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This is my first ever fanfic! I love to read them, but never thought I would write one. Last night, however, I had what I thought was a great idea for a Loki/Jane fic. I've given the first chapter a shot, the first two chapters will be a set up before Loki's true intentions for Jane are set into motion. Like I said, this is my first attempt at a fanfic, so please review and let me know if this is worth continuing. :)

My intention is to keep Loki in character as much as possible. As you all know his discovery of his true nature has left him full of hate and anger, but at the root of that is insecurity and loneliness. He'll be a tough nut to crack, but I think a slow transition into his relationship with Jane will make the end result all the more satisfying. Hope you all agree!

Unwilling Heart: Chapter 1

Loki was tired. He felt utterly drained after being torn from one end of space to the other by the Tesseract's power. The hard, uncomfortable seat he was currently occupying in the back of a Midgardian vehicle wasn't helping his fatigued body at all. The road was harsh and the dust being kicked up by the tires was thick. Yet despite his current discomfort there was a satisfied smile on his face.

He had just arrived on Midgard and taken the Tesseract as he had long planned. This was to be the first of many victories. This was the first step towards claiming his birth right; becoming the king he was born to be. No longer would he be forced to skulk in shadows, he would be seated on a throne for all to see. For all to fear. He would be the king that Thor could never be, the king that Thor never deserved to be. Curse him.

Loki raised his hand slightly, casting a shielding spell to keep the dust that was billowing around him from reaching his nose. The mortals he had taken control of were seated silently within the vehicle that had aided his escape from the ill fated SHIELD facility. They had been moving through the dessert for at least an hour, which had given Loki time to think on his next move. The mortal, Barton, would see to it that Loki was provided with a base of operation while Doctor Selvig would look into harnessing the Tesseract's power.

Loki remembered Selvig clearly. He was a friend to Thor. Loki was loathe to have any association with a man who called Thor friend. When Selvig outlived his usefulness Loki would see to it that he was disposed of.

But there was one that needed to die before Selvig.

Jane Foster. Loki had thought of her often during his exile. And the more he though of her, the more he despised her. She had been responsible for the change in Thor, the change that had restored his worthiness in the eyes of Odin. For once Odin had seen Thor for what he truly was, selfish, arrogant, reckless... unworthy. For a brief moment Loki was finally the better son, until it all came crashing down. But still, Loki could have proven himself to Odin, despite his parentage... if Thor hadn't returned with a new found sense of maturity. Loki scowled at the memory of it.

It was all the fault of that woman. And Loki would not forget it. He would make her pay for it.

Loki's hand gripped the golden staff so tightly that he was starting to loose the feeling in his fingers. He was only vaguely aware that the blue orb at the end of the weapon was pulsating in response to his anger.

He would kill the woman slowly. Make her suffer. He had long fantasized about the look of terror in her eyes as he described to her exactly how she would meet her end. She would regret ever having met Thor when she learned that her painful, gruesome end was the direct result of her association with the God of Thunder. And Thor would know it too, he would waste away with the guilt of it. Loki wanted Thor to know exactly what had happened to his precious pet human.

All that mortal whelp had to do was bat her eyelashes in Thor's direction and she would rule by his side as Queen of Asgard. She would have the admiration that Asgard had never seen fit to bestow upon it's youngest prince. Only two on Asgard ever knew of Loki's true parentage, and yet the Aesir still only ever regarded Loki with mistrust. Silver tongue. That's what they had called him. He carried the name with pride, after a time. But it's initial use as an insult never went unnoticed by him.

Such disdain for him, and they would readily accept her as a Queen. Her, a creature inferior to him in every way.

Frigga, the woman Loki once called mother, would love Jane Foster for bringing happiness to her one true son. And Odin would cherish her for one day carrying a grandchild and future heir to Asgard within her. Odin would love the child in her womb more than he had ever loved Loki himself...

Sparks were beginning to shoot from the end of the golden staff. Killing Jane Foster was a priority. After Loki took his time educating her in the ways of pain, he would leave her hanging to life by a thread and call out to Heimdall. He would instruct Heimdall to tell Thor that his beloved awaited a final kiss goodbye, before he ran her through with his scepter.

Loki had seen it a thousand times over in his mind. It was all so close now.

The dust around him began to lessen as the car slowed to a stop. Loki unfocused eyes came to settle upon his new surroundings. Barton had driven them to an underground bunker that would serve as a base while he rallied more mortals to his cause. But before he was ready to move ahead, there was a matter that needed looking into...

"Selvig," Loki called as he lowered himself from the back of the truck, "I suspect that you would be able to tell me the current whereabouts of Miss Jane Foster?"

Eric Selvig froze where he stood, his mouth opening slightly but no words coming out. Loki waited a long moment for a response. A slight twitch in Selvig's bewitched eye served as an indication that the man was facing an inner turmoil. This would not do at all.

"You will answer me without hesitation, Doctor..." the words came out as a growl that obviously has the desired affect as the doctor simply nodded his response.

Barton, who had obviously been listening chimed in at that moment. "Sir, knowing SHIELD, they will move immediately to relocate Jane Foster if they believe she is in danger. You'll need to move quickly if you want to get to her before they do."

Fatigued though Loki may have been from his travels, he was not about to miss his chance to finally come face to face with his target. "We should not leave Miss Foster waiting then."

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