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Here follows a Grimm/Ichi story that I've become rather fond of.


Chapter 1, Prologue - Addiction

"(Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma... )"


He is bad for me, I know that.

Yet, like a moth to the flame, I surrender my will to his.

His aura captivates me, and I can't turn away. Pulled in by pure magnetism. The grin, the laughter, the sex appeal…

And the sex.

I am weak for him, deliciously weak to his touch. I melt so easily, bend to his will when he tosses a single, lingering look in my direction.

Dangerous, he's burning away at me until all that is left is a scorched heap of lust. Need. Craving.

Incomplete, I now only feel whole when he is touching me.

He passes me a joint from his seat next to me on the couch, fingers brushing mine and I fight a shiver. He sits so close that our legs are touching from hip to knee. Or maybe I sat myself that close.

Maybe it's just sheer magnetism.

It's impossible to tell who sought out the other first, how this all started. Neither of us could remember if we were asked, but sometimes I felt like the only one affected. Maybe my will is weak, maybe I felt alone for so long and he just filled some mindless need in me that I wasn't aware needed filling.

I took a long pull from the joint, sighing as the smoke curled slowly out in a white puff.

He consumed me in a way no person ever should.

I passed the joint to my left and as Renji took it from my fingers I turned, leaning to my right.

"Grimm," I purred in his ear, no longer able to resist the constant draw to him.

He had turned me into a kitten- his sex kitten, he had laughingly pointed out to me months ago. At first I had been offended, embarrassed, but I eventually learned the power a sex kitten could wield. I didn't complain anymore.

Grimmjow shot me a scorching look, hand creeping over to stroke with a perfected laziness along my thigh. I let it linger for a moment before I stood and turned to walk toward his bedroom.

I tossed a glance over my shoulder as I left, I watching in satisfaction as Grimm visibly fought the urge to jump after me.

I heard our friends mutter something and laugh, but I was too far gone to register that I should have been embarrassed.

I knew from experience that he'd draw it out, torture himself by sitting in the other room and wondering what I was up to in his room. No use denying it, I get…naughty, when I'm high.

Should I wait for him in bed until he was done heightening the suspense? Maybe I should get started without him?

I purred at the thought, imagining him striding into the room with purpose like he always did. Imagining that look of pure, blazing lust in his eyes when his control would finally snap, sending a small shiver of pleasure down my spine.

I adjusted myself roughly in my pants and contemplated my options. I glanced around his room, eyes settling on the door to the bathroom.

The shower, definitely the shower.

When I was sighing with pleasure under the warm spray of water, deliberately ignoring the growing need between my thighs, I heard the bedroom door open and close firmly. Smiling to myself, I turned to face the door that connected the bathroom to the bedroom. I waited in anticipation. Still staring through the glass of the shower door, I leaned back against the wall behind me and parted my legs slightly. Somewhere in between aggressive and submissive, I knew Grimm would experience the same thrill of anticipation hunting me down as I did waiting for him to find me.

Obviously the shower wasn't really a hiding place, and I didn't mind at all that he found me quickly.

His eyes, those scorching, azure eyes, met mine the minute he entered the bathroom. I couldn't help the shiver this time as I watched him rake his gaze up and down my body; I let a hand caress the side of one of my torso seductively and watched his eyes follow, captured by my movement.

"Ichigo." His voice rumbled, low and seductive as he strode toward me with an animal grace I had come to expect. Though on a daily basis he almost never used my name, always strawberry or some other teasing nickname, he used my real name when we had sex. The effect it had on my body was that of one throwing gasoline on a fire, it inflamed the desire in a rush.

Grimmjow was still staring at me as he stopped right in front of the glass, slowly stripping the clothes off his body. As I watched the strategic baring of his sculpted, athletic body I couldn't stop my feet from carrying me to the glass that separated us.

I felt a bit like an animal in a cage, watching him behind the shower door and caged in by the three other tile walls. It was wonderfully erotic, and I enjoyed the display while it lasted, eyes devouring every exposed piece of his gorgeous tanned flesh. When Grimm was equally naked, he walked up and placed his palm on the glass over mine, then curled his fingers to scratch down the glass with a predatory smile that gave me the most delicious chills.

Animal really was the best description I could use for our sex life. So raw, carnal, possessive.

I backed up so he could open the door, and as he slipped in to join me I ended our teasing game. Closing the space between us, I moved until our bodies melded together; heat to heat, chest to chest, face to face.

Lips a scant inch apart, I let my breath puff across his face as I admired the slow running water that was beginning to drip down his face. Blue hair darkened slowly to an unnamable color and eyes heated, Grimmjow's hands latched to my hips and yanked until there wasn't a breath of air, or a drip of water, between us.

Still, our faces remained apart, and I groaned. So much for ending the teasing. It was the same contest we always had. Who would give in to the almost irresistible urge to seek pleasure from the other first? Who would make the first move, initiate the first kiss or the first grind?

I almost always lost.

Unsurprisingly, I lost again this time as I rotated my hips just a fraction against his, thoughtless in my craving to alleviate some of the overflowing tension I had been boasting since I'd entered the shower.

Grimmjow groaned and his face snapped down as he claimed my lips, moving to rake his nails across my back and down to my butt before yanking me up so that my legs wrapped around his waist. He spun us quickly, moving my back to a wall, and pulled back just a breath from my lips as the water pounded his back.

I gazed into his eyes, captivated, and they flashed their matching need. He leaned down to nibble at my lips, tugging harshly at my bottom lip with his teeth before sucking it into his mouth. I could almost feel the blood pulsing in my lip when he stopped, could feel its flushed red color and burning heat even in the steaming shower stall.

He leaned in to rest his forehead against mine and smiled ruthlessly.

"Ichi, ya make my blood boil in the most delicious way." He purred, though his purr was less sex-kitten and more starving animal ready to feast.

"The feeling is mutual." I groaned, arching into him and grinding our arousal together where they met between our hips. His eyes closed for a brief moment, and then the water was off and I was being carried to his massive bed.


It had all started months ago. Friend groups had blended when I'd taken up smoking weed with a friend of mine to unwind.

However, releasing tension didn't necessarily equate to me relaxing, so to speak. Smoking never really relaxed me. Instead it had brought about my twisted, unhealthily addicting relationship with Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. My release was him.

I wanted to blame smoking for our relationship, for the madness that consumed me around him, but I knew that it wasn't true. It was just a stupid to lie I tried to make myself feel better about how quickly I'd succumbed. It may have opened the door, but Grimmjow had nurtured this lustful creature inside me, and I'd willingly been swept up by him.

I had bended easily to his every whim, because I was addicted to him.

Irrevocably addicted.

Lustfully, dreamily and happily addicted.

Pathetically and dangerously addicted.

And completely lost.


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