Chapter 9: The Last Meeting

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(Wolf's P.O.V.)

I looked over towards the doorway as my mother and father came back into the room, trailed by only Rebecca. My mom had a worried face, while my dad's hands were clasped behind his back with a stern and neutral expression on his face; the same one he specially reserved for his surprised and stunned occasions. I looked between them, and then Rebecca and asked, "Where did Strike go?"

"We aren't here to discuss that at the moment dear, rather to talk about… this…" My mom gestured over towards my dad, who brought one of his hands out from behind his back, and held up my locket. I felt myself cringe internally as I cursed my stupidity to trust anyone except myself with that item. I grunted as I swung my feet over the edge of my bed to stand up, even against strict doctors' orders, but before I could get up, I felt a pair of strong hands holding me down. I sighed with unsuppressed irritation, and I heard my dad say, "Easy there…"

I looked over my shoulder and held my hand palm up to him, and asked, "Can I get my locket back then…?"

"First an explanation."

"Dad… you know yourself what is like to be shot at while protecting something…" I did my best to keep my emotions under check as I read his own emotions, "And I would like to keep what I fought for close to me… may I have my locket?"

He remained stock still, but from living with a military man for as long as I had been, I could see the chinks in his armor exposing themselves. A final push is all he needs… "I went to another planet somehow… I will tell you more, if I can get what I fought for back…"

Slowly, and reluctantly, he held the locket out to me, which I graciously accepted. I lifted my feet back onto the bed before I leaned back against the pillows. When I looked at my parents, I asked, "So… you saw what is on the inside already?"

My mother nodded as my dad grabbed a chair and brought it closer so he could sit down, and I nodded slightly myself. I rolled the locket over as I looked at it, and then I began, "When I was airsofting with everyone… I ran towards a clearing where I thought I was supposed to meet everyone on my team. Before I made it into the clearing, I think I tripped over a vine or something, and the next thing I know, I'm starting to fall unconscious as I see a timer on a metal device. When I woke up, I was in a forest, and I remember everything so clearly…" I could feel my eyes unfocused as I started to daydream, "It looked just like the forest I was in over here… except everything was so green, and the air… it smelled, clean. It was night time… but the dual moons provided enough light for me to see a lake not that far from where I was. I remember also, that it felt like I was literally on fire… my clothes were so hot, and it hurt to even breathe."

"After a struggle, I managed to get my jacket off, and get some water, but I had also remembered something Strike told me, something that I will make sure he will regret, that kept me up for the entire night. He had said wolves roamed the forests at night, so I'm over there, not knowing he was lying, so I built a fort of branches, and I rigged the rifle so it used its battery power to shoot even harder… long story short, I was awake and constantly shooting bushes all night. In the morning… I had found something, but I don't know what… I just know it was something cool."

"Then… on the beginning of the TRUE adventure, I decided to start wondering around the forest, and then I came across a truly magnificent city… a city that was all good and no bad… Iris!" I felt my eyes close as the memory of first seeing Iris surged upon me, "It was clean, the buildings were tall, and it seemed that no one was poor in that city. It was then that I saw my first glimpse of the inhabitants… and I won't lie, I was more than shocked, I saw a dog that was standing up just how we do, and had hands like we do, except it had a tail, an ears on top of its head!" I visually illustrated to them by holding my hands in a shape and form over my head.

"When I went to a store to use the restroom, I saw a group of huskies, and that was when I got a closer look… they have genders just like we do. But even after that, I went into the store, but I kept my mask and jacket on to hide the fact that I wasn't like them, but when I got inside, the store owner, was a Lion!" I chuckled as I looked between them all, and they all seemed glued to my story. "He had called me a merc… which apparently is a mercenary, but after a small chat, he let me go to the restrooms. They speak English, but they by far don't write their words how we do."

"When I was finished with the store, I decided to explore the city… but I don't want to go into details on that, for let's just say, I met some bad people, and I ended up running towards the palace of the governor, who by the way rules their entire planet, and is the father of Krystal…" I held up the locket so they knew who I was talking about. "I didn't know it, but I had run straight into the area the guards considered the front gate… so least to say, they weren't happy to see me there, so that was when I first got shot at…"

I took a deep breath in as I looked down at the locket, and I felt my heart get stuck in my throat as I felt like opening it, but I held it back. Glancing back up slowly, I continued with a huge sigh, "It was when I was running, that I had literally ran smack face into Krystal… enough to make us both fall…" I chuckled as I remembered her shocked expression, "Somehow, she ended up on top in the tumble, but I wasn't worried about that as all I wanted to do was run for my life."

Smiling, I looked at my dad as I said, "I eventually made it back to the forest… but when I flicked off a few police hounds, I had been shot in the arm." Then I shifted my gaze to the others as Strike and rocket entered, "Right here…" and I pointed at the bandage along the bicep of one of my arms.

