Chapter 1: Mysteries

(Krystal's P.O.V.)

The one time Theo is right about something, it is about something I should've listened to…

I was walking around the outskirts of Cerinia's finest and most spectacular city, Iris. It was even rumored that it was unmatched in beauty, even compared to those on Corneria. I took in a deep breath in as I stopped walking and leaned my back against a nearby tree and held my staff across my lap. I opened my mouth just to try and say one small thing, "…"

Pushing away from the tree, I angrily stomped on the ground in frustration over something so small but so important. The night before, Theo and I had a water fight, but when he realized how cold it was outside, he rushed indoors and grabbed towels. I had refused his urgent tone to dry off; saying how the water wouldn't harm me. I remember how desperately he tried to get me to dry off…

When I get my voice back, I will finally be able to have a decent conversation again with my parents… I sighed as the knowledge of my muteness once again stormed into my mind. I can always go deeper into the forest… it has cleared my mind before, and I can try that one charm my mother taught me…

As I started my walk deeper into the forest, I listened to the sound of trees rustling in the wind, and the occasional gurgle of a stream in the background. My nose twitched as a stray petal slid under it, and I couldn't hold back the sneeze that erupted soon after. The sound echoed between the trees, but luckily no one had heard me. It is good having parents as amazing as mine, but since they have enemies, I have to deal with them also…

When I stepped out from between the trees, I saw a clearing in front of me that was a stunning to behold. There was a glistening blue lake in the center that seemed to sparkle as the light reflected from its crystal clear surface. Then there was the emerald green grass that surrounded it, and plush and healthy trees all around the clearings edge. I then noticed something that made me yelp in surprise, and I couldn't help but speculate as to the cause of it.

Is he dead? Is he a solder, if not, why does he have a blaster!? WHY is he in the forest? WHO is he!? More and more thoughts kept swimming through my mind as I slowly crept towards the body that was sprawled face down across the ground. He was wearing apparel of which I had never seen before, not even by mercenary groups. Upon reaching him I poked him with the end of my staff, but when he didn't move I took a shaky breath in. I crouched close to the ground and touched his clothing, only to find it was scorching hot! I pulled back, but this time, I opted to use my staff to roll him over.

When he was facing upwards, I couldn't do anything but stare down at him. His face was entirely covered, save for two holes where I could see cream colored fur where his eyes must be, but when I looked down his body, I took in everything he was wearing. He had on long blackish green pants, His jacket was thick, yet it looked comfortable; it was a matte green color with dark green splotches in some areas. And finally, his mask covered his entire head, like a helmet, but I could see where it could slide upwards and over the top part. I reached a shaky hand down towards his face, and when I brushed across the plastic lining, I slowly pulled it up. When I was finished, I could only gape at what was before me…

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

Stumbling was all I could do now considering how much pain I was in. I knew I should've sat this one out… that last rake across my arm was more than I had thought it was going to be. I set my M4A1 assault variant airsoft gun down next to a tree as I reached down and massaged the center of my chest where that blast from Strikes LMG had scored. I could feel the tiny welts already, but since I was wearing my thick parka, they would be nothing more than that; welts. Before Strike had done too much damage to me, he ran out of ammo.

Reaching back down, I grabbed my rifle and shuffled among the trees, and towards the spot Mark had told me to meet him at. I looked behind me, but when I didn't see, or hear, movement; I sprang from cover and sprinted across the treeless gap in the woods. I heard the whirring sound of an electrical gun, and the ground besides my legs started to spring to life with BB's. I didn't bother aiming as I was running, and just squeezed the trigger to my gun. The sound of BB's leaving my gun was more welcome, and when I heard someone yelling out it pain, I thought, that's just pure luck!

"HIT!" I looked over, and grinned beneath my mask as I saw it was none other than Strike himself. I chuckled as I raced on, and was soon across the mini clearing. Well, now that I'm past that area, I should be away from the rest of their team… one down and nine to go.

Breaking past another layer of foliage, I stumbled on a loose vine and before I could bring my hands up, I hit the ground hard with my head. I couldn't move, but I felt all the pain in my head. When I opened my eyes, I found myself lying on something metallic, but my vision was too blurry to be sure, and I could see the stars running through my head wildly. It was when I felt my vision receding and my world dimming that I grew panicked. I tried futility to push myself up and off the ground, but my muscles were just too weak to even budge me. The last thing I saw before I lost all vision, was a timer on the metal device, and the last thing I felt; was my hand wrapping around the grip of the metal airsoft rifle…

(Strike's P.O.V.)

I had been hit somehow by that kid named Wolf, but I couldn't help smiling every time I thought about the previous game. I had snuck up on him when he thought he was safe, and I got his attention just before unloading my clip all over his chest. I was walking back to the parking lot so I could pack up, since this was the last game of the day, and I was looking forward to relaxing at a bar or something. I hefted my LMG onto my shoulder, and as I took another step; a shudder ran through the ground.

As I stopped, I saw my shadow growing deeper in shade by the second, and when I turned around, I did what no one should ever do; I dropped my gun. I was staring at a pillar of dark blue light with a purple outlining streak as it ran up and into the sky. The clouds that were above them parted or were blown away, and it was then that a mighty gust of wind surged through the forests trees, and created the loudest noise I ever heard.


WHAT was THAT!? I fell down as the noise had completely surprised me, and I could feel myself shaking uncontrollably. I was still watching the pillar of light when I brought my walkie talky up to my mouth and asked, "Am I the only one seeing this…?"

It was a few seconds before a reply came through, but when it did, it sent shivers down my spine, "I saw Wolf running in that direction!"

My team, and Spades team, minus one, were standing in around a patch of dirt exposed to air where the light had first originated from. The ground was scorched, and the grass was shriveled up and burned for five feet around it. When I looked up, I saw that where the tree branches had been, now resided a hole as big as that on the ground. I swallowed thickly as I looked across from me and at Spade, and asked, "What do we tell his parents?"

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