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Finn opened the door of the club. It seemed like he was the only one there.

"Hello? Is anybody in here?" His question was met by silence. "Hello?" asked a little bit louder.

"Weird," he thought "the newspaper said to pass around this time for an interview…" he was about to check the newspaper again when a loud clink of bottles caught his attention.

"How can I help you, kid?" a masculine voice said.

Finn turned around and saw a man around his forties, with short curly blonde hair and a butt chin.

"Hi! I'm Finn Hudson. Are you the owner of the club?" said the tall man.

"Yes, I am" said the man, walking away from the bar and towards Finn. "William Schuester. But everyone here call me Schue." said the man, stretching his hand to Finn for him to shake. "Why are you here?" asked the older, eyeing suspiciously the taller one.

"You're looking for an entertainer. Well, here I am!" finished Finn, with a big, dopey smile on his face. Said smile fell as soon as Schue started laughing at him.

After a 3 good minutes, William said to Finn "Kid, first of all, how old are you? Because, seriously, you look like a very very tall sixteen-year-old boy. Second, do you have any idea of what kind of entertainment my club provide?" a smirk appeared on the owner's face.

"I'm 22, sir." Finn said, and then shyly admitted " And, well, I don't know what happen here but in the paper I read that I can make the big bucks in here", looking at Will in the eyes.

"Oh, that's for sure! My crew will never be out of money, especially cash" laughed Schue.

"Kid, my club is a strip club for ladies" explained the blond straightforwardly "I'm looking for a stripper and, don't take it as an offence, but you don't look like one. You are ok if you want to be in a toothpaste's commercial, but here is your body that make you do the big bucks, as you put it." William stopped talking and took a good look at Finn "And from what I can see your abs are not ripped enough, your arms haven't enough muscles in display and you have to lose at least a couple of pounds" stated Schue seriously. "Sorry, kid".

The older just took a couple of steps before Finn's voice boomed in the club. "I can change! I'll go to the gym more often and whatever you want me to do but please Schue, give me a chance" said the young man with pleading eyes. "I'm begging you" he said, bowing his head defeat.

The owner looked at the guy. "Why do you want it so bad? You look like a guy that can have a easy life and get through with it without any kind of trouble. What's wrong? Daddy doesn't give you the monthly allowance?"

Finn's eyes got a little bit darker and a small sad smile could be seen on the brunette's face. "My real parents died a long time ago and I'm not going to ask to my stepparents to help me with something that I should be able to do by myself. Now I'm living with my little sister and I can't do that anymore. I can't spend another day watching her working herself to the bones, balancing university, two shitty jobs and a brother that can't take care of her. I-I tried everything. Everything! Dog sitter, pony express, hot dog vendor and many other jobs. But we still struggle. And do you want to know what she always says to me? 'Don't worry, Finn. In the end, it will all be worthy'. Well, it's time for me to start giving her the life she deserve. So, question is: will you give me a chance or will I have to find something else to do?".

The two men stared into each other's eyes for what it seemed an eternity. Will knew what the kid must feel. He lost his parents too when he was a teenager and knew how life can bring good people down. And this Finn guy? He looked like a really good one.

"Come here tomorrow around 2 pm" said Schue, gaining a very hopeful look from the younger of the two. "I'll introduce you to some of your colleagues and you'll start your work-out with my best men. I'll give you a month, if you still look like a preschooler you're out, got it?" ended the owner.

Finn's smile went from ear to ear. He took Schue's hand and shook it enthusiastically.

"Thank you! I won't let you down, I promise! I'll try my hardest to become like Big Jim!" he said seriously.

Schuester laughed wholeheartedly. "Dork", the owner muttered.

"See you tomorrow than!" said the young man happily. Finn was about to go out the club when Will's voice caught his attention.

"And Finn? Welcome to New Directions".

Rachel closed the door of her and her brother's apartment. A nice smell of homemade goods made her mouth drool; Finn is one hell of a cook. Hanging her purse and coat on the hallstand, she said "Finn, I'm home!"

"Kitchen!" was her brother's answer. Their apartment was rather small so it didn't take her lot of time to reach her destination.

"This smells so good! What are you preparing?" smiled the petite woman.

"Today we have to celebrate! I made your favourite: parmesan eggplants. Sit, sit. It's ready!" said Finn.

"And what are we celebrating, if I might ask?"

Finn put a portion of the Italian dish right in front of her and went sit on the other side of the table.

