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Chapter 4: Edward's Change [NOT ACTUAL CHAPTER 4]


It hurt so much...fuck..I fucking hate this. "Cullen, stand up!" The guard reprimanded me for slouching.

I couldn't think straight.

The alcohol made my usually clear and alert mind sluggish and murky with incoherent thoughts.

It was like a dull buzz but as time passed I was glad that I, to an extent, could think around the deafening buzz of the booze that Emmett had given me.

"Cullen! Quit your shit out and walk the fuck right!" One of the guards screeched at me.

I winced. The sound hurt my abnormally sensitive ears.

Well abnormally sensitive for the moment, anyway..

I knew I needed to try harder to pick up my feet but body didn't seem to want to cooperate with me at the moment.

No matter how hard I tried, my feet dragged, causing irritated guards to drag me towards my destination.

"Fuck, man. What the hell do you eat?! You weigh a damn ton!" The dark-haired guard grumbled, heaving as he struggled to pull me forward.

Clang! Clang! Clang!

I winced again, moaning in the process. As we neared the entrance, I could hear the morbid and sadistic thoughts of the criminal minds that lay beyond the stone thick walls of the Jail as well as the bangs and exclaims of welcome that these scumbags have thrown in my honor.

With each agonizing step, the noise grew louder and louder, burning through the thick haze of intoxication that clouded my discombobulated mind.

God, it hurts. The voices. They're so loud. Oh god, make it go away...please...

...Here he comes..Fresh meat...

...Hey pretty boy...

...Wonder what this kid did to get in this hell hole...

...Hmmmmmm...naughty...and drunk..Just how I like it...won't feel a thing...

...Gonna be mine, prince charming...

I hope he can fight...

..Pinche madre...es una pinche gringo!..

...Aww...he's just a baby...he he, gonna have a good fight with him...

Oh my god...where are they taking me! I didn't do anything that bad..well that they know of at least ... but no..there must be a mistake...a mistake... I don't belong here...

Pain. The pain, it felt like my brain was going to explode. Like my ears would bleed out venom...

The thoughts, they were just as painful as the transformation itself. They were like assaulting daggers piecing though the flesh of my psyche.

I tried to block out the thoughts as we walked down the hall, but in the state that I was in, it was nearly impossible...



...Fresh meat, blood, sweet, sweet blood...How I would love to make him scream...

No. God, No..I can't be here..they need to let me go, I'll kill them.

I'll kill them all.

Dammit Emmett! Why?!


I started hyperventilating, my drunken mind losing all and any control of the sanity left in me.

"HEY!" The dark-haired guard yelled, startled at my sudden movement and strength. "I think he's freaking out!"

"We're almost there.." The other guard said and he grasped me tightly by the arm and throw me into an open cell.

"Wait! I don't belong here! Please let me out! I want to go home to my FIANCEE!" I managed to exclaim with a sudden outburst.

"Sorry, Buddy. This is your home now." The guard said as he walked away without the slightest amount of empathy.

...aww..the boy has a wifey..bet that ass is fine..wouldn't mind tapping that sexy ass..

...probably long brown hair...

...full pink lips...

...the perfect rack...

...doe chocolate eyes...


I need to get out before its to late. I could already feel the monster lashing out...trying to escape the tight bonds that I have worked so hard to enforce..


...pretty boy's got a girl...mine..

...kill...blood dripping down her smooth pale silky skin...her delightful screams are music to my ears as I violate her in every way...kill...my hands around her neck, taking that beautiful life away...her eyes, hollow with the essence of death...aw, the beauty of the to power, the control of who lives and who shall die...she will be mine...i will kill..


"Hello pretty boy.." a husky voice said behind me.



I smirked, and turned to face the sick scum I had once hunted years ago. And with one last attempt I tried to bind the monster back into its cage.

But I was too late, the monster was released, chasing away the Edward Cullen that was once there.



There is only the burning fire of my thirst and the singing of human blood as it floods down my un-quenchable throat.

The sweet nectar of life is rich, sending waves of the deepest satisfaction I have ever known waffling through me. The panicked and incoherent thoughts of my victim are nothing but a roar in my mind's ear. The buzz deep inside me heightened my euphoria. The nectar quenches my longing as it does my thirst. His blood is everything I want.

