The goddess search is over now. I should reclaim my normal life.

I grabbed my PFP and walked out of the door to the house and started walking to school. On the way there I spot Tenri hiding behind a telephone pole. I call out her name so she knows I can see her.

"Tenri." I say.

"Keima-kun?" She blurts out. She's actually surprised to see me? Wasn't she waiting for me? She comes out of her hiding spot holding a half-eaten rice ball.

"Goo- good morning…." Tenri barely manages to get out her greeting as she tilts her head towards the ground so her bangs hide her blushing face. "Keima-kun, are you going to school today?"

As she says this her stomach begins to growl.

"Why don't you just finish your rice ball?"

With that she finishes off her rice ball as she walks right behind me.

"I'm glad you came outside Keima-kun…" Tenri fumbles around with some words before deciding how to continue "I don't think… everyone will be mad at you. You were trying to protect everyone so…"

"I'm fine!" I yell, irritated. Why should I worry about whether or not people from the real are angry at me? That's what I'd like to think anyway. But I'm not sure how I should treat the girls I conquered during the goddess search? Should I act how I did before I started conquering them again? Although I'm sure that if I act too coldly though it will likely backfire in some way. But even if I continue with the relationships the girls will find out eventually.

I shift my attention back to Tenri.

"How long are you planning on following me around?"

She jumps a little, startled either by the sudden question, or (more likely) she was afraid of being asked that question specifically. She looks down to hide her embarrassment again, and doesn't respond to the question.

"You go to a different school right?" I say this as we approach the gate to Maijima High School.

"Right…I should…get going then. Bye Keima-kun…." She turns and begins walking the path to her school.

As I enter the school the bell signaling the beginning of class rings.

It doesn't really matter if I'm on time, it's not like I'll be missing out on any content.

I make my way to my classroom, and as I'm reaching to open the door I freeze.

I hadn't put much thought into how both Ayumi and Chihiro are in this class with me! I can manage with Chihiro being here since she already knows about most of what happened, and since she doesn't have a goddess in her I can treat her how I normally would. She said she liked me before I conquered her anyway…. But Ayumi will be much more difficult. The most difficult of all the girls since we went as far as having a mock wedding! I guess I will have to see how she greets me first. I make up my mind and reach for the door handle, right as it slides away and I'm met with a body colliding with mine, throwing both me and the other person on the ground.

I try to sit up to find out who my assailant is.

Was that even a person? It felt more like a car during a high speed chase!

I reorient myself to find Ayumi frantically trying to collect papers scattered around the ground as the teacher scolds her.

"Takahara-san! That is precisely why you should take things slower!"

She must have been carrying these papers somewhere for the teacher when she ran into me. I should help her collect these papers, it'll do me no good to ignore her right now.

Ayumi and I quickly gather the papers together without saying a word. At one point I glance at her to see her looking at me out of the corner of her eyes. I quickly avert my eyes back to the papers and I could feel that I was blushing. It was obvious Ayumi had the same reaction. I take the papers I've collected and straighten them out before handing them over to Ayumi.

"Thanks Katsuragi!" Ayumi says with a small grin. She turns and begins running down the hall with the papers. As she turned I could see the grin turn into a large smile.

"Takahara-san! Don't run in the hallways!" The teacher yells to her, even though Ayumi is long gone by now. "And you! Katsuragi! Don't just stand there! Take your seat!"

I walk into class to be met by the stares of the curious students wondering what just happened, and Chihiro's glare. As soon as I notice this glare I reel back a bit from fear.

There's almost a visible aura of anger coming from Chihiro!

Her glare follows me even as I go to sit in my seat. I only feel the pressure from her glare lifted when Elsie bursts through the door to the classroom yelling "I'm sorry I'm late!" when she comes in, and attempting to bow to emphasize her apology but almost losing her balance from try to bow coming out of a full sprint. Nevermind. She just fell. And now she's crying.

"Just take your seat." The teacher said with a sigh.

Ayumi gets back as all of this is happening and helps Elsie get up before returning to her seat.

Hopefully that distracted Chihiro enough so that she's not glaring at me anymore. I don't even want to turn around to find out, that way I can just relax and play my games.

As Elsie passes my seat she quietly says the words I didn't want to hear right now.

"Chihiro, why are you looking at Kami-nii-sama like that?"

With that I the pressure of Chihiro glare returned for the rest of the period.

I spend the whole period trying to figure out how to handle the situation with the goddess hosts, and by lunch I decide on a plan. I get up from my chair and turn to Elsie. I make sure not to make eye contact with Chihiro.

"Elsie can you go find Yui and Tsukiyo and tell them to meet me on the roof after school? They're both in class 2-A."

"Roger!" She responds before happily running off. I go over to Ayumi and tell her to meet me there as well.

"What for?" Ayumi asks in response to my odd request.

"I can't tell you here, but there's something I need to talk to you about…."

Ayumi stands there for a second confused as she thinks about what my words might mean. Her eyes widen and her face turns bright red. She turns away a bit, while still keeping eye contact, and responds with a quiet "Okay Katsuragi."

With that I quickly exit the classroom and go next door.

She may have misunderstood why I wanted to talk to her, but now she'll definitely be there.

I open the door to class 2-C and one of the male students walks up to me.

"Whaddya want Otamega?" he demands.

"Is Shiomiya-san here?"

The student looks confused but looks around the class quickly.

"Nah, she isn't her. Not like she'd want anything to do with an Otame-"

I run off before he can finish his sentence.

If she's not in her classroom, there's only one other place she could be!

I run into the library and find Shiori.

Shiori looks as panicked as ever. There's a good chance it's because I probably look like I'm dying right now. Gamers can only handle so much!

After I catch my breath I tell her to go to the roof after school. She stands there, hiding the lower part of her face with the book she's currently holding. After a few seconds she gives a small nod and lets out a barely audible "okay."

That's all I needed from Shiori so I hurry back to my class.

After the last bell I stand up and turn around immediately.

"Elsie. Come with me."

"But Nii-sama! I have band practice!"

"This is more important Elsie, now come!"

I quickly make my way out of the room, making sure to leave before she can make any more arguments. As I leave I can hear Elsie's voice.

"Sorry Chihiro! Kami-nii-sama's being mean today, I can't go to practice! Nii-sama! Please wait for me!"

I don't want to the rage Chihiro must be feeling towards me right now.

I quickly leave the room with Elsie close behind me, and start up the stairs.

This is something I cannot screw up!