Etharah with a twist

Hi this is my 2nd story ive wrote hope you like it all rights of the charecters go to there rightfull owners i just wrote this story its set after season 2 last episode Etharah later on please R&R and hope you like it yeah.. p.s Ericas gonna be nice in this story sort of

Normal Pov Chapter one

*flash of purple from the Lucifractor spread threw White Chappel as Rory,Erica,and the vampire council watched from a far *

Erica: "Rory, why are we here ?" Erica said as she came out of the hypnotized state Rory : "I don't know " *they look around and see the wave of purple spread across White Chappel*
Erica: "Wheres Sarah Ethanand Benny !?" *she looks at the female vampire from the vampire council (Don't no her name so im just gonna call her Helana ) and bares her fangs* "Where are they !?" Helana: "We had to flee the Lucifrator has proberly destroyed them by now we had no choice" *Erica shakes furiously and shouts angryly* "I'm going to go and help my friends! Rory come on lets go " Helana: Oh no you two are staying here with me arent you *she says hypnotising them * "Rory: "Yes were staying here" Erica agrees with Rory then shakes her head "NO im going to go see if my friends are ok! *she flys towards the vampire council now abandoned building and Rory follows leaving Helana to shout* "Your gonna get your selves killed the lucifractor could still be transmitting possitive energy in White Chappel!" *they ignore her and arrive at the building in matter of minutes" *they both run at vampire speed inside to the council room where the vampire transmitter is* Erica: Rory ..."what if there".. Rory: "They won't be they'll be okay or so i hope" *they get into the council room to see a black cloak on the ground with ashes scattered around it * Rory: "Is that dust ,wow the council really dont keep this place clean" *Erica slaps his arm* Erica: Noits a human can you not smell the scent *they take a breath* both:yeah human *they look and see the lucifractor dark no light like last time they saw it rory Erica picks it up* Rory : No !,Erica don't pick it up it makes vampires weak! *nothing happens* i think that guy used it all up Both : *look at each other and then snaps* Ethan,Sarah,Benny ! *they hear coughing in a closet and open it to see a sort of wavey blue forcefield at the door entrance and behind it is no other than Sarah,Benny and Ethan* Rory :Guys your okay ! *he said smiling* Ethan : Yeah *coughs* thanks to bennys shield spell ,it blocks dark and positive waves from getting in Erica: *goes to hug sarah but gets bounced back* Ouch! Benny: My bad *he puts the shield down and Sarah,Ethan and Benny walk out to there supprise Benny hugged Erica and she hugged back * Erica : were so glad you guys are okay we thought the lucifractor killed you... Sarah: "No thanks to Benny, But there was a price for a powerfull forcefield spell like that benny cant use magic for 2 weeks it drained him of all magic for 2 weeks" *Erica looked at Benny* "how did you learn to do a spell like that you can hardly do simple spells" *she said looking confused* "Hey ! , i saved us least you can do is say a thank you or you'd be down 3 friends Erica: " your right thanks :) " and with that they went home unaware of what happens next

Yeah i know its mostly Erica,Rory well it will get more Etharah next chappter just building a good start up hope you liked it as i said its my 2nd story so R&R and feel free to give ideas -ARCHIVEFAN