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I can tell you this as a few fair warnings:

1) My grammar/wording isn't that great, but I try my best.

2) This is very sensitive story, there is a reason why it is rated M.

3) Serious warnings are rape, pedophile, violence, cuss, etc...

I hope to please you with the story plot I came up about almost a week ago and started to write on like crazy.

I have already written over 9 chapters,

but I am not posting them all at once.

Only one chapter per day.

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On the ground of Hogwarts school, young wizards and witches were coming and going for the main cafeteria for dinner. The three trios were gathering themselves for some chatting on school homework. Hermione was delighted to prepare for the tests for her boys considering the fact they failed their last test.

"You both asked me to help you pass the next test and-"

"-but, we didn't mean the whole course already, Hermione!" The red-hair pointed out.

Harry sighed, trying to deal with his best friends on the overall arguments, and hoping they would quit it soon enough. They yammered each other's heads off about how much to really study and no one was winning over this amount of studying here. One thing for sure, he wouldn't put up with it all day.

"Enough! Ron, she knows what she is doing and she only does it because she cares. Just deal with it." Harry stated.

Hermione hummed in triumph to show Ron that she was correct the whole time. Ron couldn't believe he was outnumbered here. He was about to speak until something swoon in and dropped something in front of Harry's face. A small letter and the chosen one recognized it off the back.

"I wonder what Professor Dumbledore wants," He reads the letter…

'Harry, please come to my office after dinner. Password is candy apple. Professor Dumbledore~'

The boy blinked and felt confused to the fact he hadn't seen Dumbledore for a month, so why need him now? He glanced at his dinner plate to see if he finished eating and apparently, he was finish. He gathered his bag, put his books and notes away, and stood up with uncertain smile.

"I'll see you guys at the tower later. Professor Dumbledore wants to see me." He waved to his friends while they exchanged glances about Dumbledore sudden needs to see him this time.

Harry walked off to head over to the Headmaster's tower, greeted a few friends, teachers, or staffs. Of course, it takes a while since cafeteria to the tower is opposite from each other. Harry grew used to walk long distance for class to class. He doesn't complain about it much as he used to five years ago when he first came here.

He came up to gargoyle and announced the password. The gargoyle turned and Harry walked onto the steps and let it guide him upstairs to headmaster's office. He figured it had to do something with Voldemort this time, nothing concerning about trouble or failing this time, and he was confident of this time.

Harry finally has seen the office, but no one was within the room. He walked in and searched around for Dumbledore. He was quietly walking around, hoping the man would be behind the desk or in another room, and that he wouldn't have to search for any further than this. His green eyes connected with Fawkes in the room and he gently pets him. Fawkes leaned in closer to Harry's touching and felt comforting.

"I see Fawkes likes you, Harry." The man announced.

The boy who lived turned his head over to see the headmaster, "Yeah, I suppose this is one of the way I owe my debt to him for healing me few years ago." He grinned.

Dumbledore nodded and folded his arms behind him, "Would you like to pet him every day as much as you like, Harry?"

Harry didn't stop, but he was rather surprised to hear the man ask him that kind of a question when there should be something very important to say.

"I guess so, Professor Dumbledore. Fawkes is definitely into the attention, isn't he?"

The man smiled, "He does and I feel terrible for him when I am constantly busy. At least he's happier when I feed him and spend five minutes with him."

Harry nodded, "At least he knows you care for him." His fingers brush against Fawkes' neck and his adoring expression made Harry glowed, "Is there something you need to talk about, sir?" He directed his attention to the man.

"Yes, but perhaps we should talk in a private room." Dumbledore gestured a second door for another room.

Harry finishes petting Fawkes and they headed into a different room. Dumbledore sets the lights on with his spell and the boy felt startled at the idea of this very room. He glanced up to the headmaster with one eyebrow up.

"Sir, why are we in your bedroom?" He waited.

Dumbledore wasn't looking at the chosen one and he muttered something among his breath. Suddenly, Harry felt the binding together on his wrists and being dragged over the bed. He tried to reach out for his wand, but the binding bond held his wrists away from accessing his powers. His body jolted and looked over to the man.

"Professor Dumbledore…?" He spoke slowly to gain the headmaster's attention.

Surely, this had to be a training or drill to test Harry to be on guards all the time. Dumbledore was finished chanting something and set his wand down.

