"One year after popping up in Malibu, leaving behind my best friend, I and my brother Eric are finally off being grounded. The charges against me and Eric and our friends, Toad, Kiersten and Ronnie Coleman were dropped because we agreed to and willingly came back home. Things got better after a while. Dad moved back in and things were good between him and mom. They even finished fixing the house. Eric and I were getting along pretty well. Kiersten and I were hanging out all the time and things were progressing. Toad was kissing my butt to be my friend. Even me and Ronnie Coleman had become good friends. Until six months ago. Kiersten's dad got a new job and she had to move away to Utah. Right after that, Ronnie Coleman got into pop warner and told me I wasn't worth his time anymore because I don't play pop warner. Three months ago mom and dad separated again! Dad calls every so often and mom seems glad he's gone this time. Now Eric blames me and him and Toad do nothing but make my life hell. God I wish Maurice was still around… Sometimes I wonder if I could still see him again."

Brian is up late as usual. He hasn't slept well at all since Kiersten moved. His insomnia went into full effect after his dad moved away. His mom has gone out again and Eric and Todd are downstairs watching movies that Brian finds stupid. He keeps looking at the vest Maurice gave him and even puts it on as he begins to reminisce about the month they spent together. He suddenly sits up and starts to think hard.

Brian then gets up and quickly runs downstairs. He shuts and locks the door that his dad finally put on before moving out again. He turns off the lights in room as his eyes grow wide with excitement. For a few minutes he paces back and forth waiting for the sun to go completely down and for it to be dark. Once it's dark he smiles and kneels next to the bed.

Remembers how one of Maurice's final words to him was, "Where there's a bed there's a way!" He tries to lift his up his bed from the side like they used too. His bed lifts up just enough. He starts to get his up. He closes his eyes and remembers to believe. He leans to the side and… His hand collides with the floor. He sits back and his head drops. He tells himself he knew he couldn't do it anymore. He wonders why he even tried.

In a bit of frustration Brian hits the floor hard and suddenly his hand goes through the floor and into a familiar feeling like a cloud with suction cups around his wrist. He smiles and suddenly with a thrust he feels himself being pulled and falls into a familiar world flat on his face. He gets up excited and looks around.
"Maurice! Oh Maurice thank you for pulling me through!" He shouts as he hugs the monster standing in front of him.

Brian looks up and realizes he's hugging Pumpkin. He quickly backs off as Pumpkin looks at him.
"Hey Brian! Long time no see! Glad you're back! I was to pull you through if you tried to come back!"

"Where's Maurice?"

Pumpkin just chuckles and walks away. Brian piggy backs into the arcade and looks for Maurice. He tries to ask around and every monster just looks at him and waves him off or growls at him. Brian looks for familiar faces and the few he sees don't care or remember who he is. Brian heads to the picnic area. While looking around he grabs a few hamburgers. He eats them and then downs almost an entire two liter of Mountain Dew. He grabs some ice cream and leaves when he doesn't see Maurice.

"Damn It! Where's Maurice! I can't find him anywhere!" He shouts to himself.

"You mean the guy that whacked Snick?" A voice says from out the shadows asks.

"Who are you?"

"Harold. I tried to follow you and Maurice you're first night here. After you and Maurice parted ways, barely anyone has seen him. We all thought we'd see him happiest after boy was destroyed. He's a hero around here. Yet those who know won't say anything. It's odd. But retrace your steps from the last time you saw him. Then you might find your answers. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some things to take care of in Cleveland." Harold walks away.

Brian starts to look around and looks at his watch. He realizes he has twelve hours to find Maurice. So he takes off to begin retracing his steps. Down the trip on memory lane.