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"Oh for FUCKS SAKES!" Cas dashes up the stairs to grab an armful of towels and rushes them back down in to the kitchen. He drops them in the enormous puddle appearing in front of his washing machine. He sets about mopping up as much of the water as he can, stopping only to turn the washing machine off at the wall. "Fucking bastard washing machine!" He kicks it for good measure, and whips out his phone. He scrolls down to Dean's number and calls him.

Dean answers immediately. "Cas, hey,"

"Dean, my fucking washing machine is broken now." He can't keep the bite out of his voice. "I turned the bastard thing on and it spewed water out the front. Not the door, the bit up at the top. By all the dials and buttons and things."

Dean chuckles on the other end of the phone and Cas wants to punch him. "Okay Cas, I can be there at two."
Cas looks at the kitchen clock. Midday. He wants to swear at Dean, but instead, he takes a cleansing breath. "Okay. Okay, that will be great, thank you."

"It's not a problem. I think I might know what the problem is, but I had better have a look at it to make sure. I'll see you in a couple hours."

"See you." Cas calls off and decides to go and fume elsewhere until Dean arrives.

It is the longest couple of hours Cas has known yet. The combination of the wait to see Dean and the anticipation of yet another bill, has Cas on edge. He drinks three coffees in the time he spends waiting for Dean, and it does nothing to soothe his anxiety.

Dean arrives bang on two o clock, and he swoops straight in to the kitchen and pulls the washing machine out. "I am pretty sure I know what is going on." He says as he unscrews the top and wiggles it off. "And if that's the case, I have a part back at mine, which I can nip and get now, and I should be back with you within the hour, and I can get it fixed here and now."

Cas flicks on the coffee maker, not even bothering to ask Dean if he'd like one. "I don't know if my luck would hold out like that."

"Ah ha!" Dean exclaims, tugging at something that looks suspiciously like the water tank in a car.

"Good ah ha, or bad ah ha?" Cas asks as he gets out coffee cups.

"Good ah ha, Cas. It is the soap dispenser. I have one that will fit at mine. I'll be back with you as soon as I can."

"Do you want a coffee?"

"When I get back, please." And the man is gone.

True to his word, he is back fifty five minutes later, equipped with a strange box with a load of tubes coming off it. It looks like some kind of weird torture device or maybe even a bizarre sex toy. Either way, Dean handles it with precision as he fits it in place of the old, broken soap dispenser, then hooks the washing machine back up and plays around with it for a while.

Cas' clothes, which got stuck in the machine when it packed up, are still in there.

"Where's your detergent, Cas?"

Cas hands Dean the detergent and watches as he pours a generous amount in to the dispensing tray and closes it again.

"Fixed." Dean beams from ear to ear as he looks at Cas, and Cas can't help but smile back.

"You are my night in shining armor, Dean." Cas' smile spreads.

In one swift moment, Dean has Cas pushed against the refrigerator, and his lips are on Cas' neck.

Cas lets out a surprised whimper, but fails to follow through with any protest as Dean's lips move to press against his own.

"Oh fuck," Dean breathes against Cas' lips, and he continues to pepper kisses over his jawline. "I've been thinking about you all night."

Cas eyes Dean warily as the taller man pulls away from him. "What?"

Dean's eyes burn in to Cas'. "I've been going crazy. Wanting to get back to you."

"Dean, I-" Cas' words are cut off as Dean's lips find his again, in a hot, dirty kiss.

"Shut up, Cas." Dean mumbles in to the kiss, and his hands find their way to the top of Cas' jeans. He pins Cas to the refrigerator with his hips and one hand grabs a hold of Cas' hair. The other hand runs around the waistband of Cas' jeans, the touch making Cas' stomach flip. Dean bites Cas' lip and pushes his hips in to Cas again.

The friction makes Cas moan. He feels like a horny teenager, his dick already picking up to the situation, and straining against the fabric of his pants. "Dean..." Cas flushes at his early show of appreciation, and he looks away, at anywhere but at Dean as the plumber-come-electrician glances down and smirks, obviously noticing the problem.

Dean answers by pushing hips against Cas again, and this time, Cas feels something press against his own thigh. Dean's eyes are heated and dark as he catches eye contact with Cas again, and he moves in to kiss Cas again.

