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Harry ended up taking some potions back to their Hogwarts ground, Snape didn't bother to ask since he was aware of this pregnancy. Draco has remained focused on getting Harry back to Dumbledore, especially when they have free class hour. They headed to the headmaster's office and the man was working at his desk with a few teachers. Harry's face turned white as a sheet to see these teachers, but he didn't think they would be here so suddenly. They were uncertain how to respond with Malfoy and Potter in the very same room. Albus noticed his boyfriend has returned so soon, but he recognized the potions for Harry.

He grinned delightfully, "Harry, perfect timing. These teachers have had been very concern of your behavior and wonder where you have gone off. I told them I had no idea and assumed you might have been with Snape." His hand gestured towards a few teachers.

Harry chuckled, "Yeah, Professor Snape was supposed to tell you where I was. I might as well explain myself now."

McGonagall nodded, "Yes, because most of us are quite confused, Mr. Potter. We are aware that you are having personal conflicts and that Snape is helping you. We demand to know so we can help."

Harry huffed and sat down on Albus' couch. Draco didn't want to throw off his acting, so he joined to comfort his 'boyfriend' in front of others, and the other teachers grew suspicious.

"My traumatic stage was because I was seeing more into my past of my parents and I accidentally hurt Draco that day. Of course, the reason I seem to be sick is because I am currently pregnant with his daughter." Harry explained, blushing awkwardly.

Draco nodded, "We kept our relationship quiet until we got caught this morning by his friends and Harry wanted to tell Snape I'm the father so I can be involve for our daughter." He hugged onto Harry happily.

The teenagers sheepishly smiled and the teachers taken back at the idea of such impossible couples. No one has ever expected both of them to get pass by their hatred for each other. Professor McGonagall's shoulders eased down and nodded to their reasonable answers.

"Of course, I should have suspected the night sickness." She apologetic faced towards the boys.

The other professors whispered among themselves for being blind to recognize a pregnant student. They had forgotten the familiar chances that students tend to get involve into and now, found themselves slowly leaving the room. However, Professor McGonagall chose to stay behind with her arms crossed and concerned about the boys now. They were facing privacy at the moment and Harry desperately wanted some space. He was getting annoyed to this point.

"Why wasn't I informed about this? I could have helped, Mr. Potter. After all, you need good care during the pregnancy and especially the fact, we cannot have Voldemort be aware about this." She stated.

Albus was slightly paler when the woman mentioned the Dark Lord, but she hardly noticed his small reaction. Harry had picked up, but Malfoy was unaware of it.

"Sorry, I was not thinking of that at the time and my friends informed me just a month ago. I had no idea of pregnancy among males. Of course, Professor Snape is helping me and I appreciate your concern." Harry smiled lightly.

Albus agreed, "I have taken care of everything, Minerva. Harry has a room within this office and I will be able to meet his needs."

The chosen boy didn't take comfort in hearing what his boyfriend has said, but Malfoy noticed something. He figured Dumbledore's brother's voice must be similar. Yet, he couldn't theorize that too soon.

Minerva sighed and looked at the man, "I supposed you are right." She glared harshly at the boys, "I better be involved in this or fifty points will be taken from both of the house."

The boys mentally groaned, the points seem to be unfair punishment especially their houses would have their head for this. They nodded and she accepted that willingly. She went off to leave the boys alone and Albus secured some privacy among themselves.

"I apologize for Minerva's intruding onto you like this, my dear. When she gets concern and brings the other professors involved. I am singled out." Albus shook his head silly.

Malfoy looked at the headmaster surprisingly, "Yet, you are a powerful wizard and the high rank out of all of us and you are telling us, sir, that you are easily singled out with Professor McGonagall and her backups?" His jaw dropped.

"Precisely yes, but I cannot harm the good side either, mind you, Mr. Malfoy. Now, I am curious where both of you have actually been all day. I assume those potions are important or something Severus forced you to take?" Albus glanced over to his boyfriend.

Harry's shoulders dropped, "Professor Snape arranged an appointment to the doctor, and Draco came with me. I have Doctor Beetle and definitely given me advancement on potions I need to take every other day. He estimated the due date around August eighth."

Mama, me no wants to come out. Very warm in here.

Harry sighed to the fact their daughter wasn't interested in being born around that time. Albus' brow went up with Harry's expression.

"She certainly said something that made you miserable, my dear. Care to run this by me?" The headmaster asked.

"She doesn't want to be coming out of me, it's warm inside."

Draco snickered, "Yeah, it's common. She will change her mind when she finds there is no more room when the time comes."

