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Chapter 1.


It was madness. She could only hear the sound of her own heart beating. It was loud, deafening, like a hammer inside her ear. Her body, sprawled on a now messy mattress. Someone was holding her hands, whispering to her words of nothingness. It was like a dream, no, a nightmare. Korra felt as if in order to give life, she must end her own. Her body pulsed with the pattern of numbness and pain. A dull searing pain in her abdomen drove her crazy. Lights danced in front of her, as if teasing her with a cruel joke.

"Korra! Push harder! It's not coming out!" Sweat dribbled down her face and body, blending in with the humidity within the tent. It was pain like Korra has never felt before.
There was flashes of red when Korra glanced in front of her. She strained to sit up, only to be forced down by the pain squeezing her lower body.

"Korra! I see it! C'mon, you can do it." With a cry, Korra pushed as if her life depended on it (which it did). Still, there was something missing. Her vision blurred in front of her. She thought she saw six nurses instead of one. SHe couldn't hear anything because of the echoes in her ears.

"My baby..." she tried to say. It probably turned out to sound like "Auurgggh meerrrberr"

"Atkah..." Korra extended her hand weakly towards the woman on her right who was carrying a bundle in her arms.

"Let me see my baby" Korra's vision cleared up after a moment of deliriousness. The helpers looked at each other with worried expressions. Korra couldn't give a damn that she was half naked and was surrounded by blood. She just wanted to see her long awaited child.

"Korra, we are so sorry", the nurse with the bundle walked out of the tent. Korra could only focus on the bundle woman.

"Where is she going with my child?" Korra's voice was shaking. The helpers around her were cleaning up.


"The baby didn't make it"

The words hit Korra like bricks, but she refused to believe it.

"Where is my baby?" Korra looked everywhere around her but the women cleaning up would not meet her gaze.

"LET ME SEE MY BABY" the nurse left the tent silently, leaving Korra surrounded by helpers. It wasn't like Korra to cry, but this time, she couldn't hold it in. She couldn't even bring herself to be embarrassed when the women helped Korra in to clean clothing. The helpers left Korra in her misery.

She was tired. Her baby was dead. Her beautiful Atkah, haven't even reaching the age of a month, was dead.


two months later:

Days passed. Korra couldn't feel a thing. Nothing she did or ate made her feel anything. It was all numb.


Another two months passed:

Korra sat on the edge of a cliff. Naga was with her. The sun was setting, illuminating the sea. She took back what she though nearly a year ago when she sat on the edge of this very cliff. She regretted every little thing that has led up to the mess she was in. It was all Noatak's fault. It was her fault.

The twilight was almost gone.

She has to set things right. Republic City needs her...but what if they catch her? Did any of her comrades make it out alive?

Only a pinch of sunlight echoes in the sky.

No. Not again. She was going back, and she was taking down Noatak. For good.

It is nightfall.

Korra set out for Republic City

Hey I just met you (yes, I'm going there)

And this is cray cray,

But here's my message:

Tune in next Wednsday..?

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