Never Lose Hope

Claire opened Sherry's apartment door and followed Sherry inside. Sherry went to sit down looking around the room. Her eyes began to water as she remember the other night of her and Jake eating pizza and watching movies. She looked down at the couch and remember that they all most shared their first kiss here. Claire walked over and sat down next to Sherry.

"I'm so sorry Sherry." Claire whispered as she rubbed Sherry back.

"I can't believe he is gone.. I just.." Sherry stopped as tears fell down her face.

"Did you ever get the chance to tell him that you loved him?" Claire asked as Sherry pulled her knees up to her chest.

"Yes I did." Sherry whispered.

"Really when did you and what did he say?" Claire asked as she got up and went into the kitchen.

Claire came back with some tissues, a drink for her and Sherry. She handed the tissues to her and a soda. Sherry opened the soda and took a drink. She put it on the table and wiped her eyes with the tissue. She looked at Claire she waited quietly.

"It was last night.. I told him that I had feelings for him.. Then he kissed me.. After he kissed me, he told me that he couldn't stop thinking about me for a year. Then we well.. had sex" Sherry stopped to take a drink of her drink.

"You did?" Claire asked in a little bit of a shock.

"Yea. God Claire it was so amazing. He was so passionate and kind of dominate she thought to her self. He showed me a side of him I have never seen before.. That's not all though afterwards we were lying there looking at each other he told me he loved me.." Sherry said as tears fell down her cheeks.

"What do you say?" Claire asked as Sherry wiped her cheeks.

"I told him I love him to.. Then he kissed me and we fell asleep in each other arms.. It was the first night Claire since before, Raccoon City happened that I didn't have a nightmare." Sherry said as she looked at Claire.

"Sherry I'm sorry." Claire said in a sad voice her eyes were filled with tears.

"It's not your fault Claire." Sherry said as she sat back on the couch.

"How did he um.." Claire stopped herself from asking.

"He died protecting me. He pushed me out of the way so the BOWs claw pinned him to the wall instead of me.. It flung him across the room. It turned back towards me but Jake said something.. It walked back over and stomped his chest twice.. Before it stomped it the last time he looked at me and told me to run.." Sherry said.

"God Sherry I don't know what to say.." Claire said as she looked at Sherry.

"It's fine you don't have to say anything. At least we told each other we loved each other, and at least I got one night with him.. I'm going to remember that for the rest of my life." Sherry said as she kept wiping her tears away.

"You always remember your first time." Claire said quietly.

They sat their for hours Claire turned the T.V on but Sherry didn't watch it. She kept thinking back to the night where Jake got a hold of her arms and she stomped his foot to let go. He told her he was built like a tank. God why couldn't that be true. She thought to herself.

Sherry looked out the window she didn't notice until now that it was dark outside. She looked at the clock it was eight at night.

"Hey I'm going to take a shower." Sherry said as she stood up.

"Oh ok you want me to fix you something to eat." Claire asked her.

"No, but you can fix your self something though.

Sherry turned and slowly made her way down the hall. Went into her bedroom and shut the door. It was like she was numb all over. She was just going through the motions not really paying any attention to them. She turned on the water and let it get hot then undressed and jumped in.

Once she was finished she got dressed in black sleeping shorts, and a red t shirt. She walked back out into the living room Claire fixed her a little snack. Even though Sherry said she didn't want anything she fixed her a little something to. They sat, ate and watched in silence. It was a long time before Sherry looked at the clock. It was ten at night she just felt so drained.

"Hey here is the spare key. Lock up when ever your ready to leave." Sherry said as she hand Claire the key.

"Thanks I will stay until you go to sleep though." Claire said as she took the key.

Claire gave her a hug and told her again how sorry she was. Sherry walked slowly back down the hall way. She stopped out side the guess bedroom door. She opened the door and walked in. Jake clothes were in the corner and the bed was unmade. She walked over and grabbed his shirt. She walked out of the bedroom into her room and shut the door.

She cut out the light and crawled into bed. She held his shirt up to her and smelled it. She smelled that filmier musky smell that was him. She broke down and held the shirt tight. Thinking of last night how he touched her and kissed her. How he knew what to do and when to do it. How he was passionate, and dominating how he brought her over the edge twice. She cried until they became sobs. Sherry didn't know how long she did this but she finally fell to sleep.

