Birdslash Not Birdflash!

Authors Note: I'm tired of Wally cheating on Dick and getting a second chance fics. It's time someone puts up a fanfic that tells what people should do! Not that I don't love how their love prevails in the end, it's just that...People shouldn't get second chances for going farther than a kiss.

I can accept that Wally can make mistakes. I just don't like it when the mistakes involve him on a bed with someone else! Robin's stronger than that! So, this will be a fanfic about Robin moving on.

Also, I'm going to try my best to not completely bash Zatanna. I apologize for the cheating thing, she was just the easiest to make leave without doing anything too dramatic.

Pairing: Past!Wally/Dick. Future!Jay/Dick!

This is going to be slightly AU. Wally doesn't know Robin's identity. Jay is older than Dick. XP Also, who doesn't love a male Starfire? She'd be so hot.

Me: So, Male Kori'ander? Anyone? Anyone? Over here, over there?

Peanut Gallery: *raises hands*

Me: Excellent. BTW, I always imagined Starfire as having the ability to act innocent when she thought it necessary. So at first, male!Star is going to act like the TT version. I OWN NOTHING!

Robin was having a tough day. He had gotten into a fight with Bruce, after a breakout at Arkham. Well, at least he had Wally to talk to. Wally would make him feel better. He was such a great guy. So, he slipped on his civvies and zeta-beamed to the mountain.

Robin POV

Wally...He said that he loved me. He said I was the only one for him. I felt like the biggest idiot in the world. I walk into his room, to see him kissing Zatanna. They were practically naked on his bed, pretty much eating each other's faces off. I ran out of there as soon as I saw Artemis coming. I ran to the zeta-beam and straight to the one place left for me.

Artemis POV

I couldn't believe it. That. Stupid. Bastard! I may not have known Robin that well, but I knew that he and Wally were dating. Now, he goes and cheats on him?! He had better think it had been worth it, because I was going to kill him.

Normal POV

Robin couldn't believe it. He knew what to do. If Wally or Bruce didn't want him, he'd go to the one person he knew would understand. He cared...Robin knew he did. Bruce just didn't understand.

Jason was tired. He was making his way up to his run down apartment, when he saw the last person he thought he would. Robin was sitting on his doorstep, curled into a little ball. Before Jason could enquire as to why Dick was on his doorstep, he saw the tears leaking from his crystal blue eyes. He ran to the boy and hugged him to his chest, "Dickie, what's wrong? Did Bruce do something?"

He didn't know Kid Flash was Dick's boyfriend. Dickie-bird was supposed to be his, and no one messes with the people he acutally cared about. No one.

But...Dickie was crying in his arms and holding him so tightly...Maybe killing the guy could wait for a bit. Jason blushed as the little bird nuzzled into his chest.

After some bonding, crying, and blushing; The next day...

Robin didn't know what he was doing. Jason wouldn't want to hear about his problems. He was really emotional last night...Jason was too busy with the Outlaws and being the Red Hood...But...somehow he ended up on Jason's couch. Maybe, he was right to come here?


Maybe not..., Robin thought before he heard another voice coming from the kitchen.

"Calm down! And do I really need to point out that you're talking to two 'gingers'? So, ca-"

"CALM DOWN?! CALM DOWN?! You want me to calm down?"

"Yes, you are going to wake him up, Jason."

"...Look, Roy, Kori, I don't like that someone would mess with my Robin. It's my job to take care of my Robin and show everyone that I can take care of him!"

"Well, aren't we protective all of a sudden."

"Shut. Up. Roy."

There was a feminine gasp, then, a very handsome boy came floating in. He had orange skin and a long, thin body. His hair was like fire, it seemed to move in the same fashion. It went down to his shoulders. His eyes were completely green. No, not Wally green. Completely green, as in, even where it was supposed to be white...Wally...Robin started tearing up again. No! He already cried infront of Jason. He was not doing it again!

"He has awoken! Friend Jason! Your Robin has awoken!"


"Glorious! We must celebrate in honor of his no longer doing: the sobbing."

Robin blushed as he was lifted and spun around by the handsome Kori. He felt like he was in one of those stupid dating montages in musicals. This guy oozed sunshine, rainbows, and puppies. He felt like he was about to pass out from the uncensored happiness, until Jason appeared and tore Robin from his friend's arms.

"Kori, you're going to kill him."

Kori gasped again and apologized ten times before Roy told him to calm down. Roy sat down next to Robin before asking, "So...He really cheated on you?"


"Dammit, that idiot."

"Look, Dickie...?"


"You're going to stay here, with m-us until you're ready."

"R-really?" Robin was getting choaked up. Jason turned away to hide his blush, "Yeah. Now stop crying."

"I'm not crying."

"That's what I thought. Also, you're going to need a new hero identity. Robin works with Batman. Who works with the outlaws?"

Robin smirked, "Well, you already have Red Hood, Red arrow...What about...Red X?"

At the Mountain...

Wally had a black eye and a broken nose. Of course, even before he had gotten them, he had felt like the scum of the Earth. When he saw Robin's face, he knew he was doing something horrible. He had felt lonely and curious.

Lonely, because Robin still hadn't told him who his secret identity was. He didn't know who his boyfriend was. He'd never seen his boyfriend's eyes.

Curious, because Robin was the only boy he had felt like this for. He was still a teen and wanted to experiment, and Zatanna was just there.

She didn't know that he and Robin were dating. So, she was a victim in his screw up too. Artemis was the one that broke his nose, just before he got the black eye. His non-fading black eye was from Zatanna, when she found out. She'd really liked Robin.

Wally sighed, he had to fix this. As soon as Batman showed up with Robin, he'd apologize and try to fix things.


He waited for Robin to be announced. It never came.

"Where's Robin?"

"Like you care."

Batman glared and growled, "Report. Robin never arrived in Gotham last night. He never reported in during the designated times either. Where. Is. He?"

"W-we thought he was with you."

Before Batman could say anything, Green Arrow came rushing into the cave through the zeta-beam. "Batman!"


"It's one of your rogues."

Batman whirled around, "Which one?"

"Red Hood and his outlaws. The file wouldn't let me look at anything else."

Batman's eyes narrowed, "How many were killed?"

"Just that new drug boss, Specs."

"What is so important that you need to stop me from finding Robin?"


"You just wanted to know more about the Red Hood."


Batman's glare was worse than usual.

Author's note: END PROLOGUE

Meh, short, sweet. I'm not going to be taking this fanfic seriously. It's just one I'll be doing in my spare time. extra in the back of mangas!