Gaara knew he was home when he saw the expression on Kankuro's face. The surprised, unsolicited warmth of Kankuro's expression made Kankuro's face the most beautiful thing Gaara had ever seen, Kankuro the most beautiful person Gaara had ever seen. Radiant happiness burst forth from that face, Kankuro's welcoming, open-armed posture carrying Gaara forward in a wave of alluring belonging, of relief and of desperation finally satisfied, a long journey ending in the arms of his brother.

Kankuro's warm arms closed around him, nestling their bodies together, and Gaara rocked against this warm tide, closing his arms around Kankuro in return. Kankuro drew him unresistingly inside, and he was home.

Gaara spent the rest of the afternoon on the couch with Kankuro, watching tv with content silence, never leaving Kankuro's arms. Such was his life. A quiet, thrumming happiness and hope rose in his chest, eliminating his pain and promising much, much more comfort in the future.

The future he would have with his brother.