Thanks for helping me, S.' Brittany says, referring to the small black box in her hand.

'No problem, Britt.' Santana says back with a smile.

Brittany leans forward and hugs her best friend before leaving the car and heading to the theatre where her girlfriend (hopefully, something else soon) is rehearsing. As Brittany opens the door, Santana drives off.

I just hope Berry will say yes.



'Excuse me, it's a closed door rehearsal.' The security says when Brittany tries to get inside the auditorium.

'I'm here to see my girlfriend.' She says as if he's supposed to know.

'Names?' The man asks.

As the blonde is about to answer she hears her girlfriend calling her name and she peeks her head (the best she can with the security guard in front of the door) inside the auditorium.

'Hi, baby.' She says with a grin when the brunette is in front of her after the security steps aside.

'I'm sorry, Miss Berry. I didn't know she was your girlfriend.' He (nervously) excuses himself, hoping he won't get fired for not recognizing the girlfriend of The Rachel Berry.

'It's alright. Just make sure it doesn't happen again.' Rachel says with her Rachel Berry smile, too focused on her girlfriend to care about it.

The security guard sighs in relief and holds the door open for them to get inside.

Rachel grabs the blonde's hand mid way down the stairs and leads her to the first row of seats.

'Honey, I'm really happy you're here but shouldn't you be at work?' The diva asks, sitting down next to the girlfriend.

'Mike said he'd give my classes today when I told him why I was coming here.' Brittany says, making a mental note to thank Mike for spending the day taking care of the dance studio all alone.

'And why did you come here?'

'Because I want to ask you something.' The blonde says, standing up from the chair and kneeling down on one knee in front of her girlfriend from four years.

Rachel, realizing why her girlfriend came there, gasps and bits her lip not to scream yes when Brittany opens the small black box and a beautiful ring is showed.

When the cast hears the sound they all stop rehearsing and stare quietly at the pair from the stage.

'I love you, Rachel. I want to be with you for the rest of my life. I want to wake up holding you every day and fall asleep the same way. I want to come watch all your shows and clap and scream on the top of my lungs that you're mine. I want to have little Rachel's or Rae's with you and I want to grow old with you. Will you marry me?'

The brunette has tears streaming down her face as she nods repeatedly and tries to control her tears enough to talk.

'Yes. Yes! A million times yes!' She says with a grin from ear to ear as the blonde puts the ring on her finger.

She wraps her arms around the taller girl's neck and kisses her.

'I love you so much, Brittany.' Rachel says when they break apart.

The cast is all clapping at them and Rachel gets out from Brittany's lap (not even knowing when she got there in the first place) and clears her tears with the back of her hand while Brittany is holding her waist and has a huge grin on her face.