"Remember this, Harry…you are mine now. You belong to me and no one else." He declared.

The warm ran from Harry's face with the sound of Dumbledore's tone of voice. He grew worried that Voldemort has somehow overtaken the man's body, but no…there was no hint of that Dark Lord's voice. It was truly the headmaster this time. His body shook up so much, he had no idea what was going to happen.

"Headmaster?" He gulped, "Wh-what is going on, sir?" His body turned tensed.

Dumbledore chanted something that Harry wasn't familiar with, but the spell did sound unpleasant and new to the boy. Harry felt chilly for a short reason and he noticed Dumbledore wasn't wear his clothes-

"Dumbledore, where's your clothes?" He asked, trying to remain bravely.

The headmaster held the chosen boy's chin, observing his fresh reaction, and Harry didn't understand. His eyes looked down to see why he was so cold and he grew paler than the man could ever be.

"Wh-why-why am I naked, sir?" He felt like he was going to choke.

"Shut up, Harry. You should be lucky I have been shaping you to be almost exactly like your father, of course…I will never let you go."

Harry's heart skipped a beat…he didn't understand what the man speaking about. None of this behavior was making sense and he knew something was seriously wrong. Dumbledore actually told him to shut up for the first time of his life. Never has he thought he would actually use such words, then again, it could have been worse.

"Let's see how good you scream or perhaps you'll be much better than your father has screamed." Dumbledore said.

Dumbledore slipped his hand away from Harry's chin and groped the small member. Harry struggled to prevent any moaning, but the touching made it difficult withstand. The touching grew tighter as if crotch was some sort of hard clay dough needing to be softer. The man grinned to his satisfied success in maintaining the boy in his hand. He slowly pulls the boy's crotch down to see how far to stretch. Harry gasped at the feel of being ripped apart, his muffled screaming escaped little by little, and he couldn't take it. His feet began kicking and Dumbledore's blue eyes lit up to his excitement.

"Ah, that's what I was waiting for. Exactly like your father, Harry, he fought as well. Don't hold back those screaming. I want you to pour your own lungs out for me and you will scream Albus in your voice." He squeezed tighter on the member as if he was trying to pop something out.

Harry gritted his teeth, groaning loudly, and remembering that this was wrong. His stomach twisted and turns the worse, feeling nausea at the man's action, and every part of his body muscle tightened up so badly.

"I suppose you are not easy to be a screamer. Very well, then…there are plenty of ways to make you scream and you will not leave this room until you do." Another hand slipped under the boy's soothing bottom.

Harry gasped at a cold hand feeling him, a slight pinched into his rectum, slowly crawling in, and caused him to hiss so badly. Dumbledore thrust his one finger, but Harry wouldn't scream at all. So the headmaster forced a second finger in and managed a slight moaning from the boy.

"You're much smaller than your father, but still, you are a bit stronger than I expected. I should have done you last year, but I wanted you to shape up a bit more." He added a third finger while he thrust into the boy's rectum area.

Harry grunted and almost screamed to pressure, Albus pushed his three fingers in despite of the tightness of the ring muscle, and refused to back down to what he started.

"I will make you scream, bleed, cry, beg, and desperate. You will remain loyal and good boy to me. I will not make anything less easily since you are mine, Harry." Dumbledore's blue eyes met with the green eyes.

Harry tried to withstand the pain he felt, yet, he did not want any of this at all. He should have stayed with his friends or at least brought his friends with him. Dumbledore's words made him felt somewhat frighten…like a scared little child he is. The pain grew sharper when the next finger added and the boy was choking on his screaming.

"Pl-pl-please…" He moaned desperately to bear the pain, "…s-st-st-stop!" He tried to jerk his body, but the man held him down.

He grinned with much to his satisfaction, "I see you are ready, prepare to scream, my dear, Harry."

Harry shook his head numerous of times to beg the man to stop, but he wouldn't stop without a fight. He didn't understand why this was happening to him or why Dumbledore was doing this to him. Dumbledore removed all of his four fingers and flipped Harry onto his flat stomach. He grunted since being flopped around hurt. The man's long hand slid from Harry's flat chest down to his navel and came onto the bed to be on top of the boy. He leaned his head next to the teen and whispered something.

