not far from here." She continued. "We came here looking for supplies."

"Well tough fucking titties girlie!" A shout came from behind causing the five present to look further into the mall, a man standing there wearing a black touque, white shirt, work boots, and black jacket with black pants.

"Shimada!" Asami cried nervously. "Asami asked you to stay back!" She told him frantically. "This officer can handle this!"

"Like hell! You haven't done anything since that other bitch left!" Shimada shouted storming forward, Asami flinching slightly at the large man's brashness, before he noticed the teens held weapons and paused in his step. "Everything in this store is ours." He told them harshly.

"I'm sure even your fat ass can't eat everything here!" Tatsuki snapped back at him.

"Want to say that again you skanky bitch!" Shimada roared before Ichigo stepped in front of Tatsuki and rose his foot up kicking Shimada in the face sending him flying to the ground to their left, Asami gasping slightly at the strength of Ichigo's kick.

"I could of handled it you idiot." Tatsuki huffed before Ichigo turned around and wrapped his knuckles on her head making her whine as she rose her hands up holding the oncoming lump. "What the hell was that for you prick?!" She growled at him.

"For you being an arrogant ass." Ichigo told her. "Stop antagonising people." He sighed running a hand through his spiky orange hair before glancing over at Asami who squeaked slightly standing up straighter. "Asami right?"

"Y-Yes!" She told him with a swift nod.

"Look, we just need to get some stuff for our friends back where we are. We're running out of food quick, we'll only take what we need." Asami looked over the four of them and saw that they weren't really bad people.

"How many of you are there?" Asami questioned.

"Seventeen all together." Takashi told her stepping forward. "Most of us high school students from Fujimi Academy, Ichigo's younger sister and another young girl. We've got our school nurse with us." He explained. "We're hold up in the Takagi estate just north of here."

"You made it all the way from the school out here?" Asami questioned.

"Yeah, it wasn't easy." Tatsuki told her. "How'd you end up here?"

"Asami was on break with officer Matsushima, we came here during the day. Everything happened so fast, Matsushima took control of the situation immediately, a lot of people went home, a handful of people here stayed. Officer Matsushima set up the barricades, she left to go and get help." Asami smiled. "She should be back soon." Tatsuki lowered her eyes as she remembered seeing the policewoman that had been turned when they had been on the bus still deciding what to do. Chad placed a hand on her shoulder making her look up at him only to see the large teen shake his head, as if knowing she was about to say something to the young policewoman.

"How long ago was that?" Tatsuki questioned.

"Yesterday." Asami told them. "She shouldn't be long now, officer Matsushima is a really good policewoman." She smiled. "Much better then this officer. When the reinforcements get here we can all go up to the estate together and get everyone."

"I'm sorry, but we don't know how long that'll be." Ichigo told her. "We'll just get what we can and head back, you can tell the reinforcements where we are but we can't wait here." Asami looked over the four before nodding with a small smile.

"If Asami can help in anyway, don't hesitate to ask." She told them before walking over to Shimada and helping him up. "Come on Shimada let's go to today's meeting." The two walked away from the four teens.

"Well, let's get started." Takashi suggested before the four walked into the shopping mall. Going up to the second floor Tatsuki kept an eye on the doorway that Asami and Shimada had gone down which would probably lead to a maintenance room or security room, they would more then likely let the other survivors know that they were here, it could go two ways, either the others would just accept it or there could be anger towards them.

In situations like this it was hard to tell. Chad had questioned if Tatsuki wanted him to go with her however after the three males found out what she was going to look for they simply found other things to find. Yep, even in a zombie infested world no guy wanted to go shopping with a girl.

"Bunch of idiots." Tatsuki mumbled as she pulled the list that the girls had all written down on for her, after hearing that Ichigo was only taking three people with him they all opted for a girl to go so they could pick up, female necessitates. Heading into the pharmacy she began to walk down the isles finding what she needed. A knock brought her back and she looked over her shoulder to see Ichigo leaning on one of the shelves, a tired expression on his face.

"You alright?" He questioned.

"Yeah." She said turning back to the shelves pulling several things off and placing them in the basket she was carrying. "You?"

"Peachy." He sighed as he walked down the isle. "Probably should check for medicine in here, Shizuka said it would probably do well to stock up on some."

"You'll be looking behind the counter then." She told him. Ichigo nodded as he passed by her, Tatsuki watching him as he went before he walked around the counter. "Hey Ichigo..." Tatsuki started.

"Hmm?" He glanced up at her making her cheeks redden slightly.

"Uh... well... these! Do you think we need them?" She questioned grabbing something off the shelf quickly, without even looking at what she had grabbed before holding it out to him, his eyes went wide as a blush covered his face. "What? Do we need them or not!?" She huffed before she glanced at the item in her hand and her eyes went wide before she threw the condoms back on the shelf. "Never mind!" She said looking back to the shelf with wide eyes. "The hell!?" She screamed in her mind. "What the fuck we need condoms for! You're the biggest idiot ever!"

"Uh well... I mean..." Tatsuki looked up to see Ichigo scratching the back fo his head awkwardly. Tatsuki raised an eyebrow at him.

"You plan on getting lucky?" She questioned with slightly narrowed eyes.

"We'll it's better to be safe right!?" Ichigo shouted at her. "I mean, who knows what's going to happen." He told her. "Just do what you want." He finally huffed out in annoyance.

