The Mission

Sherry Birkin walked into the coffee shop and saw her friend Claire Redfield sitting at a table in the corner of the building. Claire looked up at her and smiled. She still looked the same she had her red hair up in a pony tail, a black short sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans on. Sherry walked over and sat down in front of her. She was leaving for a mission with Leon tomorrow and wanted to see her before she went.

"Hey Sherry how have you been?" Claire asked her.

"I have been ok. Just getting ready for this mission I have to go on tomorrow." Sherry said.

"Yeah well I'm glad you called and wanted to hangout before you went."

"Yea I really miss you. Sorry I haven't been able to hangout I just been so busy with paper work and stuff. Anyway what have you been up to."

"Well I'm actually on vacation this week and next week. So pretty much I haven't been doing anything but relaxing and enjoying the time off."

"I wish I had some time off. I haven't had a vacation since before last year."

Sherry face fell every time she talks about what happened last year she feels like a hole has been ripped in her chest. It has been one year since she last saw or talked to Jake Muller; the last text he sent her was saying he lowered his asking price from 50 million to 50 bucks. She still looks at the text everyday. It amazed her in what little time she spent with him he found a way into her heart and she fell in love with him.

"Sherry are you still hung up on Jake?" Claire asked with concern.

"What no? What gave you that idea?" Sherry asked her she could feel her face getting hot and she knew she was blushing. She also knew that Claire knew she was lying.

"Sherry it's been over a year now. Don't you think it's time you moved on with your life?"

"I know I just can't help it. I was so drawn to him he was like no one I ever met."

"I know but honey don't want you to be happy?"

"Yes I want that but with work I don't have time to go out and find some one."

"Well you don't have find anything serious. I mean you go just go out and have fun."

"Are you telling me I should go out and sleep around?" Sherry asked her in shock.

"Well maybe if you finally have sex with some one you will forget about Jake."

"I can't just got out and sleep around Claire you know that!" Sherry hissed.

"I know I'm sorry I shouldn't have suggested it. But you do need to get over him. I know what after this mission you and I are going out clubbing."

"Ok sounds fine to me." Sherry said with a smile.

They talked for over a hour then parted ways. Sherry went back to her apartment and turned on the light. She looked around the room and felt lonely. Maybe Claire is right I need to get over Jake. She thought to herself. She walked into her bed room and sat down on her king size bed. She pulled out her phone and opened the text from Jake. She looked at it once last time. Tears welled up in her eyes.

"Goodbye." Sherry said and she deleted the text. She thought it would help her but it didn't. It just made the hole in her chest worse. She laid in bed thinking of those steal blue eyes and that cocky grin before she went to sleep.

Sherry walked into the Division of Security Operations building and went up to the second floor. She walked passed several offices then stop outside of Hunnigan's. She knocked on the door and heard someone say come in. She opened the door and saw Leon Kennedy standing there she closed the door.

"Agent Birkin." Hunnigan said.

"Hello Hunnigan." Sherry said.

"Right well since you're both here I just wanted to remind you both of the mission." Hunnigan said.

"Alright." Sherry said.

"Not that we need it but ok." Leon said as he sat down.

"Well as you know the B.O.W.S are still in the Middle East the reason why they are there and why the keep growing is because of Rebecca Moore. She was last spotted in Yemen. We also have Intel her employer is working for neo-umbrella. So we need you two to go in and found out what she knows and possible find out who she is working for" "We not asking you to bring them in or anything. We just want Intel but if you to can your more than welcome. Just know that Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine along with the rest of the BSAA well be a near you so if you can't bring her in they will." Hunnigan said.

"Why is the BSAA going to be near by?" Leon asked.

"Because the cities of Yemen are being over run by B.O.W.S" Hunnigan said.

"Damn alright so we are going to have to fight some of them." Leon said.

"Yes sadly you are Leon. Well that's all whenever you guys are ready a car is ready to take you a private plane." Hunnigan said.

"Ok well thanks for informing us." Sherry said.

Sherry got up and opened the door Leon nodded his head and walked out the door. They walked out the building and found the car. The driver opened the door so they both could climb in. Sherry was silent looking out the window try to keep her nerves and fears in check. She jumped when Leon touched her hand.

"Hey you ok?" Leon asked.

"Yeah I will be fine." Sherry said.

"Just remember to breath and keep calm."

"I will plus you're with me so everything is going to be ok."

Leon smiled he could not believe that Sherry and him were going on a mission together. It seems just like yesterday he was saving her from Raccoon City. Sherry grew up to be a beautiful young women, smart, caring, and sweet. He wonders why she doesn't have someone in her life that cares for her. Well she has him and Claire but that is not the why he was thinking.

"So do you have any plans after the mission is over?" Sherry asked him.

"Not that I know of. What about you do you have any?" Leon asked.

"I'm supposed to go clubbing with Claire." Sherry said.

"You don't sound so happy about that." Leon said while he chuckled.

"Who knows maybe it will be good for me." Sherry said with a forced smile.

They were silent the rest of the ride. They finally arrived and the car stopped. Sherry and Leon both got out. The driver opened the trunk so they could pull out the black bag. It had Sherry's stun gun and her gun in along with Leon's gun a knife and some bullets. They walked towards the plane and got on. In a few minutes later the plane took off.

A little boy ran into a abandon house. He shut the door be hide. He was scared and a little worried. Just then someone touched his shoulder. He jumped he looked up at the man in the hood. The man reached out his hand.

"Here is your payment sir. Thank you so much for you're help." The little boy said giving him an apple.

"Thanks kid no problem." The man said and walked out the door.

The man put the apple in his pocket and began running down the street. He turned some corners and ran some more. When he got back to where he was staying in an abandon house he slowed down to a walk. He opened the door and went inside. He shut the door be hide him and walked into a room on his left.

He took of his robe and sat down. He was about 6'2 with a lean muscular body, red crew cut hair, bright steel blue eyes and a scar on his cheek starting at his cheek bone to the bottom of his jaw. Jake Muller was throwing the apple up and down looking at it. He then caught it and took a bite. He took his gun of his hostler and put it one the floor and sat back against the wall.

Jake had been doing this for a year now. He would go to where the B.O.W.S are clear them out for the people then move on to a new area. After what happened to him last year and when he met Sherry Birkin. Not a day goes by that he doesn't think about her. She saved him changed him. Made him a better man than he was. He used to think all about was money not anyone or thing. When he met Sherry all of that changed.

Sherry stood up to him, she helped him realize it was more to life than that. She changed him. Every time he thinks about her he smiles but then the smiles fades because it hurts. It hurts because she got into his heart. Without even realizing she broken down the walls he put up long ago. She made him want to be better. He missed her but knew she was better off without him.

She deservers better than me. I'm not good enough for her. Jake thought to himself. She is the reason he lowered the reward to 50 bucks he stills hasn't got that but he didn't care he just wishes he could see her one more time. She is the reason he lowered his asking prices to lower payment such as low cash, food, and shelter. He leans his head back and closes his eyes and picture her face. He can remember very detail the blonde hair, bright blue eyes, her pink soft lips. He wishes he could have kissed her one time.

He opened his eyes and took another bite of his apple. Who knows maybe after he clears out this area he might go the States and find her. Then again he most likely won't he will just keep moving from place to place killing B.O.W.S because that's what he does best. He has never had a relationship with anyone. Yea he has his fair share's of one night stands. But not a relationship which is why she is better off with someone else.

He finished his apple and threw the core out the window. He laid his head back and went to sleep but before he went to sleep his last thoughts were of Sherry with her bright blue eyes and her smile.