"Hey, Cinderheart!"

The gray tabby flicked her ears when her name was called, and she stopped walking and glanced over her shoulder. "Hm?" A heartbeat later, snow crashed against her face. She spat and jumped back wildly, shaking her head to clear the white fluff. "Hey! What in StarClan's-"

She was cut off by a cold blast to her shoulderblades. Cinderheart spun around and caught a glimpse of black darting into the shelter of a nearby holly bush, and she smirked. She crouched playfully and growled, "So, we're going to play this game, are we?" She reached out with a forepaw and scraped at the snow around her, gathering it into a little mound and then reaching underneath it with her paw, ready to toss.

Her eyes scanned the forest around her. She couldn't see very far because of the fog, but on the snowy ground, she noticed two sets of pawprints - a straight line belonging to her, and another set that was very mishap - the cat they belonged to must've been leaping and zig-zagging all over the place.

"Think fast!" Cinderheart ducked low as soon as she heard that familiar mew, and a snowball flew over her head, barely brushing the tips of her ears. She stood and spun around, flinging her snowball towards the holly bush, where a black head appeared. "What's the matter? Can't-" The black she-cat was cut off as the snow crashed right into her face. She stood there, blinking in shock, and Cinderheart purred in amusement.

"What were you just saying, Hollyleaf?" Cinderheart trotted over to her friend and rasped her tongue over the black warrior's cheek, pulling the snow from her fur. Hollyleaf purred.

Once she'd let Cinderheart groom away all of the snow, Hollyleaf meowed, "I was beginning to wonder if you even knew how to have a proper snow-fight!" Mischief gleamed in her stunning green eyes. Cinderheart looked back with a dark blue gaze. "Anyway," Hollyleaf mewed, "I came to find you. I'm being sent on a border patrol in a little while, and I was really hoping that you'd come with me."

Cinderheart nodded. "Of course! But only if you promise not to attempt to murder me with snow anymore."

"I promise," said Hollyleaf gently, stepping forward just enough to reach out her head and nuzzle Cinderheart's fluffy neck fur. The tabby warrior flinched for a heartbeat, but then melted into the moment, twisting her head slightly to lick her friend behind the ears. She felt like she could've stayed there for the rest of her life, but much too soon, Hollyleaf pulled away and asked, "Shall we head back to camp?"

"Sure." Cinderheart turned and began to walk back towards the stone hollow where ThunderClan lived. An icy wind blew through her fur and she shivered. "I feel like I'll never be warm again..." She muttered.

And, quite suddenly, she felt something cold smack into the back of her head. She flicked her ears and spun around. "Hollyleaf!" She hissed in mock anger. "What did you just promise me?!"

The black she-cat was meowing in laughter. "Dearest Cinderheart," she purred, bounding forward to stand by her friend's side and brush against her side. "I promised that I wouldn't attempt to murder you anymore. I didn't promise anything about just attacking you."

Cinderheart rolled her eyes and shook her head fondly as Hollyleaf trotted off towards camp, calling once over her shoulder. As Cinderheart followed her, she thought about how much she liked hearing her name in the black cat's voice.

And despite the cold of the snowy leaf-bare morning, Cinderheart felt nothing but warmth as she walked with Hollyleaf.