Eddie was taken by surprise when Loren held him back. In fact, he was confused mixed in with hurt and a little rejected.

Eddie: "Lo? What's up?"

Eddie followed Loren to the sofa. They both sat down. Loren was freaked out nervous to tell Eddie the news. But it was more of her insecurities that made her scared and shaken up.

Loren turned her back to him, staring at the Piano.

Eddie: "Loren? Talk to me…please? You're never this quiet unless something is up? so what's bothering you?"

Loren: ….

Eddie got up and took the seat on the piano bench.

Eddie: "Loren? Seriously? You're scaring me with your silence…but if you want to slow things down tonight, we can. No hard feelings as long as we're in each other's arms. That's what matters. OK?. Please, tell me what's going on? I promise I won't get mad "

FINALLY, Loren looked into his eyes and broke her silence.

Loren: "Eddie, I..uhmm..I don't know how to tell you this.."

Eddie: "tell me what?.."

Eddie got up again and sat down to her, wrapping his arms around her.

Eddie: "look at me Lo, what ever it is, I'm here for you.."

Loren: "I'm scared that it is going to change us, our lives and our careers…"

Eddie: (growing impatient, but calm), "Loren, your suspense is driving me insane here, can you please, please tell me what's going on?!"

Loren: (taking a deep breath)"OK. Ok. I'll just say it….I'm pregnant!"