Whatever resistance Cas had been about to put up disappears as Dean's lips find his sweet spot. His hands let go of the refrigerator and wind themselves in to Dean's hair. Dean unbuttons Cas' jeans and slips his hands down the front in one fell move.

Cas cries out at the contact. "Dean!"

Dean moans in to Cas' ear and pushes him in to another kiss. It is another swift movement when Cas feels himself being spun and walked backwards to the couch, the whole time attached by the lips to Dean. His jeans fall somewhere along the way and he trips over them and lands in an unceremonious heap on the couch. Dean takes advantage and crawls on to of Cas pushing him back until he is laying flat on the couch. Cas kicks off the jeans. No sense in having a handicap at this stage of the game. Dean sits briefly and pulls of his top, but it's barely a second when he crushes his lips back on to Cas' and grinds his hips in to the smaller man's.

Cas takes full advantage of the newly exposed skin, and his fingers dance over the muscles and his lips hone in on the sensitive skin of Dean's neck. Dean tugs at Cas' top and manages to pull it off, then moves on to getting rid of his own jeans.

Separated now by only boxers, the two men rut themselves against one another for a few more minutes, tongues mapping out the insides of each other's mouths. Cas breaks the kiss, but Dean allows him just a moment, nipping and biting at his lips, a low rumble coming from his chest. A stray hand finds its way to Cas' hip, and takes a hold of it. Cas bucks his hips up in to Dean's hand, and wraps a leg around Dean's ass. His hands dig in to Dean's back and he drags them down, definitely leaving marks, bringing them to rest on the dips just above the plumber's ass.

Dean's lips distract Cas, sucking on his neck, making his way down, marking his chest and his hipbones. A hand runs up the inside of Cas' thigh and slips under the leg of the boxers. Dean traces his fingers over Cas' balls and cup them gently as his teeth graze up the length of Cas' erection through the boxers.

Cas mewls and grabs on to the arm of the couch to keep himself steady. He tries to speak, but it comes out as an incoherent mumble-moan, and Dean smiles as he kisses his way up Cas' leg. Dean hooks the top of the boxers down and reveals the tip of Cas' cock. He wastes no time in flicking his tongue over the head and lapping up the beads of precome glistening there.

Cas cries out again. It's been a very, very long time since he's had attention down there from anyone other than his right hand, and Cas is just lucid enough to worry that this will be all over too soon. That worry becomes even more real as Dean wraps his lips around the end of his dick and slides the boxers further down, to reveal Cas' in all his glory. With one hand cupping and gently rolling Cas' balls, and his tongue now tracing out the length and girth of his manhood, Dean uses his other hand to begin small, sharp jerking motions to Cas' dick. Each one is rewarded with a whimper and Cas squirming beneath him. Cas' brain short circuits as Dean suddenly plunges his mouth around as much of his length as he can manage, and hums in satisfaction at yet another moan from Cas. Scrabbling frantically, Cas manages to take a hold of Dean's hair and, pausing for a few moments, his fingers wound tight in the plumber's short hair, relishing the feeling of his tongue flattened out against the underneath of his dick, and those soft lips smoothing up and down his shaft, the hand working in tandem to give him twice as much friction, he longs to fuck himself into Dean's mouth until he finds his end, but knowing that will take a matter of seconds, and he wants this to go on for longer, Cas pushes his butt back in to the couch as much as he can, pulling away from the heat of Dean's mouth, and he pulls on the back of the plumber's hair. Dean resists for a few agonizingly long moments before he pulls off Cas' dick with a pop, and looks up at him with wide, lust blown eyes and swollen, red lips. Cas nearly comes just at the sight of him. His mouth fails him again, and he tugs the larger man up on top of him and pulls him down in to a dominating kiss. Dean fights back, and uses his superior strength to pin Cas back in to the couch, his hands coming up from the private region to clasp on to Cas' wrists. Cas doesn't even try to fight back, and he gives up his dominance easily. He moans in to the kiss as he feels Dean's fingers between his legs again, and he throws his legs around the plumber, in the girliest way, and allows him easier access. Dean jabs his hips forward in a desperate bid to get himself some friction. His fingers are slicked up from assisting with the blow job, and the first one teases around Cas' hole and slips in with little resistance. Cas shudders as a second finger is pushed in, and Dean begins searching for that sweet spot. Cas fucks himself down on to Dean's fingers, hands again clasping on to the arm of the couch. He opens up easily for a third, and Dean breaks way from the kiss, panting.

