Scarlett's POV

Scarlett looked at her new clock, 7:00 pm it read. Time for the faceoff with Kate. Scarlett laughed at the very thought of the idiotic teenager. It would be pathetic if it wasn't so damn funny; Scarlett smiled at the memory of Kate's voice, low and angry as if it was intimidating. 'Tonight meet me at the old tree behind the dorms. I'm gonna teach you what happens when you mess with my man.' Scarlett couldn't help but wonder if Kate would've been so quick to threaten if she knew what Scarlett was and what she is capable of. Somehow she doubted it.

It was a chilly night so she wrapped her long blue cloak around her shoulders which as well as keeping out the cold air also hid the row of throwing knives and the long dagger strapped around her waist. She doubted she would need them but a girl can never have too many knives.

Walking out and locking her door silently. She walked as quietly as she could in hopes of avoiding Pogue, he had invited her out to the local club/bar Nicki's so hopefully he wouldn't be coming back for a while or he had already arrived and was already asleep. She wasn't one hundred percent sure how things would play out tonight but she knew that this would be interesting.

Half an hour later she arrived at the old tree to find Kate standing there with an angry challenge painted on her face. "Thought you weren't gonna come!" she called when Scarlett was two metres away.

Scarlett shrugged, keeping her expression calm and collected, "Well here I am. The question though is what are you going to do now that I am?" she asked in an even voice.

She saw the slight flash of uncertainty that crossed Kate's eyes but to her credit she managed to keep it off her face. An idea seemed to dawn on her and she closed the distance between them until there was a mere ten inches between them. Speaking in a threatening whisper she told Scarlett "Pogue is my boyfriend," emphasis on 'my', "He loves me and I love him…end of story. So if you think you can waltz into Spencer and take him away from me…" she paused for dramatic effect. "You're. Wrong." Once finished her little speech she stood to her full height in an attempt to intimidate her.

It didn't work.

Scarlett let out a low and threatening laugh. Looking deep into Kate's eyes she found it. The slither of doubt. The hint of uncertainty that she knew she would find. The slight guilt that, though not present in her voice, was present in her eyes. Most would overlook it but it was hard to miss when you were looking for it.

"Do you really think that a few words would be enough scare me?" she asked in a creepily calm voice. Kate opened her mouth to speak but Scarlett cut her off with a voice as sharp as the blades around her waist. "Firstly I'm not trying to take Pogue away from you! Unlike you my life isn't defied by who I have on my arm. Unlike you I live for myself and not to impress others. Secondly I don't believe you when you say that you 'love' him. I hear possessiveness in your voice when you say his name…not love. Maybe you did once but not now." Kate took a slight step back and Scarlett saw it as her chance to end this for good. Stepping closer she closed the gap between them until two inches of air was all that separated them and spoke in a whisper. "You may think that you are the head bee, but you are far from it…in fact your more like an ant under my boot…the only thing that remains is whether or not to squish you. For now I won't but let's get something clear shall we? You don't know me and I'm not going anywhere." With that she turned around and walked back towards the dorm.

After a few steps she felt a hand grab her hair and pull her head back violently. On instinct she drew her dagger and swiftly cut the arm of the hand that held her. With a cry of pain Kate released her hair. Now free Scarlett spun on her heal, arm outstretched with the sharp blade just inches from Kate's neck and a deadly look in her eyes. "Don't…touch…me" Scarlett said the words slowly as one would a small child, fighting the fire that burned just beneath her skin, but unable to stop the sudden blast of air that hit them. "Now listen carefully. It is taking all the self-control that I have not to slit your throat right now. In a moment I'm going to walk away and I strongly suggest that you let me. Like I said earlier I am not leaving Spenser, and I don't think anyone else needs to know about this little…incident. Especially Pogue." And with that she seethed her dagger and walked back to the dorms, this time getting all the way to her room before collapsing on her bed.

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