Albus nodded, "It is perfectly normal, we all once went through this. Of course, we do not recall since it is too much of an early childhood."

Harry frowned, "This child is going to be a stubborn one! That's what I am worried about!"

They laughed at Harry's theory, but they were used to this. Harry shook his head and gathered his potions. He headed into his room and locked it for the night. He appreciated some kind privacy for the day and he found himself glancing at the book Draco gave him. He grabbed the book and joined on his bed. He snuggled up on his blanket and opened the book to read.

A wizard like you would love to keep a baby intelligent and provide unconditional love. This book here shall explain how pregnancy works, guides you to the full term. Your baby is a gift and your love. They are your world, as we do understand. We carried our children and proud to have them today. If you are a male wizard, congratulations! If you are a woman wizard, still, congratulations! My mate and I do not believe that a carrier has to follow specific gender to increase intelligent for the baby. In fact, there is no difference among the two gender carriers.

First month, the baby may not have much thoughts at this very stage and grasping very little of their his or his existence. You must talk to the baby in simple terms. Everything you do for the baby is what you must follow. The baby has full control in what you eat, drink, sleep, mate, love, activity, and among of other things. Babies are highly sensitive to their psychic ability. The baby will signal you by using your stomach for either hunger towards yes or make you nausea for no. Do pay attention to what your baby is telling you.

Harry froze and couldn't believe it. He knew he was feeling sick, but he didn't understand why he went through such awful situation. It meant that his daughter was trying to tell him to not fear her father. It made sense to him. He decided to get to the next page to see what's next.

Congratulations, you are officially two months so far! Your baby is aware of the voices around you and begins to slowly recognize their existence. Yes, they still tell you what you have to do and their psychic ability remain intact. You must start reading children's books because your baby needs to learn how to think properly. Start with alphabet books and go onto numbers. Their mind will recognize words and numbers, which will help them in the outside world. At least read it once a day or up to six times a day. Your baby will pick up everything has a meaning and names. Do not read more than six times a day, you will be more than likely to be wearing yourself out and it is not healthy for you and the baby.

Keep yourself in an exercise routine. You may not be heavy yet, but the weight will drag you down much more than you expect. A healthy body means a healthy delivery. We all want a smooth process, but depending on the health background. Hopefully, your doctor should have mention you need to be in good shape and keep exercising. If not, you might need to request a new doctor to take you seriously.

You are officially three months, so far…you're about to have a fit with your pants. You must start wearing comfortable clothes. However, you should have been communicating with your baby by now. He or she is able to grasp the concept of communication by their thoughts. Talk to them as much as possible, avoid negative or discouragement at all cost, and allow the baby to help you in certain matter. They recognize who their parents are and who you represent as. They know more than you think.

Your doctor should advise you to keep your stress level low, you are almost out of the risk of miscarriage. We do advise, however, is to avoid having butterbeer during the entire pregnancy. Despite of the baby's controlling, it is highly an addiction for the baby and places damage internally.

Are you having sickness in the morning? Or just sickness at all? Chocolate is a way to go and helpful to rely on. Even if your baby dislike chocolate, this helps to soothe both your stomach and the baby's. No one likes being sick with their stomach and it is the only method to rely on. Be sure to have chocolate with you everywhere you go, you will never expect when it may happen.

You are four months and beginning to show weight. Fair warning, you will crave attention, love, and sexual desires. It is natural, but do keep it to the baby's request of the person to be the father. We understand that relationship is complicated for most people. However, the baby knows who to trust and feels safe with. That baby will only want their father to be with you, depending on the circumstances.

You need to eat small frequent meals now. It prevents headache, dizziness, and nausea stomach. Keep yourself comfortable to wherever you sit or lie down on. Your body is carrying a life and trying to adapt and adjust room for the baby and their growth.

We hope you are communicating with the baby often as you can. They enjoy telepathically talking to you because you are their mother. They love you and wants to know what they are like around you. It is important to talk to your baby as much as possible.

You are almost half way! Five months! You are almost done and only having four more months to go. You are starting to get bigger and beautiful, as you know it! By now, your baby should be able to talk to you naturally. You must encourage them to use big words! Babies are very fascinated with words they come across to and eager to learn.

We hope you have a nursery room set up at least. You need to adjust yourself and know where everything is! It is best to start buying diapers ahead of time. You will thank yourself for buying ahead of time. The Wizard Formula is very important to feed your baby with, but you will not be able to feed them with baby food. Not until they are up at a certain age. For now, Wizard Formula is important and bottles to prepare. Check the crib to see if it is comfortable and safe for the baby to sleep in.