"My new job! I had an interview today and I got the spot!" The men's eyes shone with excitement. Rachel was really happy that her brother was so ecstatic.

"It's wonderful, Finn!" said the woman, flashing a sincere big smile. "What are you going to do in this new job?"

"Ehm…" Finn scratched the back of his neck, unsure if saying the truth was the best thing to do. But he had never lied to her sister before and he wouldn't start anytime soon so he said "I will be a stripper."

Rachel chocked with her food. It took her a couple of minutes to regain control of herself. "I beg you pardon?" said the small woman, looking in her brother in the eyes. "Could you kindly repeat your previous statement?"

"Rach, don't freak out. It's not the end of the world! I would work from Thursday to Sunday and it will make me earn three times as much as I earn working at the coffee shop! We need the money!" he tried to convince her.

"No, Finn, no! You are not going to show your body to eager perverted women for money. We will manage as we always do. If you feel the necessity of having an higher income I could…" but she was stopped by her brother.

"Rachel, stop! I have already made up my mind. And you are not going to find another job. Rachel, you don't deserve this kind of life and, if I can help you somehow, I'll do. With me taking this job, you can leave one of yours and focus on your studies. You have to shine, sis. But our lifestyle doesn't allow you to do that, and it kills me every time I see you come back home so tired you barely eat dinner. This kind of life ends now."

"Finn" she took her brother's hand "I don't mind living like that. Millions of people struggle like we do. But the Berries are a tough bunch, remember that. We will …"

Finn intervened "Rachie, I'm not a Berry" said with a small smile.

Rachel looked at him as if he lost his mind "Nonsense. You are as much of a Berry as I am. You are my brother even if we don't share the same blood."

"Anyway" Finn squeezed her hand lightly. "As I told you, I'm taking this job. Let's just see it as a regular job. I won't kill anyone, or rob, or do any kind of illegal activity. Just have faith in me, would you?" ended the tall one, flashing pleading eyes to her little sister.

"Okay, Finn. I'll trust you" said Rachel defeated.

They ended the meal in silence.

Rachel was washing their dishes when her brother's voice caught her attention.

"Are you mad at me?" he said with a small voice.

The young woman put down the dishes, turned around and covered the small distance between the two.

"No, Finnie, I'm not mad at you" she said softly. "I'm just sad that you have to do this for us. It's not fair. You have dreams. You wanted to be a teacher when we first came here. Why do you have to leave your dream aside for me? You could still go to community college! You could do that!" stated Rachel.

"We don't have enough money, Rach. And I'm not a good student like you, I would never get a full scholarship. But maybe, with the money that I can earn with this job I could try next semester. I won't give up. You taught me that." Finn smiled down at her. " In the end it will all be worthy, right?"

She hugged her brother tight. "I'm going to support you whatever you decide to do. You're not getting rid of me so easily" she muttered against her brother's chest. "Let's just don't say anything about your new job to Dad and Daddy, deal?"

"Oh, God, no! They definitely don't have to find out about it! They would freak out and take us back in Lima" Finn laughed.

"When will you start working at the club?" asked Rachel with curiosity.

"I have a meeting tomorrow at 2 pm with my boss and the guys who work there. And then I think we'll hit the gym. My boss said that my body isn't right for the job but I'm willing to prove it wrong. So, starting tomorrow, I'll be on diet" he informed her.

The young women freed herself from the brotherly embrace. "Excuse me" she said, looking furious. "Who said that to you? I would like to talk to the person who said that about your body. You're anything but charming and everyone who think otherwise is a fool!". She was pressured everyday about her appearance and knows how this kind of statements could hurt a person. She would like to bitch slap the meathead who said that to her brother.

Finn's laugh boomed all over the apartment. "Rachie, don't need to bring out your bitchy side for something like that!" smiled the man "He's kind of right. And I don't mind working out a bit, it will give me the chance to befriend with the other guys."

"You said the words and I will march the distance between here and this place and threaten everyone who dares to say anything bad about you, ok?" stated Rachel seriously.

"I can take care of myself, little sister" he smiled fondly at her. A yawn escaped from her mouth. "Now go to sleep. You're exhausted, I can tell" he said.

"Okay. Good night Finn, sleep tight" said the petite woman, raising on her tip toes and kissing her brother's cheek.

"Night, Rach" was Finn's answer.

He knew that finally fortune was coming their way.

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