"Katsuragi Keima, 100 percent. Again." The teacher says as she hands me back my test, not wanting to admit my score. So far, today has been surprisingly normal. The girls I've seen from yesterday are Chihiro and Ayumi (since they're in my class), and neither of them seem too angry at me. When Chihiro saw me come into class she quickly looked away, clearly embarrassed about what she said to me yesterday and Ayumi looked at me with a face that was neither angry nor happy.

Ayumi is most likely unsure about what she should do right now, or even what she should think of me. Maybe I should try to talk to her after class to try and keep from losing love points. Wait, why am I thinking about love points? I don't need to conquer her a third time!

I avoid thinking about it too much and focus on playing my games until the end of class. As soon as the bell rings I get up and leave, keeping my eyes focused on my PFP so I don't make eye contact with Chihiro or Ayumi. The moment I leave the room I'm practically put into a chokehold by Yui as she brings me closer to her, and my head closer to her breasts.

"Hiii, Keima-kun!" Yui says overenthusiastically, clearly unphased by the fact that she just forced me into her breasts in public.

"Hey Keima-kun, how about today we go on a date?"

"Huh?" Yui's aggressive nature is getting to me again, I can't think clearly enough to clearly turn her down!

"Sounds like fun right? But I have band practice first, maybe you can come watch us practice!"

"What? Why would I-" I'm incapable of voicing my complaint as Yui begins to pull me away.

"Come on Keima-kun, it'll be fun! If you put on your girls uniform you might even be able to join!"

"As if I'd join an all-girls band!" I manage I voice my opinion this time, but it seems to go unnoticed.

So now I'm here, at the 2-B Pencils practice.

Luckily I have my PFP. If I just keep playing I may just be ignored by Ayumi and Chihiro.


A hand suddenly appears on my PFP and abducts it away from my hands. The perpetrator (unsurprisingly) is Yui.

"Hey! Yui! Give me back my game!"

"Keima-kun, I want to fall in love with my drumming! For that you need to pay complete attention while we practice!"

There's no point in arguing with Yui, she won't listen to what I say anyway.

The girls begin practicing as I sit there awkwardly, trying not to meet eyes with any of the girls. Eventually I catch Ayumi looking at me, and she obviously notices me looking at her.

Ayumi stops playing, and we both stare at each other for a few seconds not knowing what to do. The rest of the band stops playing as well, noticing the lack of guitar, and Chihiro is about to ask what's wrong when Ayumi snaps.

"Don't look at me!" Ayumi yells as she stomps me into the ground. "I'm going home!" She announces while she storms out of the room.

"Ayumi-san!" Elsie chases after her, not knowing what else to do.

I turn back to face what's left of the 2-B Pencils to see Miyako, Yui, and Chihiro still shocked by what just happened.

"Well I guess practice is over then." Chihiro tells the band "Seeing as how I don't think Ayumi is coming back." Chihiro turns to me energetically "What did you think Katsuragi? Better than the music from your games right?"

"Not even close."

"Come on. At least act like you enjoyed it." Chihiro says, clearly not amused by my quick response. "Whatever Otamega. Hey Miyako, Yui. You two busy? We should celebrate our success at the festival."

"Sounds good to me." Miyako says with that slight cheerfulness she always seems to have.

"Sorry Chihiro-san, I have a date with Keima-kun!"

Don't tell people that so openly! Besides I never agreed to go!

"What's this?" Chihiro is now hovering over me, her evil aura from yesterday returned. "Already returning to be a playboy eh?"

"Don't blame me." I tell her before I am dragged off by Yui once again.

"Let's go Keima-kun!" Yui grabs my arm and pulls me out of the classroom and away from Chihiro.

Ironic. Yui saved me from a bad situation this time.