Chapter 7


"Mommy look! It's a butterfly!" Asami skipped through the fields of flowers in joy, her dress occasionally caught on a thorn or a branch on the ground. The colorful butterfly flew away as she reached out and tried to catch it. She chased the butterfly until she tripped over her shoelaces, scathing her palms when they made contact with the ground.

Asami was then picked up in warm and gentle arms, the arms of her mother.

"Mommy did you see that? I almost caught it!" her mother's face broke in a loving smile.

"Yes sweetie, I did" her mother brushed a lock of hair out of Asami's face.

"Will I be as pretty as a butterfly one day Mom?" She wanted to be colorful and graceful as a butterfly one day.

"You are already very pretty my love"

"But I want to be beautiful like a butterfly!" Asami pouted.

"Ah, but what starts off as pretty", said Mrs. Sato as she bent down and picked a flower off the ground and placed into her daughter's hair," will turn into the most beautiful creature on the planet, even more so than a butterfly".

"'Will I have wings and be purple and blue and pink just like that butterfly Mommy?"

Mrs. Sato smiled," Yes, you will."


Purple, blue, and pink marks scattered along her neck. She could barely move her limbs, which were aching from the past eight days of pure torture. Whatever was left of her energy was demolished when she learned that she will never leave her captor's domain. (whose name she learned, was Hong).

From months of doing nothing but rot inside out, Asami didn't fight like she could a year ago. Her skills were not as sharp as before; not even close.

From the past eight days that she has been living in here, Asami learned that the girls that never came back to the underground cell were forced to stay here as well. She recognized a few, but they were merely a shell living on Earth.

There was a specific girl she remembered was absolutely stunning. Thin, sad, but gorgeous. She had long straight chestnut hair and sleepy sharp hazel eyes with long dark eyelashes. Her skin was only a shade lighter than her hair.

One day, she was taken away and never to return. But here she was now. But something was off about her, along with the other girls. There was something they all had in their eyes, but Asami couldn't put her finger on it.

Here, the treatment was royalty compared to the treatment in the cells. The girls shared a large room with multiple beds. There were two bathrooms and clothes were provided occasionally.

They weren't allowed to go outside, but Hong left the door unlocked so they could wander around. There were only five girls there, including Asami. She remembered that there were more that never came back. While they were braiding each others' hair, she asked about this.

The girls looked at her like she was dumb.

"What do you mean?"

"There were girls that didn't return to the jail. Where are they? Are they in a different building?"

One girl looked at her blankly and said," Well, some left on their own, but the others got ugly".

Got ugly?

"What do you mean?"

Another girl spoke," They got ugly. The others protested, so Hong beat their faces in with a metal pipe until their teeth fell out. Since they were then ugly, he took them away."

Asami was beginning to feel nauseous.

"To where?"

They didn't answer and went back to focusing on each others' hair silently.

"I thought there was no way out of here. How did some left on their own?" she was afraid of hearing the answer, even though she knew deep down what it was.

The girl with the hazel eyes turned towards Asami.



The rest of the afternoon soon faded away. What used to be whispers of superficial gossip traded among the girls were now replaced with the steel cold silence that was used only after sundown. No matter how good a day has been, everyone knew that as soon as the sun is no longer seen, a feeling of unease crept along the walls of their new ones always go first they said. Only for two weeks they said.

One girl always turned her stuff animal on a shelf towards the wall when the sunlight faded. The others sat on their beds, fidgeting with their hair or fingernails quietly. When Hong came in and grabbed Asami by the wrist, nobody paid any attention, like she didn't actually exist.

Every night, the aching truth always came and hit her in the face.

No matter how hard she pretended, she would meet this doom each night. No matter how much she prayed, Mako would never swoop in and save her from this wretched beast.


At first, Asami resisted, like she always did. Hong hit her and wrapped his hands around her neck, squeezing hard.

She once again saw stars and bright artificial colors.

In a sick and twisted way, she was glad that the pain from her throat could distract her from the pain below. She always wished he could squeeze harder so she could pass out and not feel anything anymore.

Tonight was different. Amidst the colors and stars dancing in front of her eyes, she saw her mother, still beautiful and unfilthy, unlike Asami.

Asami smiled. She managed to choke out in a hoarse whisper, "am I beautiful yet?"

Even after Hong finished his disgusting deed, Asami laid there, still waiting for an answer, even though it never came.