She was running in the building down the halls into the huge room. She ran to the room and saw the BOW throw him across the room. NO! She screamed the BOW turned towards her as it was about to reach her it disappeared. She ran over and knelt beside Jake taking his head in her lap.

"you're going to be ok Jake." She said.

"This is your fault you could have saved me Sherry. Why didn't you save me." Jake said as he coughed up blood and went still.

"Jake no!" She screamed over and over again.

Sherry bolted sitting up her heart racing in her chest. It was just another nightmare but this one was horrible. She put her head in her hands. She looked at the clock it was twelve in the morning. She heard the sound of her front door close then being locked. Claire was leaving she laid back down in bed and shut her eyes hopping she didn't have another nightmare.

As Sherry laid in bed she heard the door open to her apartment. She looked at the clock. It had only been ten minutes since Claire had left. She most likely forgotten something. She is always doing that Sherry climb out of bed. She walked over to her bedroom door.

" Did you forget something?" Sherry asked as she opened the door.

When she opened the door her whole world stopped. Standing before her was a tall figure. About 6"2 with lean muscle, red short hair, steel blue eyes and a scar that was on his cheek. Jake smiled and Sherry's breath was knocked out of her.

"Hey, Super Girl." he said in soft voice,

Sherry couldn't believe it she had to be dreaming. She shook her head as she closed her eyes. When she opened them he was still standing their.

"Am I dreaming.. Are you real?" Sherry asked in a breathless whisper.

"No your not dreaming." Jake said.

"But I have to be.. your dead.." Sherry said with tears building in her eyes.

Jake closed the distance between with one fast motion. He bent his head down and kissed her. Sherry wrapped her arms around his waist, under his leather jacket and leaned into the kiss him. Jake put his hands on her hips and pulled her closer to him. When they finally broke apart they were both breathing heavily. Sherry looked up at him.

"Could a dead guy do that?" Jake asked with that cocky lop sided grin he always does.

Sherry was going to ask how he was still alive. But she didn't care at this point she pulled Jake to her. She kissed him with such passion like she has never had before, she ran her tongue along his bottom lip. Jake opened his mouth and moaned a little, she pushed his jacket off and pulled him closer after she heard it hit the floor. She would have to ask him where he got the new clothes and when he had time to take a shower.

Jake puts his hands under her thighs. He lifted her off the ground Sherry wrapped her legs around him. She put her hands on his shoulders as she continued to kiss him. Both there tongues battling for dominance. Jake slowly began walking towards the bed. When he felt the bed against his legs he put one knee on the bed and slowly lowered Sherry to it.

Sherry broke the kiss and started kissing his neck while she pulled Jake's shirt up. He lifted up a little so she could get the shirt over his head. Once the shirt was off Sherry flung it across them room and kissed him again. She ran her hands down his chest and down his hard abs then back up again. She loved how he felt so hard yet soft and warm she ran her hands long his shoulders.

That's when sherry felt it. It wasn't there before she broke their kiss to look at his right shoulder. There was a long scar there it started at the shoulder and went a little on to his chest. She was going to ask him how he healed so quickly but her thought died when Jake began kissing her neck.

Jake kissed and lightly bit her neck. She moaned and arched her back while she ran her hands over his body. Jake grabbed the end of her shirt and pulled over Sherry's head. She looked down and realized she had fallen asleep with her bra on. Jake reached under her back he was struggling to get her bra off. He heard Sherry chuckle a little. He growled in frustration.

Sherry chuckled again that's when she heard the rip of fabric. She felt her bra being taken off. That's when she realized Jake and ripped it off of her. She was going to tell him that he was going to buy her a new one but didn't get the chance. Jake kissed her again. She arched her back loving the way his body felt against hers. She took her hand and pushed him over to his side hard.

Jake falls on his back as Sherry climbs on top of him and straddles his hips. She kisses his neck and Jake closes his eyes as he feels her bite his neck . She starts to undo his belt and unbuttons his pants as she is kissing her way down his shoulders, chest, abs. She reaches in his pants and grabs him. He looks opens his eyes and looks down as Sherry puts him in her mouth.

"Shit." Jake hissed as she moved her head up and down.