"I'm just going to skip everything else after that, and go straight to the next morning… Which was so unexpected… I woke up, seeing Krystal cuddling up to me in her own sleep…" I saw my dad's eyebrow rise slightly from the corner of my eye, "Don't worry dad, we didn't do anything."

"Anyways, later that day, after our awkward wake up meeting… Iris came under siege and I don't mean like from another army, but from the inside of the city, by rebels. Another long story short, I had followed Krystal, and ended up saving a few lives that day while also… Taking dozens…" I felt myself shudder as I clenched my fists. "In the end, when I thought I had killed their leader, who ended up only being a commander, has shot me from behind… that is why I lost a chunk of my side… or felt like it. It was around that time, that I learned Krystal was a telepathic… and she gave me this locket… it was then that I learned what self-sacrifice was… I was ready to die, but first, I had planned to delay them a little longer so Krystal and her mom and dad could escape first… which I'm hoping they did."

I looked at them all a little longer, before I sighed and relaxed and finished, "The rest is more than I need to say right now…"

They all leaned back individually, but the ones who had been in the room from the start were generally more into their thoughts. I brought the locket up, and twirled it around my hands, before I opened it up, and all eyes were drawn to the image of Krystal floating above the locket.

Chuckling quietly, I brought my free hand up to my lips as I observed the smiling picture of Krystal. "You wouldn't believe me, but when she kissed me, it really was like true loves kiss… but fate was cruel…" I smiled as I continued to gaze at the frozen image of Krystal, but when I coughed I quickly brought my hand up while shutting the locket. I looked at my moist palm, and grimaced as I said, "Can someone go get me a doctor…?"

(Krystal's P.O.V.)

"Are you sure!?" I asked, excitement quickly starting to boil in my body as I gazed at the metal device on the floor.

"Darling… we may know where his planet is… but there is a problem as well… It is too great of a distance for you to do in your lifetime… you would be long perished before you were even a quarter of the way to his home world…" I felt my muzzle slacken as my ears droop after he mentioned that crucial piece of information, "I'm sorry dear… it is best, if you can try to keep him in your memories…"

But memories don't last forever…

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

The device that had brought me to Cerinia was destroyed, and to top that, it appeared to have occurred not that long ago. I could see the dim yellow glow from various electronics on the inside, and what appeared to be scorch marks around the holes the jagged metal protruded from. I bent down, and as I set the picture of myself on the top of it, it started to glow ever faintly. I looked behind me, and I saw Strike and Rocket watching me and the device closely, and I said, "You will know when the device will go off… just be prepared to get me."

I looked back forward as I tilted the device just by a notch, and I heard the thing hum quietly before more sparks flew. It grew quite again soon after, and I felt someone grab my arm, but I resisted, "Don't worry, I think it is too damaged to even work anymore…"

"Ok, be safe though… last time you were gone for a week." I heard Rocket say.

Without looking away from the device, I gently pulled a screwdriver from my pocket and inserted it into one of the holes. I felt a strange tingling in my palm, and I started to let go of the screwdriver, but just as I did, the machine sparkled brightly, and the blue static danced over my skin. I dropped the device, but just as I did, it popped, shuddered, and exploded on its underside. I held my hands up over my face as I felt someone start pulling me away.

When the hands released me, I saw the device was still, and it no longer had a blue glow to it. I looked over and saw Strike and Rocket had both pulled me back, and I nodded thanks to them as I stood back up. I walked back over to it, and when I was standing closer to it again, I crouched down as I looked closer to it. "I would do anything, to just get one glimpse back at the city before it was destroyed…"

"It must've been amazing…" I heard Rocket say.

I grinned as I turned and faced him, "It was more than that. Bring my quad over here so I can take this thing home… I want to see if I can fix it."

"Are you sure that is a good idea?" Strike asked.

I waved my hand towards him dismissively as I said, "Just get it…"

"Alright, alright…"

The roaring of an approaching quad broke the silence that had been with Rocket and I since Strike had left. I smiled as I looked over just in time to see my personal black quad storm into the clearing with Strike operating it.

When he pulled it over next to me, I smiled as I picked up the broken device from the ground. As strike got off, he killed the engine, and I set the device along the back and started to tie it down. As I continued to secure it, I spoke, "If I can fix this… not only will I be able to go back to Iris, but I will be able to share the technology from this thing. Imagine what that would be like! …no more walking to school…"

Rocket chuckled as Strike said, "You're just lazy…"

"True… true… but still. You two go get your quads, I'll meet u guys there…

I hit the ignition switch along the handle of the quad, and I felt myself get shocked as an electrical surge ran over the chassis of the quad, and over the frame, and finally into the device. It started to hum loudly as the blue glow from it shown on the entire area, and I rushed to get off the quad as the others ran towards me; yet it was already too late.