"Fuck, Cas... Have you...?"

Cas thrusts down on to Dean's fingers again, and opens his eyes to smirk up at the younger man. "I have a toy box." He admits, and Dean growls in response.

"Oh, fuck. Cas..." Dean bites Cas' lip and closes his eyes. "I wanna see you one day." Dean twists himself around in the seat, kicking Cas' legs down from the couch, and he pushes Cas up on to his feet.

Cas barely manages to stand, his legs turned nearly to jelly from Dean's earlier ministrations.

"Touch yourself for me, Cas." Dean plants his hands either side of himself on the cushions and bites his lip as Cas drops his hand down to fist his own cock. He lets out another growl as Cas moves closer to Dean and kneels over the top of him, stroking his hand leisurely up and down his length. Cas puts his free hand in to his mouth, sucking noisily before reaching around behind him and pushing a finger inside. Dean's hand goes to his erection, and he begins jerking himself off at the sight of the wanton man in front of him. Cas slides off the couch and bends over the plumber's lap, grabbing on to the hard dick in front of him and not even hesitating to begin sucking the plumber off. Dean is actually louder than Cas, and Cas, somewhere in the back of his mind, hopes that the neighbors aren't out in their back gardens. "Fuck, Cas..." Dean fists his hand in to Cas' hair and pushes and pulls Cas' head in time with the smaller man's motions, and he thrusts himself in to Cas' mouth. All too soon, Cas removes his mouth from Dean's dick, and looks up at him, his eyes hungry and wild.

"Get up."

Cas obeys, and Dean pulls him down so he is straddling his lap, and Dean reaches up to kiss him. The plumber grabs Cas' ass and pulls him closer, kissing his hipbones again.

"Do you want to fuck me?" Cas whispers in to his ear, and Dean growls and bites his hip. Dean grabs his cock and holds it steady, pulling Cas down on to it.

Both men shudder and Cas bites on to his fist, stopping halfway. He has quite a lot of fun with his toys, but they don't match up to the size of Dean. He eases the rest of the way down, and pauses to adjust.

Dean's head falls forward on to Cas' chest, and he grabs on to Cas' hips.

Cas begins moving, slowly rotating his hips and he tosses his head back as he feels Dean brush over his sweet spot. He grabs on to the back of the couch for leverage and begins to speed up, bowing his head to meet the lust driven kisses of the plumber beneath him.

"Mmm, fuck... Cas... You're so fucking..." Dean bites on to Cas' lip and stifles a moan as he feels the beginnings of his orgasm building up in the pit of his stomach, "So good at this."

Cas pushes Dean in to another kiss and slows the rhythm down again, arching his back for a deeper intrusion, and he moans in to Dean's mouth as the plumber's dick brushes against his prostate again.

"Fuck..." Dean moans and grips tighter on to Cas' hips as the other man keeps up the relentless rhythm, and he can feel his imminent orgasm getting closer, and the noises Cas is making are helping his case none. His breath is coming in short, sharp gasps, and he moans against as he feels himself buried deep inside Cas; deeper than he thinks he's ever been. It drives him wild that Cas seems to take in his whole length without a complaint. Dean angles his hips up, and smiles as Cas swears and drops his head down on to his shoulder. He hears Cas muttering his name, and brings his hand round to start jerking Cas off again, in perfect time with Cas' movements.

"Ohhhh, Dean..." Cas kisses Dean again, and it's rough and it's dirty and it's almost painful, but neither man can think about that as they begin to fall apart; their breathing and movements becoming more erratic, and Cas can hear Dean chanting his name over and over, and he feels tears pricking at the corners of his eyes as Dean brings his other hand in to play and squeezes his balls. It is the final straw for Cas, and he breaks away from the kiss, crying out his release as he comes all over Dean's chest and chin, and he watches as Dean tosses his head back and arches his back, and he slams himself down on to the plumber once, twice and a third time, and Dean's face contorts in absolute ecstasy as his own orgasm takes hold, and Cas feels the heat inside him as Dean spills his own release. He fucks Dean through his orgasm until finally, he can't move any more, and he collapses forward on to the plumber, and the both sit, panting and satiated until Cas finally becomes too uncomfortable, and slides off Dean's lap.

