Chapter 4


Korra woke to Noatak's breath tickling the back of her ear. For a moment, she didn't how she ended up here. All she remembered were the nightmares alluding her thoughts back in the Southern Water Tribe. Funny how Korra planned to come to Republic City, planning to kill a certain bloodbender, and here she was, lying in bed with him.

Korra silently slid off the mattress, careful to not bother Noatak of his slumber. Walking past the mirror, she saw that her hair was in a form of a bird's nest and that the tender skin along her neck was bruised. Bags also hung underneath her eyes, making her look not opposite of a ghost.

The images of last night still fresh in her mind.

His hands running along her bare stomach, his head burrowed into the crook of her neck. Their breaths all in unison. It was too much.

Korra stepped out onto the balcony, breathing in the not yet morning air. The peacefulness calmed her greatly. A lot of things were on her mind, but it was nice to just take a break from it all.

And just when the sun touched surface of Republic City, everything went black.

Okay, I'm sorry for going on slight hiatus. I am also sorry for the very short chapter. I seriously didn't know how to write this chapter 'cause I had writer's block (and if you didn't notice, I totally improvised Addicted to You xD)

but anyways, I will start writing this story again soon and hopefully I'll finish the story during winter break or before April.

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