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"It's like they aren't even trying," Raven murmured.

Beast Boy was still reclining in their bed, not looking forward to leaving the warmth yet. December in Jump City wasn't exactly cold, but it was colder than any other time of the year. He hated the cold.

"They're kids. Meditation isn't something that comes easy to them," he told her.

"It's been weeks, Gar. They've barely made any progress. The only thing that's changed is that Timmy can actually sit through an entire half hour session without falling asleep," she said, leaning over to grab her boots. She'd traded out the costume today for jeans and a long sleeve black sweater. The cold was getting to all of them.

"Again, they're kids. They've got a million thoughts running through their heads."

"I was a child when I learned meditation, I didn't have a problem."

He eyed the lines of her back and shoulders. "Yeah, well, you're the exception."

She glanced at him and he just grinned. There hadn't been a day yet where he'd been checking her out and she hadn't given him a glare. He was learning to take that as a sign of endearment.

Raven rolled her eyes and got up, "I just don't know what could have their heads so cluttered. Teether barely leaves the Tower except for school. Timmy just plays video games with you, Robin, and Cyborg. And Melvin," she sighed. "I expected her to be more focused."

"What, you don't think she's got things on her mind?" Beast Boy asked, propping up on his elbows.

"I know she does, don't be ridiculous. I just don't know what could have her so distracted all the time."

He laughed, swinging his legs out of bed. Dark sweatpants clung to his hips. He usually didn't like wearing pants to bed, but one very poorly timed entrance into their bedroom by Timmy was enough to have him covering up. The kid was still recovering.

"Oh, wow, what could a teenage girl possibly have on her mind?" he asked Raven, stretching. He didn't miss the look she shot him. It was nice to know that even after four years together he was still able to catch her eye.

"What?" she asked him, crossing her arms.

"Boys, Rae. She's busy thinking about boys." He smiled when she rolled her eyes.


"She is still a kid."

"It doesn't matter, I thought she was mature enough not to get distracted by something so simple," Raven said, turning to get her jacket.

Oh, that sounded like a challenge.

He stole up behind her silently, but he knew she would know. He was counting on it. She turned at the last second, her brows brought together to ask him what he thought he was doing. Luckily, he was able to stop her before she started.

He swallowed her surprise, not stopping his forward momentum until he felt her bump against the wall. Despite his sneak attack, Raven responded quickly, her arms snaking up around his neck. A few more kisses and he turned to her throat, knowing that it melted her. His hands were on her hips and he let his fingers slide up just above the hem of her sweater. Keeping the pressure light, he traced circles right at the juncture of her hip, moving up to run across her stomach and ribs. Just as she started to get her breath back, Beast Boy kissed her again.

He bit lightly at her lip and Raven's breathing hitched. When they'd first became intimate, Raven admitted that she had thought he'd be a little more aggressive. He really wasn't, not usually. It wasn't in his nature. Not his human nature. Ever since their routine release of the Beast, and the exceptionally positive response he'd received from the Raven the next morning, he'd been taking a few more liberties. And right now he was using all of his tricks.

As in everything, Raven fought to be on equal footing with him and Beast Boy was finding it difficult to keep his head. He slid his hand down her back, finding her hips and pulling her forward as he pressed closer.

He broke away, taking three steps back from her. She opened her eyes, her cheeks flushed and her heartbeat audible from here. He hid his smile.

"I'm sure you won't let yourself be distracting by something so simple as a boy," he said, glad he at least sounded calm and collected.

She took a step towards him, the frown just starting as she realized what he'd done. So he smirked and grabbed a pair of jeans, "I'm gonna hop in the shower."

He shut the door behind him and started the water. Beast Boy heard Raven huff and mutter something before their bedroom door shut. He chuckled and glanced at the shower, turning the nozzle to cold. He had his own price to pay, but it was worth it.

Of course, he wasn't done. He waited until dinner the next night, after she had forgiven him and he pretended like nothing ever happened. Beast Boy cooked, so the kids cleared the table and Raven washed the dishes. Seeing his opportunity when the kids vanished around the small partition to get another armful of dishes, Beast Boy trapped her against the sink without giving her the chance to turn around.

This time he didn't go for the kiss, but let his hand trace down the curve of her hips and then dance along the top of her thigh. His other hand pulled her hair to the side, giving him a view of her bare neck. Dipping his head, he inhaled and then breathed out evenly over her skin. Raven didn't move, but her body betrayed her and erupted in goose-bumps.

He stepped back not a moment too soon, the kids coming back with more dishes. Beast Boy grinned at them, heading back to the living room. Raven didn't turn as she took the dishes from the kids, but Beast Boy saw her cheeks tinted.

Asshole, she thought at him.

He just chuckled and left.

It didn't stop there. Beast Boy was enjoying the game too much. Two days later, he caught her in the hall on the way to meet Starfire for lunch. This time it was sweet and lingering and he was able to get back down to their apartment before her eyes had even opened.