(Strike's P.O.V.)


The ground where Wolf had just been was vaporized, just like before, and I felt myself slacken as I brought my hands up to my face as I groaned loudly, "Not again!"

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

I felt myself sag across the handlebars of my quad as gravity returned to me. So that is what is like when you're awake… I think I prefer being asleep.

I felt the four wheeled vehicle I was on shudder, before it slowly began to rumble. I smiled as my forehead was pressed up against the steering bar, and I slowly sat up, careful to keep my breathing under control so I didn't start bleeding again. When I felt like I was strong enough, I slowly lifted my head up, and looked around, but instead of the clearing, I was on the outskirts of the city of Iris. I saw a few of the native inhabitants looking at me from the buildings, which have been removed of the bodies that had littered the streets. I saw a few wolves standing in a group, and a pair of huskies started to back away towards a street behind them.

While I pushed on the accelerator, I lurched forward, and I could feel the heat wafting off my arms and back. I drove towards the store I had only visited twice now.

(Strike's P.O.V.)

Phone calls were good to make, but in my case, a terrifying thing to be doing with a retired veteran that is also a father, of his missing child. I shuddered as the phone call made a clicking noise, signifying that the call had finally. I heard Wolf's dad clear his throat as he asked, "Hello?"

"Um… Hello Mr. Stevenson… I'm calling about Wolf. He uh… he disappeared again…"

I chose to hold the phone away from my ear at the right moment, and I could tell, since even Rocket, who was five feet, flinched from the yells emitting from the phone…

(Krystal's P.O.V.)

As my father was looking over the reports, I was also sifting through them, just through his mind instead. Three dozen guards killed, nearly a hundred civilian casualties… and enough damage to cost a fortune…

"Krystal dear… can you come here… I believe you should be the one to make this decision." My mother called out to me, and when I looked over, I saw she was looking out the doorway, and up at the various pictures along the wall. I sighed as I walked over towards her, and looked up at the picture. "Should we get rid of this picture, or have it repaired?"

Glancing back over at the main room, I said, "Well… I don't know… we should just wait and see how many more pictures are damaged."

(Wolf's P.O.V.)

I was now driving down the street, and up the main road towards the palace gates of the governors home, and central rule of power. Unlike when I first arrived, many of the gazes were surprised and wary, but every single gaze also showed how weary they were, even though it was only one day of fighting. My quad only went slow when I came to an intersection, but other than that, I was pushing it at its max speed.

Arriving at the gate, I was greeted by several guards, all of whom instantly raised and pointed their rifles at me. I killed the engine immediately, and let it drift the last few feet before it came to the intersection. I raised my hands into the air as they slowly approached me. One of them motioned to the left slightly as he said, "Dismount the vehicle!"

Complying was my only action, and I didn't feel like bothering a guard that had just been through a hellish day. KRYSTAL! COME TO THE FRONT GATE! I shouted mentally, hoping that could get her attention.

"What is your business here?" One of the guardsmen asked.

Without turning, I simply replied, "To see Lady Krystal."

One of the guards scoffed as another said, "That is highly unlikely. From recent events, you seem more like a mercenary than anything else… you can't possibly be Cerinian."

I smiled slightly as I saw a blue fox look out a window, and from this distance, I could only guess that it was Krystal. "You are absolutely correct, I'm not a Cerinian, and I didn't know what a Cerinian was until you just said that."

"Oh and there goes Krystal…" I said, and only one of the guards looked. I chuckled quietly, but this apparently upset one of the guards as he hit me with the butt of his rifle.

"OW!" I fell to my knees, but that was only temporary, as I instantly stood back up. He was about to hit me again, but I shot my fist out and landed it right on his muzzle, straight to the left side of it too. I heard the hum of an energy weapon, and I quickly back stepped towards my quad as a bolt shot past my head. I looked over and quickly grabbed the dogs' rifle barrel, and jerked it from his hands before whirling it around, and pointing it at the last guard, who had just leveled his rifle at me.

I growled in my throat as I saw Krystal wasn't even halfway here yet, but now she was running. I jerked myself forward and smacked the other guardsman rifle up, and he shot a bolt high into the air. I reached my other hand out and grabbed his rifle, but when I jerked my hand back, the guard came with it, and he was more scared than intimidating when his muzzle was to my nose. "Let… go." I growled out, and he instantly let it go and stumbled away. I turned back around, and saw the first guard I had punched was holding his muzzle as he was getting up. I walked towards him just as he was reaching for his rifle, and I kicked it away.

