By Rage

Chapter Eleven


*I'm coming with her...*

Her words continuously rang in my head.

I just couldn't accept it.

I just could not bear it.

I had to go away..

To stay as far away as I can...

To avoid the pain and hurt that I knew I would be feeling once she was gone...


"Mikagami-san!" cried Michiko. "Where have you been?"

I groaned. "Leave.me.alone."

She laughed shrilly. "Ohhh..I get it. That girl you were with before.."

My eyes widened.

"That so unattractive girl MUST have turned you down." She continued. "Ha ha ha! Don't worry, Mikagami-san! I'm still here!"

She clung to my arm and started walking, with me getting dragged along. "She didn't realize that she made a BIG mistake. I bet SHE'S regretting it now! She didn't see right away that YOU are the man of every girl's dream, especially mine!"

I rolled my eyes and pulled my arm back. "Kazuma-san, I need to go now. Do you mind if I leave now?" I gritted my teeth. "I have LOTS of things to do."

"Oh sure!" She flashed a toothy smile. "I'll just see you tomorrow then! Goodbye, Mikagami-san!"

She started running to the opposite direction.

I sighed in relief. "And good riddance.."

Finally getting rid of the pest, I started walking home.



"What? You're going back home?" Yanagi cried. "But Fuuko's leaving in three days!"

"I'm sorry, Yanagi-san, but our short vacation ends the dya after tomorrow." I replied. "Besides, our exams are drawing nearer."


"Let him do what he wants, Yanagi," Fuuko interrupted her. "Mikagami does have some things he needs to do."

I looked at her in surprise.

'Mikagami?' I thought. 'What happened to 'Mi-chan'?'

"But how about your farewell party?" Yanagi exclaimed.

"Yanagi, it's okay if Mikagami," her dark blue eyes moved towards my direction, "doesn't attend it."

I widened my eyes. I wanted to scream out loud, "WHAT?! IT'S OKAY BY YOU IF I DON'T ATTEND IT?", but I sustained it.

"Now, Mikagami, when are you planning to leave?" Fuuko asked. "Later this afternoon?"

"Uh, yeah," I replied, still feeling the shock. "I...guess so."

"Okay then.."


I wanted to beat myself into a pulp.

Why did I have to lie? I still had another week before school started once again!

Why didn't I look at her eyes carefully and see that she was clearly begging for me to stay for at least until she left?

I lay on my bed, regretting what I had done.

She was leaving noon tomorrow.

I knew it was impossible to catch a train that was bound for Tokyo at that time.

I mentally punched myself.

All the happiness that I could have felt if I had told her my feelings..

All the times I could have spent time with her....

Lots of 'could haves' and 'if only's' entered and left my mind.


For the first time in my life, I called myself an idiot.


There were only a few minutes left before Fuuko boarded the plane bound for America. I sighed heavily and looked up at the sky; there was no sun, the sky was colored gray..it totally matched my mood.

I sat down on the grass and looked down at Kyoto.

The most beautiful city in the world for me wasn't beautiful now...

Too late..

Just too late..

I wondered to myself.

When was I going to see Fuuko again?

Several years from now when she's got a husband and three kids?



Who was going to call me that again? If anyone ever did use that nickname for me, it just wouldn't sound right..

It was only meant for Fuuko to call me that..


See? I'm even hallucinating now! I can hear Fuuko's voice!


Wow.. it sounds so real though..

I then felt a hand touch my shoulder. Wow, I can even feel Fuuko's gentle touch!

Hmm..but something was not right..

It all felt too real....

Then my eyes widened.

I turned around..

And the real Fuuko was there, sitting behind me, a gentle smile on her face.

"Gosh, Mi-chan! It took you so long to realize that I was calli--!" She started talking but then I interrupted her.

I hugged her tightly, giving her all the happiness I was feeling at the moment.

"Fuuko.." I cried softly.

I released her and looked at her straight in the eye.

"What are you doing here?"

She sighed, and then answered.

"Well, I told my mom that I didn't want to go with her. I mean, my friends are all here, my memories...

"and the most important thing of all.."

she trailed off..

And she put her hand on my cheek.


"I love you too much to leave you.."

And she kissed me softly and gently.

"I love you.."


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