A week later, after battling Cinderblock, they were heading back to the T-Car that they had parked in the alley. Once everyone else had gone first, Beast Boy pulled her aside and slammed his mouth on hers. Rough was sometimes good, and after a fight it just seemed more natural. He held onto her waist so hard he might have left marks, but he was fairly certain he had a few crescent shaped bruises on his back as well. He slipped away when she took a breath and jumped into the backseat of the T-Car.

Raven glared at him. You're treading on dangerous ground, Garfield.

Yeah, well. I love a little danger.

She used her own powers to teleport her back to the Tower.

"Are you two okay?" Cyborg asked as they pulled away from the curb.

Beast Boy smirked, looking out the window, "Yeah. We're great."

"You guys seem a little tense," Robin noted.

He had to work not to laugh. "We're good. Don't worry about it."

Starfire spoke up, "Are you certain? Raven has been quite…agitated."

Beast Boy just watched the city go by, "Yup."

Robin turned around in his seat, "I don't know what's going on, and I don't want to, but you're messing with fire, B."

"I know," he grinned.

Christmas came and went with the usual flurry of activity that's involved with three couples and three kids. Wrapping paper was still being found in the common room the next time Beast Boy struck.

They were heading out to a holiday gathering that the mayor was throwing, all of them getting dressed up in finery. Raven was trying to get out of it, but Robin had all but demanded that she go. And then when she still refused, he did demand it.

To be fair this time, she had asked for it. In a roundabout way.

"Can you give me a hand?" she asked him, holding the front of her dress. She turned, showing him the last few inches of zipper that she couldn't contort to get. She could have used her powers, but he got enjoyed it when she asked for help. It happened so rarely.

That thought made him hesitate, but then he went through with it anyway.

He pulled the zipper up and she turned around to thank him

The words slipped out before he could just get on with the game. "You look really beautiful."

She gave him a half-smile. "Thanks. You look pretty handsome yourself."

Yeah, he did. Dark green suit for the win.

He caught her hand and brought it up to his mouth, brushing a kiss across her knuckles. Then he turned her hand over and kissed her palm. He pulled her closer, kissing her forearm, her shoulder, along her collar. The thin straps of her dress got in the way, so he pushed one down and off, nipping gently at the skin.

Her head rocked back a little, "We're going to be late."

"Mhmm," he hummed against her skin and moved her towards the wall, gentler than the last time. Hooking his hand behind the back of her knee, he propped her leg over his hip, rocking into her in the way that made her cheeks flush, even through layers of clothes.

She breathed out, "Gar."

"Right, late." He stepped back and Raven glared at him, knowing that he'd been playing her again. He had to scurry out of the room as a tendril of shadows chased after him. It certainly made dancing at the party a lot more entertaining for him. And she had to deal, because as Robin pointed out, Raven flinging Beast Boy through the mayor's window would be bad publicity. However much she wanted to.

New Year's Eve Day had arrived and they were all gathering in the common room to watch the parade and snack. None of them really watched it, but it was nice to have on. The kids played with their new toys, Raven was reading the collector's edition of the original Grimm's Fairy Tales that Beast Boy had bought her. Starfire was enjoying the iPod that Robin had purchased for her, preloaded with music from all over the world. Robin was itching to get back down to the gym to try out the new bo-staff that Cyborg had designed for him, but he was doing the family thing without an audible complaint. Cyborg wanted to take over the tv to beat Beast Boy in the game the changeling had bought for him. But Beast Boy was content at the moment to lie on the floor and mess around with the boys' Legos.

"Gar?" Raven asked.


"Want to get the veggie tray and bring it over?" she murmured, still focused on her book.

"Sure," he said. He pushed up off the floor and went to the kitchen. Raven had arranged it earlier, but no one was really ready for them. But the breakfast food had vanished a few hours ago and people were getting hungry again. He picked up the platter and turned back to the couch, taking a ste-

He was breathing heavily and it sounded much louder in the quiet room. Raven, his beautiful, impossible, tousled Raven, smirked beneath him, her hair splayed across their pillows. She grabbed his shoulders and rolled him on his back, settling on top of him. He wrapped his hand loosely in her hair and tugged her down towards him, his free hand sliding beneath the t-shirt she'd worn to bed. She rocked her hips against his and he groaned, the kiss she dropped on him cutting it off. Breaking away, Raven sat back and grabbed the hem of her shirt, pulling it up and-


Beast Boy dropped the platter, vegetables escaping to every secretive corner of the kitchen.

Everyone turned around except Raven.

"Dude, what the hell?" Cyborg asked.

"Language!" Starfire said, glancing at the kids.

"Beast Boy, seriously?" Robin asked him.

When the others looked back at the television, Raven closed her book and shifted on the couch to face him. "What's the matter? Get distracted?"

You fight dirty, he told her.

I warned you. Can't handle it? She cocked her brow at him and turned back in her seat.

He glared at her, bending down to start cleaning up the mess. Only when he was certain she wasn't looking did Beast Boy start to smile.

If that's how she wanted to play, he could learn to like it.