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"Team, Report to the Training Room."

The team smiled as they ran to the training room. They had a big surprise planned. Wally was looking around for someone. Then, that someone ran into the room.

"Sorry, I'm late!"


Robin had thrown a few birdarangs, narrowly missing Superman.

Everyone laughed, "Happy Birthday, Robin!"

They'd decided that the day of Robin's first patrol would be his fake birthday.

Wally sped forward, "Dude, Rob! What took you so long?"

Robin sighed, "You know Star. He refused to let me leave until I'd tried on all the outfits he bought me."

Wally laughed, "Knee socks?"


Artemis asked, "He wears barely anything. Why's he always buying you clothes?"

Robin just laughed. No one really knew what went on in the Tameranian's head. Roy smirked from his spot on the couch, "Come on, Robin. You've gotta open your presents."

Robin smiled, it was so nice. After a few years, Wally had finally met someone. It was a bit awkward at first, but Dick and Wally were able to go on double dates now. They were able to hang out without it being weird. Sure, they still loved each other, but it was a mutual agreement that they couldn't really date anymore.

"Hey, Rob, you okay?"

Dick smirked, "Just fine, KF. I was just thinking."

"Oh, yeah?"

"Yeah. I'm whelmed, but I wish that Jason and Kori could've been here."

Wally's smile grew. That was when Conner pushed in the biggest cake Dick had ever seen. It must've been as tall as Jason!

"Ready to blow out your candles?"

Robin laughed, "You needed a cake that was big enough for you?"

"Just blow out the candles, Rob."

With that, Robin blew out the candles, and Jason popped out of the cake.

Jason smirked, "Happy Birthday."

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