Based on the movie Disturbia without the murder and killing part. Santana has been sentenced to electronic house arrest for a pretty long time. How is she going to keep herself busy? Her new blonde neighbor girl seems to be a good distraction.

Chapter one.

"Santana, stop that," Maribel Lopez said firmly as her seventeen year old daughter playfully moved her leg each time the policewoman tried to attach the monitor to her right ankle. Santana chuckled provocatively.

"Young lady, I'm going to ask you one more time to keep still otherwise I have to use physical force to get it on," the lady told Santana who raised her eyebrow seductively.

"Get it on?" the Latina repeated with her signature smirk that made her mother scold at her in Spanish. The policewoman shook her head disapprovingly but was finally able to attach the monitor.

The monitor was a small square device with integrated antenna to track where the person who's wearing it, is going. The monitor was definitely not comfortable to wear. After some time, the thing would make your skin get itchy and would get in your way when you would want to wear certain pants or shoes.

"If you remove it, we will know about it, if you go further then the fences of your garden, we will know about, it's water proof, it's bulletproof," the woman rattled while she switched the thing on. A green bulb could be seen. "In short, don't mess with it."

Santana studied the monitor and touched it when the policewoman was done. It was cold on her ankle; it was hard and pretty unrealistic now she had it on. It made her have a loss for words, she was feeling so captured all the sudden.

The two policemen, who came to install all the senders that had to be placed in the garden, came inside. They looked very intimidating with their sunglasses and chewing their gum so shameless. But they didn't say much. The policewoman did all the talking.

"I do want to advice you to make a daily schedule and keep to it, keep yourself busy. I have seen people get crazy by the lack of structure and the fact that they didn't keep themselves occupied. It's really important," she said and gave Maribel her card. "Do you have any questions?" Both mother and daughter shook their head. "Okay, if you do, then call me, my number is on the card."

She grabbed her purse from the floor and shook Santana and Maribel's hand. Then she said goodbye and walked out of the front door, letting herself out while the two policemen followed her to the car. Gone they were, gone with the wind.

A few days ago.

"Can Santana Lopez stand up please?" the judge asked but it was more of an order.

Santana, who sat next to her lawyer, stood up and looked a bit indifferently. It was a look she had been using a lot these days. It showed the way she felt about things.

"You are sentenced to two and a half months of electronic house arrest for physically abusing a bartender in a drunken state. Do you have anything to say Ms. Lopez? Any questions?"

"No, sir," Santana answered politely. She knew the procedure, as it wasn't the first time that she stood in front of a judge.

"If you don't take this sentence serious, you will go to jail. Case closed." The judge hit the button on the table with his hammer and after that, an informant informed Santana, her lawyer and her parents about following actions.

Everybody was relieved the young rebellious Latina didn't have to go to jail.

And now here she sat with her mother at their kitchen table, discussing some 'rules' that she was obviously not going to follow. Santana would be home alone most of the time as her mother worked every day and her father was now on a business trip for a couple of weeks. They couldn't keep an eye on her most of the time. So that gave Santana all the time and space to do what ever she wanted to do, at home that was. Only her sister Camila could be a problem though, but whatever, she was just as bad as Santana.

They lived in a typical American neighborhood in a pretty big house so Santana had enough space to entertain herself. They had multiple TV's, game stations and computers, a pool table and even their own fitness room. Unfortunately, rule number one was that Santana would spend as much time as possible on her schoolwork so she wouldn't fall behind with school.

After sort of 'agreeing' with the rules her mother imposed, Santana went two stairs up to get to the loft, her loft. The whole loft was her bedroom and so it was big. It had lots of windows were you could look over the neighborhood and there was a couch, a big bed, a private bathroom and even a dartboard that she never used.

But most importantly, it was the master bedroom of a player. Cause that's what Santana was, she was a player. Well, actually, Santana liked to hunt but not to catch and definitely not to keep. She was too busy or fearful for that. She would never easily admit it, but Santana was pretty insecure and emotional. The girls she mostly 'hooked up' with were only sexually interested in her and that made Santana feel disgusted. So she jumped them before any serious business could happen.

The Latina has never dated boys, as she had always known she only liked girls. She loved to flirt with them, to make them feel good and to let them believe that it was a privilege to be called 'sexy' or 'hot' by Santana Lopez. But unlike her reputation, Santana did not sleep around. She wasn't a virgin anymore either, she had slept with two girls to be exact. But everybody always thought that she had already done it with every beautiful girl in the school.

