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Severus made a hot tea and placed them into Harry's hands slowly. Harry noticed the man handing him a cup of tea and nodded to thank him. It was just so cold after the funeral and the depriving day of all for others. People sent their sparks to show their respect to the headmaster, others had shed their tears for such loss, and could not believe it themselves. The ghost of Albus remained hidden from people's sights, even other ghosts have not yet found him at all. Adamaris, Severus, Minerva, and Harry were the last people to leave the grave and they silently gave their good byes to him, despite of the fact it will not be the last time for them.

The transfiguration professor has now become a headmistress to the school and took over the role. People have had respected her peacefully and wish her do well for the school. The previous headmaster would want her to continue the school without him.

However, Severus and Harry used glamour to hide themselves from the public, knowing graduated students would return to the funerals, and Harry wasn't ready for the publicity to face. People has whispered if Harry and Severus known of the old man's death. Adamaris did not need a disguise since no one knew who she was aside from the headmistress.

"Mama, may I go to bed?" Adamaris looked at her mother.

Harry nodded, "Yes and use my bed if you'd like. It's your room now." Harry wanted her to have his room anyway.

The Gryffindor prefer to sleep in Albus' bedroom, since he no longer fears of being raped by the either of Dumbledores' return. He doubted it that much anyway. Severus created a third room within Harry's room for Adamaris to reach out to and connected to Albus' old room. Minerva remained in the Gryffindor's room until she has time to build up another room later.

Severus bid her good night and she waved them. She disappeared into the bedroom with door closed. Harry sighed and took a sip of his tea a bit.

"Severus, who could I be in love with? I don't understand Albus." Harry took a sip.

The professor shook his head, "How about do not damage your brain too much? Today is simply a tiring expression and your daughter is going to need upbeat guardians to look after her. Mind you, your emotions affect her behavior and Albus is still going to be around. You have plenty of time to find someone to fall in love with."

Harry chuckled, the man has never wasted his breathe to be straightforward mostly about anything, and he accepted that. He had never seen anyone so devoted in his life or supporting before. His eyes drew over to the door, knowing the light blue represent the man's favorite color, and how excited the man had found out of his pregnancy since day one of his return. At least Adamaris was never regret or a mistake to him. He adored his daughter from the start and always has been a part of his life.

"You're right. I suppose it is time we visit my family, but I believe they will be mostly at the burrow. It's been so long since we have seen them."

Severus scowled, "The Weasely family is going to be impossible for us to escape from."

Harry shrugged, "It's either them or the public. Personally, they're better off to trust. No one stalks the Weasely family or they'll get hexed to next year. If the public finds out, it will be a never ending drama and people will be throwing random questions or ideas up in their arses, personally."

The man smirked, "I swear, you are meant to be a Slytherin."

"The sorting Hat wanted to place me into the Slytherin house and I chose to be in the Gryffindor's house."

The man froze and found himself shocked to learn something new. If he hadn't known any better, his daughter was most likely to be a Slytherin. He had no doubts about it.

"Now I can see why the old coot chose you. He's almost like you, could have been a Slytherin as well."

"He did tell me the sorting hat wanted to place him there too, but he felt it was not his calling." Harry snickered.

"Is there anyone who doesn't land in my house?"

"Neville? Ron? Ginny? Erm, Luna?" He pointed out a few.

The black eyes rolled, "Ha, ha, very funny, Harry Potter."

The Gryffindor mother smirked, "That's my name, don't wear it out to fame."

"Don't wear it out to fame?" The man has yet to wonder why he bothered the conversation here.

Harry laughed and shrugged. Minerva was rather amused to their conversation in her now office. She's been cleaning and adjusting it to her comforts a little.

"You two are obviously something else, yet, I had both of you as my students. Mr. Potter, I am wondering if you'd teach the DADA?" She offered.

He blinked and jerked his head over to her, "Are you sure, professor? I don't even have a degree or knowledge of being a teacher."

She smirked, "You already have, remember? Your fifth year helping your classmates. Neville stated you had to be the best teacher out of the rest DADA teachers you have had in the past."

Harry couldn't believe the impact he had left on his army and a soft chuckled slipped to the old memory.

"Oh, I suppose I do not see why not. I'll take it." He smiled, "When do I need to start?"

"Would you start by next week Monday? Certainly it will give others time to pick the days and hours of your class. I will allow you to stay here since neither of you have an outside home. And Severus, would you kindly-"

"-take my potion classes to teach back? Certainly, I have no doubts in my mind that Professor Slughorn is more than eager to retire."

