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Chapter five.

Between one and four o'clock in the afternoon, Santana was most bored. It was the time after she ate lunch and it was the time that she again realized that she was home alone and had no one to talk to.

Santana began to feel rather bad for herself. She actually pitied herself. It was just a sad situation.

Her daily schedule; get up at eight, eat breakfast, watch morning news with her mother, do schoolwork and house choirs till lunch, have lunch and then, read or puzzle or sing or sport or something like that.

Santana was getting a little crazy at times. The urge to get away from the house was occasionally so big that she had to hit herself on her head. It must have looked very strange.

After four o'clock and at night, the Latina kept herself busy with her binocular and mostly the neighbor's house and mostly, Brittany Pierce.

She had to wait for them. It was a long wait and it was getting longer every day.

It was a hot day that day. Very, very hot and not because Brittany and her sister were swimming in their pool, cause they weren't, but because the weather decided that it was going to be an excessive hot that day.

Santana said outside on the veranda with her sunglasses on and a comic book on her lap. Her intentions were to read but what happened in the neighborhood around her was more interesting. Playing kids, lawn mowing fathers, mothers who drag their shopping bags inside their houses.

But then Santana saw her way out of the hotness. Never had she though she would be so excited to hear the ice cream man coming with his ice cream stall on wheels. The bell rang loudly and it got more loudly by the second.

Santana stood up and walked till the end of her garden. The ice cream stall on wheels stopped exactly in front of her house. It must be her lucky day, Santana thought. The ice cream boy screamed while he jumped out of the driver seat. "Ice cream!" and again, "Ice cream!" He seemed nice.

The Latina smiled and ran quickly inside to grab some money and ran back outside again. She was going to buy one. The moment she opened the gate and set one step on the sidewalk, the green light on her device turned to red and started peeping annoyingly.

"Oh shit!" Santana spat and immediately did a step back. She looked at the ice cream boy who looked at her with an annoying smirk. Santana decided to ignore it and ask the boy if he could bring her a strawberry ice cream and then she would pay for it, even more if that were necessary. With a little sexy smile it had to work. "Hi, ice cream boy, I have a little restriction at the moment, could you bring me a strawberry ice cream? I'll pay you more for doing so," she said with a seducing voice.

But the boy only laughed more devilishly. And that's when Santana recognized him. Oh no! It was that boy Jimmy, or Jimbo, who had always been bugging her with everything. He had always been skeptical of her reputation; he had always nagged her about it.

"I give you your ice cream, if you come and get it," Jimmy said provocatively and raised his eyebrow. God! That boy was annoying! Santana could feel her anger build. All the anger she had been cropping inside these days was dying to come out. "Oh wait, you can't, cause you're trapped!" Jimmy laughed very loudly. But then he quickly jumped into the driver seat again when Santana left her garden and ran on the street.

"You brat! Do you think you're funny, ha? Stupid ice cream boy," Santana shouted at him. She really wanted to give him a piece of mind. So she ignored the monitor on her ankle and walked towards the ice cream stall. "Owh, driving away? Coward!"

"Go back to where you belong, Lopez! Go back to your cage!" Jimmy shouted out of the window of his car. Santana wanted to run after the car but then realized she had to get back to the garden, fast. She ran. She ran as hard as she could back to the green zone.

"Turn green, please turn green," she mumbled as she fled to her garden and fell on the grass there. "Come on, come on!" she shouted as the light was still red. Then, after a few very long seconds, it turned to green and stopped peeping. "Yes!" Santana was relieved but then her face fell.

A police car appeared in front of her house and two officers rushed out of it. "Put your hands on your head!" one of them commanded her firmly. Santana frowned.

"What?" she questioned as the cops came closer. "No, It's not what you think, that ice cream boy, he was being unprofessional to me!" One cop grabbed her arm and put a handcuff on it. Santana was astonished. Especially, when she saw the name card on his shirt, Brikely. The same surname as the barwoman she had hit to the hospital. Great, a family member.

"On the ground," he ordered her strictly and with a little resistance first, Santana did. Now, both of her hands were cuffed to one another. He led her to the car and drove her to the police station. Before she knew it, the same woman who put the monitor on her, was questioning her. Santana stayed with her story and was brought home soon after.

"This is her first warning, one more time and she'll go to jail, okay?" the woman asked Maribel who was disappointed with her daughter but also had to give her a little credit. She nodded understandably.

"Yes, I'm sure it won't happen again," she said as she led the woman out of the front door and closed it behind her.

Santana sat slumped on the couch in the living room. She stared straight ahead of her; still having to process everything that had happened to her that afternoon. Her mother went to sit beside her and sighed.