But anyways, she loved her reputation. It made her feel powerful. So when that stupid bartender began to spread rumors about her, not being worth that reputation at all and not being the player as everybody thought she was, Santana lost it and used her famous 'Lima Heights' way to shut her up.

She went to lie flat on her couch and grabbed the control of her Playstation. She loved to get her aggression out on the enemies in the games. It wasn't without a reason that shooting games were her favorite.

"Die, die! You stupid bastard!" she scolded. "Sam, grab him! He killed me!" she yelled to Sam through the headset she was wearing.

"Yes ma'am," Sam said with a low voice.

Sam Evans was Santana's playmate. They were buddies. Sam was a nice guy, a little awkward occasionally but he had something that made Santana trust him. Santana had Sam for daytime fun and Noah Puckerman, Puck, for the nightlife fun.

Puck was a real player, a real real one. Santana didn't trust him at all, as she knew about all about his tricks and his ways. But because of his huge network of attractive girls, Santana could take benefit from that and that's why he was cool to hang with. But Puck wouldn't be useful in the next two and a half months, as Santana would be locked up in her own house. So no nightlife for her that is.

Quinn Fabray would be useful though. Quinn was Santana's best girl mate, for daytime fun. Quinn liked girls too but Santana and her never hooked up, it would be too awkward. Quinn knew all about Santana's secrets and insecurities, so Santana felt very safe with her. They had been best friends for years.

"Santana! Quinn is here!" Maribel Lopez shouted from downstairs.

"Okay, let her come up!" Santana yelled back and kept focused on the screen. She was probably going to win!

A few seconds later, Quinn walked in the room and went to stand in front of the TV. She crossed her arms and Santana frowned.

"Quinn, could you please move your ass away from the screen, I'm almost winning here!" Santana shouted frustrated and stood up to find a spot to still see what was going on on the screen. Quinn sighed and sat on the other couch across the TV.

"Yes! I won, ha-ha Sam I won! I've got to go now, Quinnie is here," Santana cheered fast through the headset then pulled the thing off her head after she turned off the TV.

Quinn looked at her amazed.

"What?" Santana asked indignantly.

"Is this how you're going to spend the next weeks, gaming and hanging on the couch?" Quinn asked her motherly, like she always did when Santana did something she disagreed with.

"It's just the first day Q, give me a break," Santana reasoned calmly. Quinn rolled her eyes and went to sit more relaxed on the couch, which made Santana grin.

"Show me the monster," the blonde commanded. Of course she was curious as hell. That was the main reason she went to Santana's house that day, to see the monitor. But also to hang with her best friend Sanny, she had always fun with the Latina although she acted cranky most of the time.

Santana stood up and walked towards her. She pulled her sweatpants up and turned her ankle. Quinn leaned over to take a good look at it. "Does it hurt?" she asked.

Santana shook her head. "No, there's a small cushion between my ankle and the monitor so it doesn't hurt but it does feel a bit heavy on my leg." Quinn nodded and touched the monitor with her finger.

"So strange," she spoke. "It's like you're chained in your own house." It was all a bit surreal for her.

"Well, surprise Quinn, I am," Santana said jokingly and pulled her sweatpants back in place so it would hide the monitor again. Quinn came up and looked at Santana with pity.

"This is serious San," she said like she was not fully conscious. "And you're acting so lightly about it." Santana looked down at the ground feeling a bit uncomfortable, it was getting a little too realistic for her at the moment. But she got herself together fast.

"I just have to keep myself occupied Quinn, that's all," she said while she walked towards one of the big windows and looked through it.

"Well, you can't play videogames for days, it will drive you crazy," Quinn reasoned.

"Well, then I just have to find other things to do," Santana said with a raised eyebrow and a dirty look that Quinn didn't fully understand. Santana looked back through the window again, looking rather happy with something.

"What are you looking at?" Quinn asked with a half smile. Santana grinned dopily and gestured for the blonde to come and look.

Quinn looked out of the window and saw a beautiful, stunning, hot blonde girl swimming in the pool, enjoying the last bits of the summer heat. She was truly very well shaped, probably a dancer. Then she got out of the water and stretched her body. She did it in a way like she was trying to make it as sexy as possible. Like in the movies. Quinn turned to Santana who smiled.

"They just moved in today, my new neighbors," the brunette said while wrinkling her eyebrows. "This is it Q, this is going to be my main occupation."

"You are crazy," Quinn laughed.

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