Like the girls said, Hong grew tired of Asami and went back to choosing randomly each night.

She was the oldest on there, so she was the one chosen the least. The youngest was about fifteen or sixteen, and she was chosen the second most frequent. The striking girl with the hazel eyes was most often picked. Sometimes, before Hong came, Asami saw her in a corner sniffing something. It was white and fine and powdery, like flour. She didn't bother asking.

One quiet afternoon, Asami was sitting alone in a room next to the window with metal bars on it. There was nothing but an abandoned road and some dead Satomobiles outside. The clouds have positioned themselves so that no sun came through.

This is depressing.

She wonders if this is how she will spend the remainder of her life, until she meets her ultimately violent demise. It has been a week and a half since Hong has last chosen her.

A window cleaner came into view and blocked the image outside. His face was blocked with a pair of goggles and a mask that covered his mouth and nose. His cheekbones suggested that he was a man of good looks.

She watched him clean the windows, annoyed that he missed a spot in the corner.

The window cleaner knocked on the window, indicating at the lock. Asami hesitated. He then took off his mask and goggles.

Asami gasped"Bolin!" he was here to rescue her! She quickly lifted the window.

"How did you get out?"

He threw a coat at her,"well, I'm about to show you. Put on that coat." She did as told.

Bolin rubbed his hands together, then bent the metal bars so there was a hole big enough for her to go through.

"You learned how to bend metal! How on earth-"

"There's no time, take my hand and hurry up!" She grabbed his hand and was pulled out of the window. He wrapped his arm around her, right below her armpits and held on to her while he pulled them up on the roof.

Asami took a good look at Bolin. He has changed somehow. He stood taller and prouder. But it didn't matter at the moment. She hugged him with all of her might.

"Bolin, I-"

He shushed her then urged her to follow him down the roof.


They sat in a tent, wrapped in a warm blanket, a lamp burning in front of them. She had forgotten how big the underground pipes were and how friendly the people were. They spared a tent and two blankets-one to wrap around, and one to lie down on.

It was late at night. Everyone was asleep, except for Bolin and Asami, who were awake, sitting in silence.

"Bolin, I don't know how to thank you,". He looked away.

"No Asami, I don't deserve it. I should have been a man when he took you, but I wasn't. And by the time I realized it, it was too late. You have nothing to be thankful for". Asami touched his arm.

"Bolin, if you hadn't saved me, I would have suffered even more. You saved me from a terrible fate" She meant it.

Bolin looked at her with his earnest green eyes. Her chest ached at the way his eyes were so pure. She felt as though if Bolin was a part of her; his pain was her pain, his joy was hers, and so on.

"It was still my fault"

Asami noticed how his newly sculpted cheekbones sharpened every feature on his face.

"It wasn't your fault Bolin. It never was".

She cupped her hands around his face and kissed him.


Sighs escaped their breaths. His skin was electrifying. There was no pain. His back was slick with sweat.

Not once did Hong made her feel like this.

She moved her hips to the rhythm of Bolin's movement, a perfect unison between them.

His head was buried in the nape of her neck, nuzzling her collarbone.

Bolin moved his head down and roughly nipped at one of her breasts. Asami sucked in air from her teeth at the surprisingly rough sensation. His teeth grazed a sensitive spot.

Asami held her breath as she neared her climax. The feeling was so overpowering, she almost let out a gasp loud enough to wake the other people sleeping.

Bolin then pulled out and came onto her stomach. He tilted his head back to catch his breath. Asami gave him a death stare. The thick white substance ran off the sides of her belly.

He looked away and mumbled a "sorry" before finding a dirty shirt in the corner and wiping it off her. While he pulled on his clothes, Asami slipped on her undergarments and slid under the cover. Bolin crawled over and had a coy smile on his face.

He brought up his fist and opened his hand to reveal a beautiful necklace with a butterfly as its charm.

"I saw it at a shop and the lady offered it to me" he smiled sheepishly," it reminded me so I took it" he handed it to her. The butterfly was crystally. Its wings were maroon with some lighter spots of red marked the wings in an intricate way.

"Bolin, i-it's beautiful!" her lower lip trembled.

He wrapped his arms around her, bringing her close to him. Her head rested against his chest.

Asami's tears flowed for the first time down her face and some onto Bolin's shirt. He probably pretended she wasn't crying and said nothing while they laid there, warm and happy.

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