"Sixteen years old body…" He hummed, "…your body is beautiful, better than your father could ever show."

The shivered went down his spine and sudden forced to spread his legs wider than he ever had in his entire life.

"Say goodbye to your sweet virginity, Harry and say hello to screaming." The doom was in his voice.

Harry's eyes widened at the headmaster's word and at the tip of the man's crotch began to travel through his ring muscle slowly. Harry gasped and choked on his breath when he felt the real pain. It was nothing like he was going through. Tears began to form, but failed to hold it in. Dumbledore did not once rushed entering into the teenage boy, enjoying his member enlarging, and turned on even more.

The chosen boy could no longer held in his screaming and crying, Dumbledore went in deeply as if time has stretched out so much, and it was endless. He thrust so slowly, treasuring the musical sound Harry was producing, and feeling his inside personally. His member grew better inside of Harry's and the boy's screaming felt like he was burning already. Dumbledore grabbed the boy's chin to face each other.

"Good boy, Harry, you're screaming. You will be feeling this for more than an hour," He smirked, "So scream as loud as you want. No one will hear you, my dear."

Harry dripping tears, couldn't think straight anymore, and petrified for his life. Dumbledore continued to thrust to hear the screaming boy. He would increase his speed and Harry wouldn't keep up. The bleeding came out so much, but Dumbledore didn't care. He rushed it all so fast, enjoyed every moment he felt, and putting himself into Harry more than he wanted to. His member cum so heavily, it burned Harry up alive in his rectum, and he cried so loudly. He felt dirtier than the way the man touched him. Never has he been treated like this before and he hated it every second of it.

Dumbledore loved the way he took control and not once cutting a break to breathe. He wanted more of this every second of it and his crotch would burst out so much cum a male could produce.

"Pl-pleeeeaaase, stop!" Harry begged as much as he could.

Now, he rather wished he could face Voldemort than Dumbledore, but it didn't look like he was going to be coming out of this anytime soon. Not how obsessed Dumbledore wanted him the most. Every pounding was like an inner beat up, just the opposite of being hit on the outside, and the bruises would have been easily seen. Harry cried away his life, failed to fight against the man, and felt deeply afraid to hurt worse by the man he used to look up to.

"Sir, please!" He wept loudly.

Dumbledore forced effort of his strength, causing Harry lapse out a louder scream, and treated him like a toy for sex. With each strength, he thrust himself into was making Harry to sound so differently, like trying to create new sound with an instrument, and he was pleased to experiment many ways to get those sounds that Harry can produce.

Dumbledore removed himself from Harry and caused the teen to curl his body up as he wept and whimpered in deep suffering he felt. The headmaster admired his work to see how bloody Harry was, how full his ass was now, and the tears had made the boy even lovelier to his work.

His long fingers trailed from his ankle up to his waists line and Harry flinched at the man's sudden touch. He wailed heavily while headmaster enjoyed it every second of it. He was proud of his action and he was gladly to claim Harry. The teen cried nonstop, but Dumbledore refused to step back. Harry is his now.

"You will come here every day after dinner and lay yourself on this bed. You will scream every time I come into you. Understand?" He demanded.

Harry jumped slightly at his command and jittering his nod for the man. He was afraid he would get kill if he deny or fought back against the man's will.

"Y-ye-yes, sir…" He gulped.

He cupped the boy's head, "And if you dare to tell anyone, I will have you murder them in your very hand and then, I will punish you for speaking out of the line." He adored Harry's face and eyes.

"Wh…what…that's not fair sir!"

Dumbledore's hands pulled away and one swung at his face to leave a red mark on his face.

"You will not defy me, Harry!" He shouted, "You will obey what I say and you will do as I say! Is that clear?"

Harry clenched his eyes, "Yes, sir-"

"-and from now on, you call me Master Albus when you are in this room. I forbid the other names in this room."

Harry nodded immediately, "Yes, Master Albus." He wept again.

The weight shifted off the bed for Harry and he slowly opened his eyes to see Dumbledore was performing a spell to clean the both of them, including the bed. He restored their clothes back on and Harry felt glad to have privacy…some peace, but he could not remove the experience. It was too much to take all at once.