He was hard in Sherry mouth she heard a low moan in his throat. She picks up her pace she feels Jake's hands grab her shoulders and lift her off him. He pulled him to her and kissed her hard as he was kissing her he rolled over top of her. He began making his way down her body. Kissing her neck, breasts her stomach she felt him grab her sleeping shorts and underwear.

Jake pulled them off as she her she looks up at him. She could see his body in the moon light it seem to glow. His blue steel eyes burning he looked dangerous and wild but she loved it. She loved that she could make him look that.

Jake leaned down to kiss her stomach, he watched Sherry close her eyes. As he was kissing her he put one finger inside her, she moaned. Jake add another finger and began to move them in and out of her. He loved watching her react to him, then he put his head between her legs. He watched her eyes pop open in threw her head back moaning loudly.

Oh my god what is he doing! Sherry thought to herself. She was panting it was hard for her to breath her body was heating up. God if he keeps this up I'm going to be done in a few minutes. She thought herself.

"Jake." She moaned breathlessly

Jake sat up took his pants off he pinned her hands above her head with one of his. Sherry gasped a little he kissed her dominating her mouth as he pushed himself into her. He heard Sherry moan as moved back a little and pushed forward again. She tried to get her hands out from under his. He let go of them and lifted his upper body off of her.

Sherry looked up at Jake still can't believing that he is really here. That he is alive. Jake started to move his hips and Sherry lost all train off thought. She could only think about how he felt she ran her hands over his chest, shoulders, arms and back. He began to move faster causing her to threw her head back and moan. She was climbing higher and higher each time he moved. She held on his arms tight, lovely the way he muscles flexed under her hands.

He feels so amazing.. Oh god I'm going to..

"Jake!" Sherry yelled as she threw her head back and arched her back as she dug her finger nails into his skin.

Jake picked her up and leaned back on his leg as he kept moving. He looked at her as she came undone. Sherry held on for dear life as he picked up his pace. Her eyes half closed she could barely see him. But she could tell that he was trying to control himself. Sherry moved her hands from his arms to his shoulders and began to move up and down. She wanted him to him to loose control she wanted to see him become undone.

"Shit. Sherry if you do that-" Jake started to hiss between clinched teeth but was caught off as Sherry crushed her lips to his.

Sherry moved her hips and body up and down as fast as she could. She could tell he was close but she was close as well she climb higher and higher again as she picked up the past.

God this feels so good! Oh god

"Oh my god Jake!" This time she screamed because it was so powerful her whole body shook.

"Shit!" Jake yelled as he held Sherry's moving hips down as he found his release while she watched him the half open eyes.

She leaned forward and rest her forehead against his. Her heart harming in her chest she could see Jake body shaking a little. He opened his eyes and looked at her. She smiled and kissed him as he laid her back down on the bed as he laid beside her. They were both quite for a while trying to get their heart rates down and breathing even. Sherry moved her head so she was laying on his chest.

"I thought I lost you." Sherry said as tears escape her eyes.

Jake felt her tears hit his chest sat up with his back against the wall. He pulled her to him and hugged her tight. Never wanting to let go of her.

" I thought I died to." Jake said in a whisper.

Sherry sat up holding the bed sheet to her chest tears still falling down her face. Jake took his thumb and wiped them from her face.

"How are you still alive. When I saw you back their I thought you were bead.. You were so still.. I even crawled next to your body after it was all over.." Sherry said as tears still feel down her cheeks.

Sherry looked at his right shoulder. She touched the scar and slowly ran her fingers down it. She felt Jake shiver a little under her touch.

"Apparently I have superpowers to. Mine just aren't as good as yours." Jake said as he looked at Sherry.

"What happened?" Sherry asked as she moved her hand away from his shoulder.

"Well I remember Leon and Redfield telling me to hold on, when I was in the chopper with them. They flew me to HQ they put me in a room. I saw so in and out of it. I don't remember a lot. But then I woke up whole body hurt like hell."

"They called a nurse in and she was shocked to see that my broken rips and shoulders healed. Even the whole in my lung was healed. They called in Redfield he came in and looked at me. Told me that I need to go to the lab in HQ."

"So I went into the lab they did all kinds of test on me. It turns out the C-Virus gave me healing ability's. Then they gave me so new clothes and told me to take a shower. So once I got dressed I went into another room. Redfield was there."

