Chapter two

The next day at Ethan's house ,because they had spent the night at Ethan's because they were exhausted , the first to wake up was sarah *she stretches and yawns then looks at Ethan,"aww hes kinda cute when he's asleep wish our date was a real one but no *sighs* he thought it was terrible proberly just a friend date still wish we were more...Wait! what !? i didin't just say that O.O" *laughing and sarah slowly turns round to see Erica laughing * "i knew you liked Ethan " *sarah blushes * "I do not !" *yawnings heard as they awoke Rory ,Benny and Ethan* Ethan: "what're you'se two arguing about?" *sarah nearly shouts * "Nothing! ,so lets go get some breakfast ive still got the blood substatute benny gave me 2 days ago in my bag make sure to put it in mine Rory and Erica's food please" Ethan :" I can't cook you cook sare " sarah :Fine *she goes in the kitchen * *Erica shouts to Sarah* Never mind me and Rory were going hunting *they speed away out the door* Benny : "So Ethan are you going to ask sarah out you know what they say 2nd dates the charm?" Ethan: "Shut up Benny , She'll hear you !" Benny:" Fine just go ask her, im going home mabye grandma can make me a potion to alowme to getmy magic back before 2 weeks" *Benny leaves and Ethan goes into the kitchen and tells sarah* Ethan: "Its only us the others went out and home" Sarah: Ah ok *Ethan leans on the table and accidently knocks over a glass of water thankfully the glass didin't fall* Sarah : " No problem Ethan ill clean it up *she walks to get the mop but falls on her back Ethan hurridly goes over and starts pulling her up for him to slip and land on her lips locking both were blushing but they couldin't deny there was electricity in the mistaken kiss it breaks* Ethan: "S-s-sorry s-sarah i-it was a accident " *he says blushing and helps Sarah up * Sarah: " I know *blusheS* Ethan: We should just go out for breakfast *Sarah gets a big smile on her face* " As in a date :) ?" Ethan: N-no *he blushes he wants it to be a date* Sarah: Oh... *her smile dissapears* Ethan: "I-i m-mean y-yeah w-would you like to go on a second date w-with me Sarah ?" *smile starts to appear again* Sarah: A friend date?" Ethan:*gets comfidence*" No Sarah a real date as more then friends because the truth is i have had a crush on you since i met you so will you Sarah go on a date with me?"

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