Author Notes: Hello, everyone! Apologies to my Continuation of TMS readers - free time is erratic at best now that the year end school holidays are here. That means a muse that can't focus on anything! Hopefully, this stint at poetry will appease her. Like my other attempt at prose (When All That is Left is Him), it's done in Severus' POV. Enjoy... and don't forget to leave a comment or two :)

Summary: Severus Snape might be in denial, but Harry Potter is nothing if not determined. Pre-Snarry, in rhyme.

Rating: 'T' (although K would still be fine)

Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the brainchild of JK Rowlings.

- Start -

There is nothing much of me
That begets fascination
Everything about myself
Doesn't garner attraction

Tell me why, I beg of you
Do you persist in this farce?
Do you need to pay a due
Before making yourself scarce?

There is nothing you owe me
For the times I saved your life
Cease this pretence, leave me be
My sole reward? You're alive!

Yet still stubborn and so bold
Keeping your focus on me
What is the charm that I hold?
What is there that I can't see?

Don't talk of admiration
Of my talents or my skills
Why this weird, strange fixation
When you should run for the hills!

Someone special like you are
Deserves one so much better
You don't have to look too far
To find someone prettier

Why insist that you bestow
Your love and your care on me?
Just don't... don't laugh when you know
How little there is to me.

There is nothing much of me
When dawn drags me from my bed
Nothing worth your while to see
Hair rumpled and eyes still red

There is nothing much of me
To show as morning wears on
With just two cups of coffee
I'm grouchy, cold and withdrawn

There is nothing much of me
Even when it's time for lunch
Whatever spread that I see
Doesn't induce me to munch

There is nothing much of me
When sunshine fades to twilight
That you can placate with tea,
Green eyes and a smile so bright

There is nothing new to find
In me each time you drop by
Are you really deaf and blind
Or naive, to think me shy?

There is nothing I possess
That you can claim for your own
I swear this is all unless...
You want a heart carved from stone?

You don't allow me to speak
When you press your lips to mine
What the - how dare you, such cheek!
But I smile and your eyes shine

Yes, you win, I can't resist
But if I'm worthy, please know
It's because - hush, I insist
You, Harry, have made me so.

- End -