Dual, 3x13

Summary: What if Claire had managed to save Meredith by making a deal with Sylar?

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Claire picked up the phone and jabbed at the buttons. When she didn't hear any dial tone, she gave up and slammed the phone down. "It's dead." She remarked to no one in particular.

"It doesn't surprise you, does it? He's put us all on lockdown." Angela asked, face as serene as ever. Claire felt like smashing her face in. Why wasn't she panicked, or angry or something? Her expression was so calm, she could have been having tea at The Plaza for all the emotion she showed. Claire became restless and shook at the metal bars on the windows. Darn him and his stupid emo-ness. Everytime things went right for her, he'd show up and then everything would start going wrong again. Of course, it wasn't always his fault, her family was hardly blameless, but still. This made her even more angry and she rattled the windows harder, before giving up and stepping away. "You're only giving him what he wants." Angela admonished her. Claire sighed and turned to face her grandmother as she continued. "A child starved for attention throws a temper tantrum." Angela explained slowly, as if Claire was a very small child. "Well, I'd like to give him a good spanking." She shot back, getting fed up. She didn't care about Sylar's murderous, attention seeking habits, all she wanted to do was grab Angela, Meredith and her dad and get out of the creepy building. As if on cue, the phone began to ring.

Claire stepped hesitantly toward it, keeping a firm grip on her gun. If this was a perfect world, it would be her dad telling her that he had managed to blow out Sylar's sick twisted brains and that they could all go home now. But, of course, the world was never perfect. When did I get so bitter? She wondered to herself as she pressed the speaker button. Sylar's voice rang through the room.

"There is a way to stop this, Claire. You want to be a Company agent, hunt down bad guys, that means making hard choices just like your daddy." He chuckled bitterly. "And lets face it; you are just like your daddy." No, I'm not! Claire wanted to scream at him, but her throat was too dry and her mouth refused to open. He continued, "Okay, I will allow dad, you and bio-mom to walk out of here alive to live happily ever after, all you have to do is take your shotgun, hold it up to Angela's head, and pull the trigger." Claire's breath caught in her throat. What kind of sick game was he playing at? He wanted her to kill..? Her eyes met Angela's and for the first time Angela's eyes reflected that maybe she knew things were'nt going to work out so well after all.

''Oh!" Sylar gave a small snort of derision. "Is she even worth protecting? She wanted to blow up New York city, murdered her husband...Okay, tried." He corrected. "And most importantly, lied to me." Claire mentally rolled her eyes at him. Out of those three things, that was most important? Seriously? "Made me believe I had a mother and a family and then took it all away." He ranted. "But," His voice was taunting now, "If you're dead set on keeping her alive, you could always just give me daddy." Never, Claire thought, heart racing. There has to be some other option, one that would require neither of her family members getting killed. "Why are you doing this?" Claire choked out, voice desperate as she tried to figure out another possible end-game. What if she...? No...There had to be another way, she thought, but she knew this was the only other possible scenario he might even consider.

"You should ask your dad sometime, about what he and Elle did to me." Claire's brow furrowed. What was he talking about? "I could have been a nobody, instead of the monster I became." His voice was tinged with something that sounded alot like regret to her,but she pushed the thought out of her mind. Sylar was a psychopath, they didn't tend to feel regret. His voice continued on, malice lacing his words, "And now Elle's dead, and very soon your father may be too, it's your choice or fault. All you gotta do is get rid of Angela." He waited for her to make her choice.

Claire took a deep breath, time for her to become a hero. "Wait..." Her voice crackled over the phone, and Sylar's ears perked up. Was she actually going to try and reason with him? This was going to be interesting. "What if I offered you something else?" Her voice was reluctant and frightened and he knew this was what she deemed her last resort. "What if instead of killing one of them, I give you..." Claire sighed resignedly, feeling defeat wash over her. "Me instead?" Both Sylar's and Angela's eyes flew open, one in surprise and the other in surprise and horror. Sylar chuckled. "And what would I do with you?" He asked increduously. "Have you cheer me on, wave your little pom-poms for me? No thanks, cheerleader. You don't have what I need anymore."

Claire grit her teeth. If he called her cheerleader one more time..."Sylar, please. I'm begging here, just take me and leave my family alone.." Angela's face was taut and Claire thought her eyeballs were going to drop out, her eyes were open so wide. "And you think I care whether your begging or not?" Sylar mocked. "You following me around would just slow me down, not to mention, I don't particularly want someone trying to kill me in my sleep."

Claire tried to reason with the man. "Fine, but if you really want to get back at both my dad and Angela, you'll take me. I mean, I'm not sure about Angela, but I'm pretty sure it'll tear my dad apart when he finds out you took his precious little Claire-bear away from him. Please, just consider it. You can use me as leverage, make me do anything you want. Just leave my family the hell alone." Claire couldn't believe this, she was actually begging this guy to kidnap her. How much more fucking twisted could her life get? Sylar seemed to consider this for a second, before chuckling humorlessly."All right, Claire-bear...This should be interesting if anything. Five minutes, meet me at the entrance. If this is a trap, Claire, I will personally behead your darling daddy and Angela...And I'll make sure you're watching." The line went dead, and Claire breathed a sigh of relief. She turned to look at Angela, who was staring at her with a mixture of pride, horror and sadness. Claire smiled sadly and hugged her. This could be the last time she ever saw her, after all. "Tell my dad and Meredith I love them." Angela nodded, a tiny tear slipping free from her stone-cold demenour. "I think they already know." Claire dropped her gun on the couch beside Angela, and ran from the room, only once looking back. Angela watched her go, sad but silent. Surprisingly, she hadn't seen this one coming.