She smirked, "At least both positions are out of the way. As for Adamaris, she is more than welcome to start attending school." She smiled, "Knowing both of you educating her, she is more than likely to take third year classes, correct?"

Severus agreed, "Yes. However, she will need to start first year to be around closer age groups, if you do not mind. She hasn't made friends before, so chances are first year classmates will suit well for her."

Harry smiled, "I will have to agree with Severus on putting her in the first year."

"Now, shall we go over some cover story? Since it is only between Miss Granger, Mr. Weasely knew of the pregnancy, and they are unaware of the past. Let's say we used Draco to provide protection of the true father and covered boyfriend. We can extend out to the fact the biological father is out of the question and you chose to raise your daughter without him." She thought of.

Harry glanced over to the potion master who is in deep thinking of things and calculating times and months in his mind.

"They will not believe on leave the biological father out of the question. They will wish to know who is the father. So, let us say the girl is mine?" Severus suggested.

Harry blinked, "What? Are you out of your mind? They're going to assume you raped me!"

"Not necessarily, Harry," Severus smirked, "Draco was with me during the time you were raped. Let's shine some light on Albus a bit since he did change. We can claim that we fell in love, you ended up pregnant, and kidnapped by Aberforth for a short of time when Albus disappeared. Your behavior did change after Albus returned and others have noticed. We chose to have Draco to cover up the father role to protect the child. We can claim the child is really mine and that we needed to provide a proper environment for her to live, so our disappearance was the main reason. We spent our first six to seven years with her on raising her, educating her, and bond with her. We gave her a sense of normal wizard family at the best effort we gave her and now, we're exposing her to the whole world."

Harry was shocked to see the quick plan in the man's head already. Harry hadn't thought of that before at all and he measured the timing in his head, yet, he could see it all so easily. He didn't need his friends to know more than necessary, yet, to prove that he protected his baby first before anyone could have assumed his victim experienced. He was extremely protective over his friends as well.

His head nodded along, "That sounds all good. One thing is we need to do is inform Draco before we get anyone else know this story. Draco knows of Aberforth had raped me, but he believed that Albus and I were lovers. He doesn't know that I was raped by Albus too, but I only did it to protect the baby."

The witch hummed, "I will arrange him to come here tomorrow morning. Surely there will be no difficulty, and besides, he needs to be informed of being hired to be Hagrid's assistance."

Both men were shocked…The young Malfoy working with Hagrid? Severus swore his godson was into potion, not magical creatures, and he supposed he might have missed something over the years. Harry didn't know what else to say. He hadn't expected his former archenemy to be into this type of field.

"We sure miss out on a lot of everything for the past years." Harry commented.

Severus agreed, "We will need to know what had happen over the years while Adamaris is asleep. Minerva, could you care to fill us in what we have had missed on? Has you-know-who done anything over the years?"

The headmistress sighed and finally sat down in her office seat, "If you both must know, Albus stopped him twice in the first two years in your disappearance. Lucius Malfoy tried to tell him that he-must-not-be-named is dead, but Albus refused for some reasons."

The emerald eyes widened, "What? You mean to tell me that Albus is the savior?"

She blinked, "What? Albus said something of one last thing needed to be taken care before it could be officially announced that he is gone for good."

Severus shook his head, "Albus is really the Savior, Minerva. I removed the Horcrux in Harry. Once all the Horcruxes are removed, You-know-who is easy to kill. He is no longer returning."

The woman was shocked to learn more of the truth. Harry hasn't known this before in his lifetime, but for once, he isn't expected to be the one to stop Voldemort. The prophecy has changed directly to Albus now.

"We have been Voldemort free for the past four years? Why didn't Albus tell me? That would have made the news more exciting! Why didn't anyone attempt to Owl us?" Harry groaned buried his face into his palms.

Severus soothed the young man's back, "The owls wouldn't be able to find us, remember? I had the tent on disillusion and other charms to keep us hidden. No one would be able to get a hold of us, even the firecall."

The Gryffindor mother sheepishly smiled, "Right, I forgot. It means that Albus won the war, he's our savior."

The witch hummed, "This certainly will lift people's spirit up a bit. A man, who saved us, is all because his love for both Potters." She tsk'ed at such act the headmaster had pulled, but there wasn't a nary thing she could have done.

The men were uncertain how to carry this thoroughly. They had returned to the school no less than three days ago. There were so many people coming to the funeral all day to give the man rest in peace or share their grief in silence or noises. If at all, Harry was the most devastated to lose him. He did not know how else to handle this differently, but this man was the most to be the closest to out of others. Despite of the fact he only has Remus, Tonks, and Teddy to look forward to as family to be the most closest he can call as a family. The Weasely family was the second family he would ever have. Sirius would have had been the top out of everyone anywhere else.