Now, your exercise must become less due to the fact you're getting heavier with this baby. You are more than likely to take several naps and hopefully, your doctor will arrange vitamin potions. We know…it's awful! But, it helps and worth it! You can take a chocolate after taking vitamin potions.

Six months now, you are getting much, much, much closer! Aren't you excited? No? Let me guess, cannot wait for this one to come out already. We know! We have had been there and understand you. Now, it is best to start having some little fun with your partner and your partner should be delightful to have bonding time. Your partner will be gladly to do anything to help and make you happy during your crankiness phrase. Be sure to get some sleep between eight to ten hours a day. Be warn, you will be very cranky or grouchy during this part. It is normal and allows your partner to communicate with the baby. This way, the baby does not feel exposed to your negative hormones. It is normal and it happens. Warn your partner, your friends, families, and significant of others to not make you upset. This may lead to violent behavior and harm others.

Of course, try having some fun during your crankiness or grouchiness stage. Play a wizard game or enjoy some reading. Perhaps listen to a good music! Anything that makes you happy. A happy pregnancy is a happy baby too! Do not kill this book, though. We will not replace it after helping you this far! So, do not worry about anything. Be happy as much as possible!

Seventh months, you are definitely closer than you expected. Are you feeling all achy now? If you can, go treat yourself a nice spa and massage day. They are like heaven on Earth for Wizards like you and me. You need to be sure that your body is at its comfort and not much pain. We know there is not much substitute on easing the pain out. Yet, it is a crime for carrier like us to suffer! It will be worth it, we promise!

Are you still letting your baby tell you what to do? If so, do not be afraid to say no if you are starting to be uncomfortable. This is where the baby learns they cannot get what they want. It gives them a small sense of reality. Ignore all cries and threats, they do not really have much and they will wear down soon enough. We promise you that.

If you are still exercising, lower it now. You do not want to restrain yourself any further and risk yourself into health danger of your life. Chances are death, coma, and slight disable magic. Please do be careful and watch yourself. Have your partner be around you as much as possible.

You are eight months long and probably wishing to have your body back…or you may be delightful to have a lovely baby in you. Depends on your mood, you should feel in the mood to stay in bed half the month during this stage of pregnancy. Your baby should be talking to you anything they are curious about and should sound like a five year old would be.

Be sure that someone gives you a magical shower for the baby. You should feel special and happy during your pregnancy. Your baby should be delightful to come out by this point, yet, feels fearful. Comforts their thoughts and explains what will happen. He or she will feel scared, but you are to prove them they have nothing to fear. It is important to mention items have received and the baby is always curious about many things in the outside of the womb. It is normal and be prepared for what and why questions. You need to remain patience as much as possible.

Ninth month, be comfortable, chatty with your baby, and be sure to have a reachable contact with your partner. Your partner may be working and has to find a way to make money before and after the baby comes. Unless your partner is rich, I would not worry and they should remain to be with you as much as possible. Have your bag packed for the trip to the hospital and your stay for at least a day or two. You will definitely need your baby clothes with you as well. A large blanket for the baby has the most needed to be provided with warmth and comforts. Be relax and with a company or two that is prepared on your action.

Your baby will let you know they are ready to come out. Remind them the happy things they can look forward to this side of life. Both of you should be excited when the day arrives, but do not speak of the date or time. The baby will not be ready on the particular due date, yet, some babies feel comfortable and sense when they should be out by.

Your doctor should know what to do during your delivery and we hope this book gives you some guidance to keep the baby's mind bright.

Harry closed the book and realized there were basic things to keep his child's thinking skill going. He didn't realize the impact of his doing would be much to deal with and several consequences as well. This book placed much covered to deal with the baby on hands and he could see why Draco insisted with this book. It helps to focus on the baby more and he started to see he made some mistake with his daughter long enough. He wanted to continue reading it, but he felt so tired.

He set the book on the dresser next to the bed and used his magic to turn off the light for the night. Once his wand was placed down, he fell asleep to know it has been a long day for him. Despite of the fact, he's missing the rest of the day and he felt extremely tired. He didn't want to push himself any further than he necessarily needs to.

"We're going to sleep, my baby girl, okay?" Harry asked.

Okay, mama. She replied.

His eyes closed and rest himself for a little while. Reading took a lot out of him for the day and he understood why not reading more than six times a day. He did wonder if his boyfriend wouldn't mind reading for their child. He thought that would be cute to see. Maybe he feels in love with Albus because their daughter recognizes as her parents being each other's lover. For now, sleep was calling him.

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