"He told me to sit down. He said that the BOW killed Rebecca and there was no evidence that Alex Wesker was there. He said that their still looking though. He told me he would let me know if anything turns up." Jake said as he looked at Sherry.

"Yeah I know Rebecca is dead I saw the BOW rip her head off in front of me." Sherry said.

"How did you get in? I heard Claire lock it." Sherry asked.

"Well while I was getting ready to get up and leave the room Redfield got a call. It was from his sister she was crying he could barely make out what she said. Then he told her that I was alive and he was talking to me. After he got off the phone with her he told me I had to come over here right away. That it was a emergency so he drove me here. I meet Claire outside at your car."

"She handed me the keys and told me to go on up that you really needed to see me. She had tears in her eyes but she was smiling. So I ran up here as fast I could. Now I can see why they told me it was an emergency " Jake said as he took Sherry's hand.

"It was horrible I went through almost 24 hours thinking you were dead. I felt so empty and alone." Sherry said as she looked at Jake.

"I'm sorry I would have been here quicker if I knew you thought I was dead. I thought you were still in the recovery wing at HQ."

"I'm just glad Claire left before you showed up.." Sherry said.

"Yea and why's that?" Jake asked with a hint of a smile.

"Because she would have heard everything." Sherry said with a slight blush.

"I'm surprised your neighbors didn't come knocking on the door, and think I was in hear killing you. You have a set of pipes on you Super Girl." He said with a cocky grin.

Sherry felt her face get hot she knew she was blushing big time. She smacked his arm. Then she thought to ask something. Now way she could blush bigger than she was already.

"Umm Jake.." Sherry said.

"Yea." Jake said as he looked at her.

"Umm.. did you enjoy last night.. Like was I good?" Sherry asked as she looked at her hands.

"Yes I enjoyed last night was one the best nights of my life.. Besides tonight that is." He said with a cocky grin.

"Oh." Sherry said as she looked at him.

"Why ask me if you were good?" Jake said with a confused look.

Holy shit he didn't know I was a virgin. Well I think I'm about to shock him. Sherry thought to herself she took a deep breath and looked at his face.

"Well because until last night.. I was a um… I was a virgin Jake." She said in a low voice as she looked at him.

Jake couldn't believe what he had just heard he had to have misheard her.

"What?" he said with a shocked look on his face.

"Yea um you're the first and only guy I have ever been with." Sherry said she felt a blush come to her cheeks.

Now it makes since. Jake thought to himself. He remember the scared look in her eyes, how she reacted to him touching her, the way she screamed when he first pushed himself into her. He shook his head as he looked at her.

"Sherry why didn't you tell me last night.. I..-"

"Are you going to say you would not have sex with me?" Sherry asked with hurt in her voice and face.

Jake wrapped an arm around her he pulled her close and kissed her. When he pulled back after the kiss he looked in her eyes.

"No I would have sex with you.. I just wouldn't have been so rough and I would have made it last longer." Jake said as he brushed the side of her cheek with his thumb.

"Oh. Well if you don't recall I didn't mind how long it lasted or how rough you were either." Sherry said a little breathless.

"Yea sorry I should have asked if you were though. But I had no idea especially after what just happen now." Jake said as he looked and grin at her.

"Yea um I was just so happy to see you again." Sherry said.

"Well hell if you're going to great me like that every time I might rethink about moving here." Jake said as he got his cocky grin on his face.

"Wait what?" Sherry asked as she looked at him.

"Yea, I'm done with fighting and be a mercenary. I saved up enough money to be comfortable living. That's all my life was before I meet you. Now that I have you I'm done with that. When I told you in the motel room, after your nightmare that I would never leave you. I meant it Sherry I'm never going to leave you. I love you and I want to be the rest of my life with you Super Girl." Jake said as he looked into her soft blue eyes.

Sherry's eyes filled with tears.

"I love you to and I want to spend the rest of my life with you also." Sherry said as she kissed him.

It was just meant to be a kiss to tell him that she loved him. But Jake ran his tongue along her bottom lip Sherry moaned and opened her mouth. Jake deepened the kiss when he did Sherry body started to become on fire again. Jake laid her back against the bed with his body on top of hers.

"Ready for round two." Jake huskily whispered in her ear as he broke the kiss.

"You have no idea." Sherry said breathlessly as she grabbed him in her hand. She chuckled when she heard a low growl his throat.