People had wondered why the brother of Albus attempted to kill at the same time Albus made the same act. The headmistress chose to remain quiet and no one knew the truth. Everyone had wondered what had truly gone on all those times.

"Severus, are you sure you want to," His eyes picked up that Minerva was leaving them alone, "Be known as Adamaris' father?" Harry realized they're alone completely – scratch that, in a room alone.

The potion master frowned, "Why do you have little doubts of me? I accepted the idea because I came up with it. After all, I help you raised her and she knew me too well. I am certain to accept all the consequences that will come and think about it, Potter, she is quite sly and clever to get her way. She might as well end up as a Slytherin once the house sorts her in."

Harry smirked, "I never doubted you, Severus. As for her, she could be a Ravenclaw too. She is always thrill to learn." He pointed out, "Or a Gryffindor house like her mother."

"At least we will not have to worry that she'd end up in a Hufflepuff house. She shows absolutely no signs of that house."

Harry laughed, "Look at us, we're debating on what house she could practically land in within a week!"

Severus laughed along, agreeing what the young man has said, and recalled his time at the age of twenty-three. He got the job here and began working to keep his images for others to believe.

"That's because we became her parents almost, Harry. You are her mother and you had me as her uncle."

The man-who-lived smirked, "That's because I didn't want to confuse her after she kept calling you dada. I mean, I don't want her to hate me for calling you dad when you aren't her biological father. Honestly, Sev, I was nervous if she was going to be demanding to explain about her father situation by now. She never did, though."

Severus shrugged, "Maybe she had felt satisfied with the family she already has."

Harry couldn't argue with that logic and he knew Adamaris would still have her father, just not alive or being able to physically hug or touch him. At least she knows now and better than never as well. Severus kept quiet to see Harry was lost in thoughts about things and decided to drink his own tea.

"Severus!" Harry demanded the man's attention, "Honestly, I told you that two was my limit! Now, it is the third time!" He groaned.

The man smirked, "You know how I feel about this, Harry. We are keeping this one as well, whether you want a limit to it." He came up to the young man and patted his cheek, "Besides, there were no complaints last night from you."

The man-who-lived huffed, "This better be the last time!"

Severus came behind him and hugged his navel closely. Harry glared at the man, knowing very well this elder was in so much trouble as it was, and nothing was going to change.

"You know I always dreamt of having a big family. You said you wanted a big family too." Professor Snape smirked.

The emerald eyes rolled, "And didn't I say next time you should be pregnant?" His head shook, "Looks like Poppy will be delighted. I don't trust no one else during my giving birth to these kids. This better be the last child or you're going to regret this, Severus." Harry sighed.

Severus kisses the man's bare neck, "Oh, I will never regret it. Adamaris, Gwendolyn, and Leonardo are going to be excited to be a big sibling."

Harry groaned, "Right there, yeah," He was so easily turned on, "Severus…please, don't. I'm pregnant right and it is not safe to do."

Severus soothes the young man's flat stomach and eager to see him grow.

"I know, but it puts you in a calmer mood. Shall we tell Albus?" He hummed.

"Might as well, that man loves children."

"I thought he was going to haunt me if I got you knocked up with Gwendolyn."

He shrugged, "Albus has changed, I'm telling you that much. After a month of his death, I can't believe I fell in love with you and you got me pregnant that fast. I didn't think Adamaris would be so eager to be a big sister and have you as her second father. I swear, she loves having two fathers." His head shook, "Now, she's going to be eleven within two months from now. I better expect this baby is going to be the last one, Severus."

Severus smirked, "I believe our family isn't big enough until this one comes in nine months."

"And when will you learn, Severus?" Another voice joined in, "I can sense when Harry is pregnant each time now. Not only that, he is carrying a set of twins."

Harry gasped, "Albus! Don't scare us like that!" He whined.

Albus chuckled, Severus placed a mask on his expression, and thought carefully of the man's words. His black eyes was shocked once he had realized.

"Twins? We're having twins?"

Harry was stricken ill by the word twins, "Albus, please tell me you are simply joking for the thrill. That you're just trying to get Severus more eager to find out."

The headmaster smiled, "Since when do I joke of twins? As I tell you, you are carrying a set of twins."

Harry was much paler than a ghost and he almost dropped. Severus caught him, since he was holding him all those times, and managed to get his lover back on his feet.

"I need to eat now. That's…um, sorry. Let me go stomach all of this in." He shook his raven hair, "I need time alone."