"I will fetch you out of this room and your wand is in the office. If you destroy this room, you will be punished by me. So be wise and careful, I watch you like a hawk. You are now my property and if I see you dating or flirting with the other students, I will keep you in this room for a week and have you lie to your friends and others of your whereabouts during those week." Every word he spoke was like a knife cutting Harry's throat.

"I understand, Master Albus…p-p-permission to speak?"

The man turned around and looked down at Harry, "Permission granted, my dear."

"Why…did you do this to me?" He wanted to cry, but he wanted his answers.

Dumbledore lifted his chin up, "We will talk about that later, but I suppose having you is like a trophy to me, but much better like a loyal pet." He turned around left Harry alone on the bed.

Harry stared at the ground, recalling everything had happened, and turned around on his stomach to cry it all out. How terrifying it turned out to be and how much he hated it. He hated the man for ruining everything and scaring him. He wasn't too sure if he could ever feel free again.

He wept loudly and curled into a ball while being bond up. There was no way he could see things as they used to be. It was too much and overwhelming at once. To why Dumbledore took advantage of him and broke down his guards, it left him too many questions. His stomach felt sick enough as it is and he wanted the sickness to be over. He wanted this entire place to be over. However, the pain felt was there and he could not remove everything the headmaster has done. Everything changed now and he wanted to escape now.

However, he knew the rapist wouldn't allow him to be stupid and unwise in his actions. He can't make the situation worse and he did not want to look forward to those 'punishments' Dumbledore may have in mind.

Harry finally stopped crying and stared at the ceiling of darkness shadow. He did not want to look around the room to make it worse on himself, but he blamed himself for not bringing along his friends, and could have been something different. Now, if he disobeyed the man who owns him, he'll get hurt or someone will die in his hands. The teenager had to be careful in everything he does.

"Harry, would you like to pet Fawkes?"

Harry flinched at the sound of his voice and he tried to calm down again. He had to remember the worse was over so far, all he had to do was obey and he would be okay…right?

"Yes." To all he could say now.

Dumbledore grinned, "Fawkes is waiting for you, then. Come along," He said, after chanting to remove the bond on Harry.

Harry's arms dropped and he hugged himself. Dumbledore touched Harry's shoulder, but Harry hated to be touch now. It used to feel safe and secure, but now…he felt unclean. Fawkes nodded once and leaned in for Harry's petting. His hand was very shaky, yet, he managed to be sensitive to the Phoenix when it came to petted. He moaned pleasingly and Harry grew comfortable. He focused his attention on the Phoenix as if nothing has ever happened.

"Since you are calm now, Harry, you may go to your dormitory. Remember to be here after dinner and not a word to anyone." Dumbledore said.

Harry felt the need to shield out, but he couldn't. He wouldn't want to risk his life over something he wasn't doing when he should be doing. He nodded and finished petting Fawkes. He walked away slowly and grasped the whole expectation on him. Everything changed.

He jumped back slightly at the sound of the stairs and he tried to calm down a little. He took the stairs and went downstairs. He was finally out of the headmaster's tower, but he knew he would not be able to get away with anything. For now, he should head over to the dorm and somehow sleep through this nightmare.

Once he got to the dormitory building of a Gryffindor, he saw his friends and the message echoed in his mind. He placed a fake grin and tried to remember Fawkes.

Hermione and Ron raced up and he backed up a little to avoid any touching. He wasn't ready for anyone to be this close to him. He wasn't too sure if everyone was simply acting or it was just Dumbledore on his own term.

"Harry! You're back! How's Dumbledore? What did he want?" Hermione asked immediately without wasting a breath.

Ron nodded, "Yeah, mate. What's with Dumbledore holding you this long?"

Harry gave a fake laughter enough to fool them, "He wanted me to take care of his Fawkes every day while he's out. It's a lot to do, but he feels guilty for not giving him enough attention. So he wants me to look out for his Fawkes and showed me everything I need to know." At least he was honest about half of this, but it wasn't fully leading on to the real truth.

Hermione and Ron thought that was fine. Harry yawned and bid them good night. He rushed to the bathroom and tried to scrub off everything. He hated what happened, but the lies, dirtiness, and pains were the worse to go through. He only wanted his friends to stay alive or he would regret for sacrificing their lives. He couldn't take it anymore, but who could he truly turn to? Voldemort? No…Voldemort would have him dead.

For now, he'll have to survive Dumbledore one way or another.