Nathan was going ballistic. Not that Peter expected anything else, but still. It kinda hurt when you're big brother screams at you for saving his life. Egotistical bastard.

"That wasn't me, that was you!" Nathan screamed, a vein on his neck sticking out quite prominently. Glad you noticed, genius.

"You took the formula! Everything you're against!" He reprimanded, pacing back and forth. What was this, state-the-obvious day? How about a thank you, Pete, thank you so much for saving me and stopping my dangerous and stupid plan?

Peter wiped a bead of sweat off his brow, gasping for breath. "I had no other choice." He pleaded, walking towards Nathan.

"Why'dya save me, huh? Why'dya do it?" Because your my brother, asshole!

"Because you're my brother and I love you." He said, eyes earnest.

Nathan looked at him as if he wanted to kill him. Rose-tinted glasses. His mother's words from barely 2 years ago rang in his ears.

"It wasn't what I would've done." The words hit Peter like a slap, and it kind of was. Perhaps, the ultimate slap in the face.

Peter smiled sadly. "I know." Nathan turned away from him, and before he knew it, was flying away from him. Peter stared up at the night sky, watching Nathan fly off until he was nothing but a tiny speck of dust. He ran his hand through his hair, suddenly exhausted. Damn. He so needed a drink.

Just when Ando and Matt were almost certain that Daphne and Hiro had been either killed by Arthur Petrelli(Matt's theory) or were being tortured and held for questioning(Ando's theory), the two of them sped into the room, looking triumphant. Hiro looked relieved and proud as he tore the white paper into shreds and walked over to Ando, holding up his hands in victory. As Matt and Daphne embraced, Ando and Hiro did too, and all of them shared a mutual feeling of triumph, right and victory. But, of course, that couldn't last very long...

"I hate you." Claire stated, as she walked towards the shadowed figure at the entrance of Primatech. He just rolled his eyes. "Whatever, Claire-bear. You're the one who offered yourself up." Just as their about to leave, the sound of a gun cocking stops them . Claire's heart raced with the hope that maybe, just maybe, she isn't going to have to do this, that her dad, the ultimate hero will succeed in saving her. Instead, she feels Sylar's arms wrap around her neck, and she knows that he's won this round. Her dad will never risk her getting hurt, not even though he knows she's immortal. She feels hot tears slipping down her face as she sees her dad's horrified expression and Meredith's outraged one. "I've got her now." Sylar says, and she just knows he's smirking. Asshole. "Bye dad, bye mom. Tell Lyle and my other mom I love them," she manages to choke out before Sylar has dragged her out the doors. The last thing she hears before they are gone is the sound of bullets ricocheting of metal. As Sylar forces her into a car and they drive off, Claire wonders if she'll ever see any of them again. It feels good, however, to for once be the hero, even though she's kinda still the victim.

End of Volume Three, Villains

On the 6th day, God created man in his own image. Now, it's all up to us to figure it out. Right, wrong. Good, Evil. In each of us is the capacity to decide what drives our actions. So, what is it that makes some of us choose selflessness, the need to devote oneself to something greater, while others know only self-interest, isolating themselves in a world or their own making? Some seek only love, even if it's unrequited, while others are driven by fear and betrayal. There are those who see their choices as dark proof of God's absence, while other's follow a path of noble destiny. But in the end, good, evil, right or wrong, what we choose is never what we really need, for that is the ultimate cosmic joke, the real gift of what god has left behind~Sylar

Volume Four, Fugitives

There is good and there is evil, right and wrong, heroes and villains, and if we're blessed with wisdom, then there are glimpses between the cracks of each, where light streams through. We wait in silence for these times, when sense can be made, when meaningless existence comes into focus and our purpose presents itself. And if we have the strength to be honest then what we find there staring back at us is our own reflectin, bearing witness to the duality of life. That each one of us is capable of both the dark and the light, of good and evil, of either, of all. And destiny, while marching ever in our direction, can be rerouted by the choices we make, by the love we hold on to, and the promises we keep.~Mohinder

Sylar watched Claire carefully from the driver's seat. She hadn't said a single thing since they left Pinehearst. "What?" She finally snapped, feeling irritated at his constant observation of her. She wasn't a lab rat for him to study and she could practically feel his eyes on her. "Nothing. Just wondering how did I get so lucky as to be able to spend my Friday night with the mystery that is Claire Bennet." He mocked. She rolled her eyes at him. "You're gonna start mocking me now? Seriously, now? It's barely been an hour since I threw myself into your company, give a girl a break." She expected him to continue with his mocking but instead he just rolled his eyes and turned back to the road. Thank god, Claire thought to herself. She didn't really feel very chatty right now.

Three weeks later...

"I think our only option at this point is to get the U.S government involved." Nathan finished and leaned back on the soft leather seats in the limousine, trying to read the expression on the president's face. The president shifted slowly through the files he put together; the ones on Tracy Strauss, Micah Sanders, Mohinder, Parkman, Sylar. His brain freezes in fury at the latters name and remembered the phone call from his mother, the one where she told him how Claire voluntarily gave herself up to Sylar, in order to preserve their lives. God, she is so much like Peter. "All the evidence you need is there, in that file." The president slowly nodded. "Fine. I will provide whatever you need." Nathan smiles, and it's that cool, shark-like smile that both Peter and Heidi hate. "Thank you, Mr. President." He slid to the edge of the limousine and got out, shivering slightly in the cold air of Washington.

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To be continued...