The blood is ecstasy. But it is something I cannot have.

Remember Carlisle. A voice said from a small crevice in the back of my dark, broken mind.

No, the enraged monster said.

Remember him.


Yes! I argued with the beast.

Remember him. Remember your father. Esme. Alice. Jasper. Remember Her.

NO! The creature of darkness bellowed as it shuttered from the force of my strength when I tried to fight back.


I needed to fight back. For them. For my family. For myself.

For Bella.

Bella. Remember Bella. Remember who you truly are, Edward...is this who you want to be? A man of death, misery and pain, of temptation and sorro?Or of a man of truth, love and of happiness? A man or the monster you have now become? You still have a choice. There is still time. Chose now or pay the price.


I struggled, fighting against the beast, at war with my demons.

I could, then, vaguely hear my victim's muffles cries and the excited exclaims of the criminals locked away in the prison.

I could, distinctly hear the panicked footsteps of the guards running down the corridors in attempt to save this worthless scum bag.

Kill him. Kill him now, before they come! The monster screeched.

Unwillingly, powered by my hatred, rage, and sorrow for the purity of life that his victims had lost, I didn't hesitate to oblige to the monsters desires.

My victim, 35 year old serial killer and rapist, Gregory Milton, was gasping for air, struggling against my iron grip.

I smiled at his subtle attempts to escape.

His cold dark, hazel eyes were laced with fear and panic as my hands gripped his throat tighter, though not enough to break his neck. His hands clawed at my arms, my neck, and at my face.

I could see the lethal glare of hatred and disgust in my eyes mirror back at me through his glossy, tear stained ones.

I chuckled, oh how I love moments such as these, it has been so long since experiencing this kind of contentment as I savor the terror of men such as Gregory Milton as he faces retribution for his dreadful sins.

I looked at my prey in disgust.

His swollen bruised face was covered in blood and mucus. His broken nose was twisted into an awkward direction.

Blood. The fire of my thirst flared relentlessly as I struggled for control.

The degraded piece of shit called Gregory Milton, whispered his final thought as he struggled to remain conscious.

Please...I'm sorry...I don't want to die…

I laughed at his pathetic plea for life.

"You're sorry? After you have raped, tortured and murdered countless women, you suddenly care about life? Oh, right, foolish me. You only care when it is your life being threatened. Why should I care about your life when you didn't care about theirs? Did you listen to them when they begged you for preserve their life? What makes you think that they are any less significant then you? Why should I care whether you live or die?" I snarled at him.

...My daughter...

Abruptly, I laughed menacingly at his thought as sick humor tickled my funny bone.

But I suddenly didn't find the topic humorously pathetic anymore, but rather as purely abhorrent.

I looked at him, loathing evident in my eyes and growled, causing him to shudder in abhorrence.

"Well, one less pervert to ruin her life as well. Don't think I don't know about her uncle, too." I said as unwanted thoughts of the man's brother sexually molesting his daughter with his consent ran amuck through his mind.

"Scum, worthless shit. That's what you are. You don't care about you daughter, you care about the money she brings when you whore her around. And you especially don't care when you're biggest customer is your brother. Disgusting." I spat.

"He's next, you piece of shit, and you think you've got it bad. I'm going to rip him limb from limb." I whispered, darkly. Promising him, that the only person he ever loved will die a horrid death.

NO…..! His eyes widened with fear as he foresaw his brothers horrifying fate...

I smiled wickedly as I smelt an unpleasant but familiar odor.


Ha! Hahahaha. Pathetic! Ha. This scumbag actually pissed himself! Haha.

I was absolutely bubbling with laughter.

But as I heard the slight tapping sound of the guard's footsteps raining down on the platform as they neared my cell, my humor diffused quickly and was replaced by exigency.

I snarled once more before I finally, with a flick of my wrist, broke the pathetic excuse of a man's neck.

Just as the act was done, an army of guards dressed for war rushed in and wrenched me away from the man and pinned me to the floor with feeble strength.

I could have fought them off, I could have killed them all, but the monster inside of me was satisfied with tonight's events and decided to crawl back into the dark corners of my mind, letting sanity step forward and take control.

"Medic! We need a medic here." One of the guards that was pinning me down shouted.

And slowly, but surely, as my sanity returned so did Edward Cullen.

And along with him came penitence.


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