"Fine." Pushing the basket up level with the shelf she pushed her arm and swiped basically every condom packet into the basket. "Are you happy now you pervert?" Ichigo sighed as he rubbed his forehead in irritation, he turned his back and went about searching for medical supplies, having grown up around a clinic with his Dad he had some knowledge of medicines and with some help with a short list from Shizuka about more serious medication he was able to get a fair amount of supplies.

Walking around the counter he purposely walked down an empty aisle to avoid Tatsuki however the two bumped into one another at the entrance of the hall.

"Here." She huffed pulling a discarded trolley along from within the pharmacy. "Shove all that in here." She told him as she emptied her own basket into the metal cart. Doing the same both walked down the mall towards a large clothing store. Tatsuki looked over the list from the girls and smiled as she saw Alice's little side note reading 'dog food'. The smile faded from her face as she glanced up at Ichigo to see him with a far away look on his face. "Ichigo, you alright?"

"What?" He asked turning back to her, blinking a few times.

"Are you alright?" She questioned again.

"Yeah, let's just go." He told her walking ahead making her frown slightly. He'd been acting strangely ever since he returned from Karakura Town with Karin, without Yuzu. Frowning she continued after her oldest friend. Sometimes didn't know how to act around him in the last few days. It's like he was changing along with this world and everyone was taking to long to do so and he was getting ahead of everyone, the only one who seemed to be beside him all the time during this change was Saeko. Tatsuki didn't know what it was but she didn't fully trust the other sword wielder, there was just something about her that was... off.

Walking into the clothing store Ichigo was looking over a pair of jeans making her shake her head in amusement.

"I'm sure they're easy to get blood out of." She told him making him chuckle slightly.

"Got to look for the post apocalyptic deals these days, some are even a hundred percent off." He told her making her laugh as she went about looking for clothes, something she herself desperately needed. Heading over to the woman's section she sighed regretting coming for this very reason. Pulling the list back out of her pocket that also had all the girls sizes on it. Looking over every single size her eyebrow only twitched more.

"There is no freaking way Shizuka's are real." She thought to herself as she stared at the size next to Shizuka's name. Looking over to Ichigo atop of the clothes racks she saw that his attention was elsewhere raising her hands up she cupped her own breasts with a scowl on her face as she massaged them slightly through her shirt, silently wishing them to be bigger.

"What are you doing?" Squeaking at the sudden voice she turned around to see Takashi standing there with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing! Shut up! Go away!" Takashi simply shrugged as he fixed the shotgun strap over his shoulder before heading over to Ichigo, Tatsuki breathing a sigh of relief before hanging her head in embarrassment.

"Yo, Ichigo. Chad's got a couple of trolley's full of food and what not. He's ready to head out when we are." Takashi told the orange haired teen. "You guys got anything needing to go down?"

"Yeah, take this." He said gesturing to the trolley that Tatsuki had left next to him, Takashi raising an eyebrow at the packets and packets of condoms. "Don't ask." He sighed.


"We'll get the stacks of clothes for everyone and head down. Shouldn't be more then twenty minutes." Ichigo explained to him.

"Right, want us to pack everything into the bus, save us making a desperate run all at once?"

"Might be worth it." Takashi nodded. "Just try to keep sound to a minimum." Ichigo suggested. "Anything gets close to bus deal with it."

"Sure thing." Takashi said before taking the trolley and heading back to where Chad would be waiting. Turning to Tatsuki he saw that she was looking at different bras, a scowl on her face as she did so. Going about getting clothes for the guys and judging sizes but what he assumed they would wear he grabbed another trolley throwing it all in one as he made his way around the clothing store. Tatsuki sighed as she threw all the bras she had collected into a trolley and headed for a different section fo the shop, the trolley half full just of underwear.

"The girl to guy ratio is way off. I've already got enough trouble dealing with Ichigo, I don't want others hanging off him like a bad smell, hell I suspect Shizuka is going to try and seduce him." She thought clenching her hands around the bar on the trolley. "And to top if off two more woman! Fully grown woman are coming!" She mentally groaned referring to Rika and Yoruichi. Ichigo was hell of a catch and if those two were anything like Shizuka or any of the other girls, there was going to be trouble.

"Oi stop day dreaming." Ichigo called out making her head snap in his direction to see him looking over to her. "I'd rather get back before night fall, so I don't want you going down the shoe isle any time soon either." He smirked at her.

"Fuck. You." She couldn't help but hold the grin off her face. "I could use a new pair of heels."

"Bullshit, I have never seen you in a pair of heels Tatsuki."

"Ask me out on a date and you might see me in a pair Ichigo." She stuck her tongue out of him making them both laugh before they heard someone running. Turning their attention to the front of the store they saw Asami running towards them frantically. Dropping what they were holding they ran to where she was coming from.

"Your friends! They're getting into an argument with the others!" The policewoman cried frantically.

"Damn it!" Ichigo cursed before bolting out of the clothing store. Tatsuki turned to Asami who was catching her breath.

"I tired to stop them but Shimada egged them all on. I couldn't do anything." She said in an apologetic tone.

"It's fine." Tatsuki said, not even believing in her own words. "Come on, let's go and see if we can help." Asami nodded and followed Tatsuki out of the store before a gunshot rang out through the mall. Tatsuki's blood ran cold, the first thought running through her mind was that Ichigo had just shot someone.