Severus knew when Harry meant time alone and let his lover go. He watched him leave the office and headed out to somewhere private. He turned to Albus with a curious face.

"Don't worry, give him a few months. He'll adore them and wants them a part of his life. After all, he was stubborn and uncertain of wanting more kids after Adamaris. I believe I may have scarred him then." He chuckled.

"Well of course, you petrified him for life."

"Not necessarily, he did come to the point he is no longer afraid of anything." He shrugged, "By the way, Adamaris talked to me about attending to colleges and I feel," He hummed, "Worried. You know how boys are in colleges."

Severus smirked, "Yes, but Adamaris is going to repeat her years here again. She knows I expect nothing less to be the top of her classes. She isn't sixteen yet, so she will take courses she hasn't taken before here."

"And what of Harry? What is his say in this?"

"Like any other mother would be, overprotective. Harry rather go back in time instead of letting her go off to wizard colleges. Besides, we're going to talk to her and explain to her that she needs to be taking courses she hasn't taken and she does not know what she desires to be profession towards. She hasn't learned so much in the Defense Art of Dark Art or taken so many levels since she was exempts because of her age."

Albus was quite impressed. He enjoyed being a ghost sometimes, but other times, he hated it when Adamaris gets depress and he couldn't hug her. Severus would be the one to take over.

"How are Gwendolyn and Leonardo?" The grandfather act kicked in.

The potion master sat down on the couch, "Gwendolyn is gaining control of her magic with the wand and able to recall half of first year's spells. Leonardo has been reading and writing a lot, but he tends to be quite stubborn towards his writing. He doesn't seem to be into writing as he does for reading."

He chuckled, "I believe he will be the Ravenclaw in the family, I have no doubts. Mind you, Gwendolyn has been being clever with her words around Harry and tricks you to say yes in order to get an extra cookie. Be warn, she is quite a sweet tooth there."

Severus couldn't believe so much had changed over time in his life. He truly had fallen in love with Harry for seven years and made a move after a month of Albus' murdered death. They kept the story unknown and only Minerva would know the truth. Adamaris began to see her as Aunt Minnie and she was often involved the girls' life since they don't have a female adult. They needed a female figure around them anyway. Hermione was delighted to be an aunt for Harry's girls.

Albus would visit Adamaris at least four times a week or if she needs him the most. She spent most her time attending Hogwarts classes and her classmates were shocked to see six to ten years old girl can keep up and learn well. They had wondered if it was based on genes or something about Snape generations. Harry would laugh at the rumors and tells Albus about it. No one knew that Albus' ghost remained around, but only Minerva and Draco were allowed to know.

Draco actually ended up taking Hagrid's role and the students got opportunities to meet 'safe' creatures. He was able to look out for anyone who harasses his creatures or bully others. Hagrid went into a retirement in his own hut, but he was gladly to visit Harry and the kids. He would be free to babysit them when Severus and Harry wanted some time alone or they have classes to teach.

Yet, Harry stood in front of the grave that belongs to Albus. The wind whips his robe towards the stone and he stood there, even though he knows Albus is unable to move on because of their daughter. However, he knew the world was in a safer place. When he arranged an interview with Luna, people were shocked to learn who is the true savior all this time for the past four years. Harry had explained in the interview that Voldemort used a dark curse without revealing its name. He pointed out that Severus had created a cure and Albus' second and last battle with Voldemort proves that the world is free from the dark lord.

People celebrated it after the discovery and celebrated it in Albus' name, no less than the man they believed to respect. Harry felt it was better off the world did not know what he had went through and not shamed the man for something he could not help. Harry only did it to keep Adamaris alive and nothing less. The only thing he had regretted was not returning sooner…yet, could he still be with Albus a little longer? Or would Aberforth do the same thing? Not only that, would Voldemort still be around? There were questions that had bothered Harry, but he knew there wasn't much he could have done. The past was the past.

Here he stood, pregnant with twins and thinking of how happy his life had turned around for him. He isn't known as a savior, he's free to be Severus' lover and mother of his children, and he is a professor that teaches the DADA. Harry showed others that he was not to walk away from some 'curses' that Voldemort placed on and he remained being the teacher no matter what – whether he's pregnant or not.

"I'm pregnant with twins." He chuckled shortly, "I guess I shouldn't complain. I did give him my consent after all." He smirked, "After all, he wants a big family and he's going to be the one knocked up next time anyway."

Severus has no idea he should look after himself, especially Harry is determine to get him pregnant if they were planning to have a big family. There is one thing could admit and that's loving his children. He survived through everything because the worse was over and getting through his pregnancy would be smooth as possible as he can.

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