He stood up straight and rigid as I was holding two rifles, while he was left with a bleeding lip. I dropped the rifles at my feet as I walked back to my quad, keeping a close eye on the crowd that had formed, but a closer eye on the guards. I leaned back against my quad as I said, "I didn't come here to fight, but you seemed to want to fight some more, after all that happened yesterday…" and as soon as I finished, I coughed. I felt dizzy, so I sat down as I dug into a bag along the side of my quad, and continued, "I didn't fight to protect Krystal for people like you to just… try and fight me…" I groaned quietly, and I felt my hand run over something cylinder and cold, and I quickly pulled it out.

Slowly, I lifted my shirt, and revealed the bandage along my side, which had become slightly damp with blood. I lowered the shirt just as Krystal ran from around the gate, and was now behind the guards. I uncapped the needle, using my teeth, while I lifted my shirt sleeve with the other one. I rolled it up to my shoulder and switched the shot into my other hand, When William shot me in my side… he must have done some bad damage to my body… I have been constantly bleeding every time I over exert myself…

I saw Krystal nod as I stuck myself with the needle, wincing a bit, and when I pressed the needle into my arm, I felt the dizziness fade, and the pain in my side start to fade… slightly. As I stood up, Krystal smiled widely, and her tail was swishing back and forth fast. The other guards seemed to notice this as well, and one of them looked at me with an amazed sort of confusion. When I was standing up entirely, I put the needle protector back on, and slid it back into my bag, and as soon as I turned back around, I was smothered in a hug. I fell back slightly, and was only remaining upright because my quad was at my back. My eyes were wide as I slowly hugged back, but when I did, she hugged me harder, and that caused me to wiggle around as it started to feel uncomfortable and painful.

"Ah…K-Krystal, t-that hurts now!" I muttered out as the pressure being applied to my side was becoming painfully unbearable. She immediately released me, and I could see her cheeks appeared reddish as she looked away. I saw the guards behind her avoiding eye contact with me as I slowly regained my bearings.

When I did, she grabbed my hand and started to pull me towards the gates entrance. I smiled, but I squeezed her hand gently as I pulled her to a stop, and said, "I need to take my quad… I can't risk losing that thing over here… as in this planet…"

She nodded, and when I got on, I made a mental image of how someone else would ride a quad. I looked over as she smiled, and she awkwardly got on board as I started it up. I grinned as I slowly started off, and gradually gaining speed.

I was just now handing the picture I had brought with me over to Krystal. She smiled lightly as I loaded the other teleporter onto my quad, and tied one of the laser rifles and Williams's pistol to the back as well. I turned around, and when I saw the saddened Krystal, I said, "I'm sorry… I truly am, but I have family waiting for me back home…" I looked over at her parents, and I nodded towards them and said, "Your planet really is a lot more developed than mine… we still utilize ballistic weapons… I'm not sure what these will be like compared to the ones at my planet… people will most likely think they are some cardboard replicas from a game or something…"

The governor smiled as he said, "Just try not to get into any trouble…" him and his wife started to walk away. I watched them until they were gone, and as soon as they were, I turned and felt Krystal give me a hug. I wrapped her in my own arms in a gentle hug, and I smiled as I felt her fur tickle my face.

"You know, you're still the most beautiful fox I have ever seen…" I whispered quietly near her ear. She giggled slightly as she said, "That's because I'm the only fox you have met…"

I pulled back slightly as I thought about it, "No… I believe I saw a few others."

"Those were guys…"

"Still, those were other foxes." I finished.

Slowly, I raised one of my hands, and touched the top of one of Krystal's ears. Her ear flickered, and she laid it back as she pulled her head back and looked at me with a look of apprehension. "Why did you touch my ear?"

I felt my cheeks start to warm up as I said, "I was curious… if you haven't noticed yet, my ears are on the side of my head, not the top." She smiled as she leaned forward, and planted a kiss along my lips. I smiled after she pulled away, and said, "Most males are more interested in something like that… rather than ears."

Chuckling, I said, "Well… I guess I'm like most males then… but I should be going…" I pulled away from her hug, "Goodbye Lady Krystal… I will forever remember you." I said as I did a mock bow.

She smiled as her tail rose up, and I got onto my quad. Just as I was about to press the electrical ignition, she put a hand over mine, and said, "Forever your actions here will be remembered… thanks for being a hero here Wolf…"

I smiled as she backed away, and when she was five feet from my quad, I hit the ignitor, and felt the device behind me activate, and a blinding white light filled my view. To find a love… only to give it up. This is a memory that I will never forget… may I meet her in the next life…

The air around me hummed with energy as I was transported millions, of billions of AU's across the universe to my own planet. My smile never leaving me as I tightened my hands over the handles, thinking back on the more recent kiss with the vixen I had shared. The feeling in my soul was exalting, and it made me feel like I was soaring, which I technically was.


My quad hit solid ground, and I left my eyes closed as I heard the device behind me sputter, before it finally gave out, and fell apart. Without opening my eyes, I let the tears fall freely, and I laid my head down over my handle bars. "I love you Krystal…"

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