Every Scar Tells a Tale

Every scar tells a tale. It may be something small and easy to hide. But not in her case. No, no that would be far too simple. And if she had learnt one thing in life, it was this. Nothingwas ever as simple as it seemed.

It was well pass curfew by the time that Pogue Parry reached the dorms of Spencer Academy. And as predicted the doors were locked. For a moment he considered calling Tyler to unlock the door but then decided against it. There were very few things in this world that could anger the youngest Son of Ipswich but waking him at 3:00am to unlock a door was definitely one of them.

He glanced around but he couldn't see anyone. He focused his attention on the lock. A ripple of fire travelled through his eyes. The lock clicked, he smiled and opened the door. Stepping out of the rain he was about to close the door when he heard a woman's voice over the rain, "Wait! Hold the door please!" followed by a quiet scream and a laugh. Pulling the door open he watched the figure of a young lady running through the rain towards him. He smiled encouragingly at her and called, "Quick! You can make it!" he laughed when she stepped in a puddle, efficiently drenching her lower body.

Running inside she clamped her hand over her mouth as her left foot slipped out from under her. Instinctively Pogue leapt forward and caught her easily. Even in the dim lights of the hallway he could make out her features. Her dark brown eyes, almost black, never left his. Her lips were modest but full and pulled into a beautiful smile revealing white teeth. Her hair was long and black as night complimenting her sun kissed skin. She was a size or two past thin, but in a way it only made her more beautiful, giving her an hour glass figure and perfect curves. It wasn't until the water from her clothes had seeped into his sleeve that he realised he had been holding her longer then was necessary.

Clearing his throat he stood up slowly, hand on the small of her back he helped her stand. "Thank you." She said, her voice holding a wistful note. She sneezed randomly. It was the cutest sneeze Pouge had ever heard. 'And that's the most random thing I've ever thought." Pouge thought to himself. Pulling off his jacket he wrapped it around her shoulders. He smiled at her, it was good to be smiling, he hadn't smiled since the accident with Chase, "There you go." She looked surprised and went to pull it off, "No, leave it. Or else you'll freeze to death."

She smiled, "Thanks, but I'm only on the fourth floor." But even as she said it Pouge could see her holding onto the jacket as if it was the warmest thing in the world.

"Really? Same here. I'll walk you to your room." He said, "Strange I haven't seen you around." He had gone back to living at the dorms while his apartment was being renovated, but he still couldn't remember seeing her around school.

"Yeah I'm new; I only started three days ago, but for the last two nights I've been crashing on my friends couch. I keep getting in too late." She laughed quietly at herself.

Pogue nodded in understanding. "Yeah that's one of the reasons why I got my apartment."

"Oh cool, maybe next time I'll crash at yours." She laughed, it was a beautiful sound, the kind of laugh that can only come from someone who had experienced pain, the kind of laugh that had finally been set free, and he couldn't help but laugh with her. Despite only just meeting this girl he had to admit he really wouldn't mind if she stopped by randomly.

They laughed and joked up the stairs and then suddenly they were on their floor. Swiping his arm out in front of them with a bow Pogue added, "After you my lady."

She smiled and curtsied. With a nod she led him down the hall and to her room. He looked at her with a strange expression. "What?" she asked self-consciously.

"Is this seriously your room?" he asked.

"Yeah…why?" she asked, not knowing why he found it so hard to believe.

Pogue pointed at the door to the room next to them. "Because that's my room."

"Bull! Really?" she said with a laugh.

"It is! Here I'll prove it!" he pulled out a set of keys attached to a small bike key ring; it had been a gift from Tyler last Christmas. Selecting one of the silver keys he unlocked the door and opened it. "See?"

She laughed, "Indeed I do." Taking off his jacket she handed it back with a smile. Pulling out her keys the silver dagger key chain caught Pogue's eyes and he reached out to touch it as she fumbled for her key. As soon as his finger touched the tip he pulled his hand back with a quiet yelp-like sound. It was sharp to the point. She giggled quietly as he sucked on the blood. "Yeah it's sharp" she laughed.

"Thanks a bunch for the warning!" he said around his finger.

"Well yeah, who knows what kind wack jobs lurk the halls of a prestigious boarding school at 3:00 in the morning!" she said sarcastically with wide innocent eyes. Pouge laughed. "Well…I guess I should probably get to bed, first day of classes tomorrow after all."

Not wanting to say goodbye just yet Pogue asked hurriedly "do you have your time table yet, you never know we might have classes together." He said with a shrug.

"Yeah its inside," she said as she opened the door and turned on the light. "It would be pretty cool to know someone on my first day for a change." She led him into the room and he was surprised to see that the room was empty apart from a made up bed, a cupboard and a few unpacked cardboard boxes. In the corner was a large trunk. His curiosity was eating away at him.

"What's in the trunk?" he asked as casually as he could manage.

She glanced over at the trunk and he saw her smile waver for a heartbeat, it was so quick that he wasn't even sure he had seen it. "Umm…nothing really just some shoes and…stuff. Here it is." She pulled out her timetable and handed it to him.

Giving it a quick look over he told her "We're in most of the same classes, and the others I can introduce you to a couple of friends of mine who have those classes."

"That's awesome! Thanks." she said, relief clear in her voice. He smiled back and turned to leave. "Goodnight." He called over his shoulder.

Walking back into his room he pulled off his shirt, it hadn't hit him till now just how tired he was. He was about to change out of his jeans when there was a knock at the door. Opening it he was surprised to see her standing there. He had to hide the amusement that he felt at the sight of her expression as she took in the sight of him, shirtless. "Yes?" he asked as calmly as he could.

She looked away quickly, a lovely red blush colouring her cheeks, "Umm…I figured I should probably find out your name." Pogue had to admit that she managed to keep the embarrassment that gave colour to her cheeks out of her voice.

He smiled and offered her his hand, "Pogue. Pogue Parry."

Smiling she took and shook his hand, "Scarlett. Scarlett Ledger."

"Lovely to meet you Scarlett Ledger, and goodnight." He said with a nod.

"Right, goodnight, Pogue Parry" she turned and walked back to her door flashing him one of her beautiful smiles before entering and closing her door behind her.

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