"I'm sorry mom," Santana said rather fragile. Her mother gave her a sympathetic smile and put an arm around her daughter.

"I know sweetheart, I know," she said and kissed Santana's head.

It was four o'clock. It was time for the show to begin. Santana had, secretly, grabbed some potato chips out of the cabinet and a soda can. She had put her comfy clothes on and thick socks.

She grabbed her binocular and sat on her comfy chair in front of her window. She knew the drill of the Pierce household. She had been watching them a little too often.

Mrs. Pierce was a housewife and a writer so she was at home most of the time; sometimes she went out to go shopping or to have lunch with her 'fake big boobs' friends. At home, she kept herself busy with cleaning and watching predictable soaps. She was rather boring to watch.

At four o'clock, Ashley and Brittany arrived home from school. Ashley drove the expensive car while Brittany sat in the passenger seat. Their schoolbags and sport bags, they were both cheerleaders, always lay in the backseat so when they got out of the car, they both opened the backseat doors to grab their bags.

Together they walked to the front door and Ashley would open it. They never looked happy getting into the house. They were a bit reluctant.

Then, Mrs. Pierce, who was almost always standing in the kitchen, would ask them about their school day and the two sisters always tried to keep it short. Luckily, after a few questions, their mother would leave them alone and so the two sisters separated and both went to do their own thing.

Ashley would mostly go chatting with her friends on the phone or on the computer. She didn't do much; often she would sneak out of the house. Or some random girl would sneak in through the window of her bedroom. Then Ashley would close her curtains and what would happen in her room was for Santana to fantasize about.

But Brittany, who was way more interesting, was doing other stuff. She did her homework neatly, watched some TV, swam or did some dancing in her room. It was so cute how she could entertain herself so well and how sexy she looked when she danced. Santana feasted on it. She couldn't keep her eye off her. It had been her addiction these days, her way to get through it.

At six o'clock, Mr. Pierce arrived home from work. He always gave Mrs. Pierce a kiss on her lips and sometimes even a smack on her butt. Diner was always ready at that time also. Mr. Pierce called for his daughters to come and a moment later, the whole family would be eating diner together. Sometimes they laughed with each other, sometimes they were angry at one another and sometimes they were all rather quiet. It was a surprise every day.

Unfortunately, Santana could not always watch them eat diner cause her mother made diner at the same time too. It was a big bummer every time.

After the Pierce family had eaten, they all helped clearing up and then went their separate ways again. Mrs. Pierce would do some writing; Mr. Pierce would read the newspaper, as he had no time to do that in the morning. Ashley would go study in her room with her headphones on her head. And Brittany, Brittany would be a little bored. She would go sit on the roof of their garage that was attached to their house. She could easily climb up there out of her window. She mostly sat there with a book or with her headphones on. Sometimes she wrote things in, what Santana assumed, was her diary.

Santana watched her. It was such a peaceful sight. It gave her a warm feeling inside. She wanted to climb out of her window and sit next to the blonde. She wanted to know all about her, she wanted to be with her. "God, you're beautiful," Santana whispered.

Then, totally unexpected, the girl looked right into the binocular. At least, it seemed that way. Like she had heard Santana. The Latina was startled and immediately slumped into her chair, hoping Brittany hadn't seen her. After a while she pushed herself up a bit and looked again. The blonde was still sitting on the roof; she looked a bit flattered or something. Santana couldn't put her finger on it.

Then, again totally unexpected, Brittany looked right into the binocular again and winked! "What?" Santana was shocked and jumped on the ground. Had Brittany just winked at her? Did she know the Latina was watching her? Santana could have seen it wrong. It was getting dark, maybe she just blinked her eye cause her contacts were being annoying again. Santana breathed heavily.

She started to crawl over the floor to the couch when her sister came barging in. Great. Just great timing.

"What are you doing? You moron," Camila asked her with a playful tone. Santana flustered as Camila noticed the comfy chair at the window and the binocular next to it. "Where you spying on the neighbors again, our sexy neighbor girls?" she asked with her eyebrow raised. Santana wanted to disappear at that moment. She could feel her cheeks heating up.

"No, I wasn't," she lied and stood up. "What do you want?" she immediately asked to change the awkward subject. Camila grinned.

"Malenie is coming over tomorrow, could you please not mention it to mom?" the older Latina asked carefully. Santana made a humming sound as to make it look like she was thinking about it.

"Hm, that's alright. If I may play on your game station tomorrow morning when mom's away."


They shook hands and so Camila left Santana's room again, still smirking annoyingly of her sister's stalking behavior. Santana huffed.

She walked back to the comfy chair and grabbed the binocular to check on Brittany again. Gone. No Brittany. The curtains of her room were closed. Santana had to wait till tomorrow again.

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