Sherry woke up laying on Jakes chest she looked at the clock it was two in the afternoon. Holy shit they slept half the day away. Then she remember they didn't fall asleep until four in the morning. By the time they passed out they knew each others bodies very well. She stretched her body was sore but in a good way. She quietly got of bed put on her sleeping shorts and t shirt. She looked down at her bra she saw it was almost ripped to shreds.

She smiled and shook her head. She walked out of the bed room and into the kitchen she took some pans grabbed the eggs and bacon from the fridge. She took out the pancake mixed and started cooking breast feast.

Jake smelled something good. He opened his eyes and looked around the room noticing Sherry had already woken up. He got out bed he threw on his boxers and jeans he didn't bother with a shirt. He walked out of the bedroom to and into the kitchen.

He saw her making breakfast. She looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. He walked over to her and put his arms around her waist as he leaned down a little to whisper in her ear.

"Good morning." Jake said.

"Morning, are you hungry." Sherry asked.

"Yea." Jake said then slowly started kissing her neck.

Sherry closed her eyes and leaned into him. She moaned as he made his way from her neck to her shoulder. God how can I still want him this bad after last night. She thought to herself. Then she remember she was cooking breakfast.

Sherry leaned away from him and move her body away from his lips. Jake looked at her with that dangers wild look in his eyes.

"Jake I'm cooking breakfast so we can eat." Sherry said as she looked him.

"I know something that I can for breast feast." He said a that cocky grin she loved.

"Jake." Sherry said as she smacked his arm.

"Alright but after breakfast your in trouble. Do you need any help?" Jake asked as he let go off her and stood back.

"Nope its all done." Sherry said as she cut the oven off.

Sherry fixed her and Jakes plates. Jake got the juice out of the fridge they sat down to eat they ate in silence. Sherry stood up and started doing the dishes Jake grabbed a towel and started to dry them.

"So when are you going to start looking at apartments?" Sherry asked.

"Most likely tomorrow." Jake said as he was drying the dishes.

"Well your more than welcome to sleep here until." Sherry said with a smile.

"I highly don't I will be getting a lot of sleep." Jake said with his cocky grin.

Sherry blushed and it only made him grin more. He loved that he could effect her like this. When he put the last dish away after drying he grabbed Sherry around the waist.

He pulled her closer to him and kissed her. Then there was a knock at the door.

Sherry walked over to the door and opened it she saw Leon and Chris standing there. Both showered and clean clothes she noticed Chris was in normal clothes. He had on a blue shirt and dark blue jeans.

"Hey guys." Sherry said.

"Hey sorry did we wake you?" Leon asked he looked form Sherry to Jake then back to Sherry again.

"No we have been up for a little while now. Why" Sherry said.

"The only reason I ask is well um your hair is a mess." Leon said.

Sherry blushed bright red and ran her hair through her fingers.

"Can we come in we need to talk to you." Chris said.

"Yea sure." Sherry said as she moved aside.

Chris and Leon came in she closed the door behind them and walked back over to Jake. She was shocked when he pulled her close to him so her back was to his front. She noticed that he wasn't starting at Chris with hatred anymore either.

"Ok we willl make this quick. We might have found a lead on Alex Wesker. We are looking into it." Chris said.

"Where is he?" Jake asked looking at Chris.

"In the mid west somewhere. We just thought you to should know. When we find out more I will give you a call." Chris said.

"Alright." Jake said.

"Ok well that's it when better get going Claire is waiting for us a the café." Chris said as he and Leon turned to leave.

"Wait when you find him I want in." Sherry said as Jake looked at her with surprise.

"Why?" Jake asked.

"Well first he used BOW who almost killed the man I love. Second it was my fathers research I want to find it and destroy it." Sherry said with a stern look on her face.

"Alright we will let you know Sherry." Chris said

"Count me in to then." Jake said.

" We already did when Sherry said she wanted in." Leon said.

Chris and Leon left leaving Sherry and Jake alone. She walked into the living room. Jake sat down beside her and pulled her close to him, he was always so warm Sherry loved this about him among other things.

"So what do we do now, while we wait for answers.?" Sherry asked as she looked up at Jake.

"I can think of a lot of things Super Gil." Jake said as he kissed Sherry.

Jake picked Sherry up off the couch and headed back into the bedroom. Sherry laughed and kissed his neck.

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