An hour, and a shower each, later, Cas is mooching about the kitchen making coffee and Dean is drying his hair in the living room, half paying attention to the television, which is droning on about global catastrophes and the usual garble. Dean changes the channel. It is totally out of habit, when Dean wanders over to the door and opens it to the knocker.

Mrs. Carpenter is standing the other side, clad in her fluffy pajamas, robe and slippers, and with a smile on her face, a smile which only get wider when she sees Dean on the other side of the door, towel draped round his shoulders, looking rather pleased with himself.

Dean immediately flushes and apologizes to Mrs. Carpenter, and calls out to Cas. "I, uh, Cas' washing machine leaked, and I had to... Get clean..."

Mrs. Carpenter lays a hand on Dean's arm and smiles sweetly up at him. "Okay, dear. Whatever you say."

Cas approaches and stops himself from laying a hand on Dean's back, and he smiles down at Mrs. Carpenter. "Is everything okay, Mrs. Carpenter?"

"I was just wondering if you boys have seen my little Loki again? I didn't name after the God of mischief for nothing, you know?" She lets herself in, and the two men part and allow her through.

"I've just made coffee if you would like a cup, Mrs. Carpenter?"

She waves a hand at him. "Thank you, darling, but I'm okay. I'll be going to bed very soon. Just need this blasted cat in before I can settle."

"I'll go check the back yard," Dean offers, scurrying towards the French doors and letting himself out a little too quickly.

Cas goes to follow, but a dainty little hand holds him back. He turns to the elderly lady, who is grinning up at him wickedly, and he suddenly feels afraid.

"I see you've taken my advice, Castiel?"

"I beg your pardon?"

She laughs and pats him on the arm. "Oh don't be so modest. I've been around long enough to know these things. It doesn't bother me."

It's Cas' turn to flush, and he rubs the back of his neck nervously. "I don't know what you mean, Mrs. Carpenter."

"Oh, nonsense! He seems like a lovely young man, and I'm sure you will be very happy together." She chuckles to herself. "Maybe you'll be a hundred and still married like me and the old windbag next door!"

Castiel grins, but it is stiff, terrified, and he lets out his breath when Dean walks in, avec cat and announces his arrival.

"Found your little trickster, Mrs. Carpenter." Dean fusses the cat, and the cat begins purring loudly. "He was fertilizing the flowers again."

"Oh, you little Devil," Mrs. Carpenter scolds as she takes her cat from Dean. "Thank you boy, very much." She turns to the door, which Cas opens for her, and steps outside, and she turns to smile at them again. "You boys have fun tonight." She winks and potters off towards her own house, chortling away to herself as the two men stand in the door way, staring in horror.

"Oh well," Dean's voice makes Cas jump. "I guess she heard us."
"Dean!" Cas' voice cranks up several notches in disbelief at his casual attitude.

"What?" Dean slips his arms around Cas' waist and kicks the door shut.

Cas doesn't actually have anything more to say, so he tries to make his point by attempting to squirm out of the plumber-come-electrician's grip and aiming to storm off in to the kitchen and make coffee in a huff. He manages, but Dean soon catches up, and he closes the kitchen blinds, and comes up behind Cas as he is pouring the coffees out. The plumber presses open mouthed kisses on Cas' neck, and pushes his already perking up private area in to Cas' ass, and his hands trail down over the front of Cas' jeans.

"Dean, stop it."

Dean laughs huskily in his ear and pushes in to Cas' ass again, and he cups the rapidly growing member in the front of Cas' pants, and he whispers. "Now, you don't really mean that, do you?"

And who the fuck is Cas to disagree? He drops his hands to the work surface and stands still, spreading his legs, and he doesn't stop Dean. Not when the plumber pulls down his jeans, not when he pulls down his boxers, not even when he feels the plumber pushing back inside him again. He just pushes his ass out to Dean and lets him have his wicked way with him, and appreciating it even more when Dean begins to jerk him off again.

No. Cas really, really, really doesn't want Dean to stop.

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