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Chapter 1

Start of a new year

Katara POV

"Katara wake up it's your first day at the academy." Gran-Gran yelled up the stairs. At hearing this, my eyes opened and a look of excitement formed on my face. Today was the greatest day ever! I Katara Kishiko am going to the Royal Academy of Dance. All genres can apply. Hip-Hop, Classical, Theatrical, but that wasn't my thing. My thing was ballet. That's right laugh all you want. I Katara am a ballet dancer. I mean public school grades I had nothing to worry about, I got straight A's. In fact I am a 4.0. At this school majority of the time includes dancing, but I do have some regular courses. Like math. Unfortunately math is actually included in every occupation, sucks for me, and the others who hate math, but as I said straight A student. Can't say the same about my older-but immature- brother. He just turned eighteen a few weeks ago, and now he says he's an adult. Pff! Yeah right!

Now let's get one thing straight. I love being here in Colorado with my gran-gran, and I am looking forward to going to this school. But I also miss my parents. They are currently residing in Alaska taking care of some business, but promised they would rejoin us three months. I doubt it. So to cheer up my day I quickly turned on my radio and was just in time to hear my favorite song, in the entire world! I started to jump around crazily while putting the covers neatly back on my bed. This was the life!

Hey, Hey, You, You,

I don't like your girlfriend!

No, no, no way, I think I'm damn perfect!

Suddenly my brother barged into my room and turned off the radio, giving me a scolding look. I rolled my eyes and stuck out my tongue. I love my brother and everything like any sister should, but sometimes I could give him a left hook. He gets on my damn nerves. I placed my hands on my hips and gave him the same glare. Many people know that Sokka and I are family, but you could hardly tell that we were related thanks to his new "image." He was signing up for hip-hop classes at the academy conservatory, which is great since he's really good at it! I on the other hand would be considered unpopular, since lack of finesse. But who cares my mother actually taught me some ballet, and I look forward to this.

"Katara at the conservatory I have rules and standards. You won't talk to me when I'm around my friends since you're still a kid and all." He said ticking off the points with his fingers. "Rule two no eye contact."

I rolled my eyes in annoyance. "Um your rules and standards are stupid, and you're acting like a child. Second you're one year older than me dummy! Lastly I can give you all the eye contact I want too!" I yelled. My brother chuckled and ruffled my already untamed hair and smiled.

"I'm just messing with you little sis. See you downstairs." He said simply and walked out of my room. After he left I quickly showered, brushed my teeth, and straightened my hair. I ended up putting it in a tight bun. After preparing myself I got my duffel and ran down the stairs, and smiled to see my gran-gran giving Sokka a piece of toast, smeared with sea prune jelly. (I know it sounds gross, but it's good, but I can't eat! It's against the ballet rules of health!) I smiled at both of them, and grabbed an apple, biting into it.

"Now Sokka and Katara. I will not be having dinner with you two tonight." Gran-Gran explained grabbing her small tan purse. "I'm going to be on a date. But right now I'm headed off to do some volunteer work at the orphanage. I'll see you two later. I left twenty dollars so you can buy a pizza." She said and quickly kissed us on the cheek. Then she ran to the door. The only thing we saw was a cute station wagon, rolling down the street. After fifteen minutes my brother and I finally got in his vehicle and drove off ready for school. On the way he was telling me about his friends that he had there. I wouldn't know because all my life I've been in private school, while Sokka went to public. So I am sure I know not one of his friends. But that wasn't the matter at hand. I was too focused on meeting some ballet friends; well I hope to form some.

I was in my cute leotard but I had a skirt on the bottom for now. I also had on leg warmers and ballet shoes, and lastly a jacket to cover my upper body.

After driving for five minutes we finally arrived. Students were going in and out, and the conservatory was rather huge! Well it is a school for dance so it would have to be! We exited the car and I saw Sokka lead the way near the steps. We were met with two people. One was wearing a tight tank top, and black cargo pants. The other was a boy wearing an orange tee-shirt, and black cargo pants. I clasped my hands in front of me nervously, as the three began to talk.

"And who is miss prissy pants over there?" the woman in the tank questioned.

I strutted over and saw she was holding her fist out in a kind gesture but instead I clasped my hands over the fist and shook it.

"Nice to meet you."

"Same here, Sugar Queen."

"What?" I questioned. The girl only spit out her tooth pick and chuckled. From then on me and her had become friends. After a couple more minutes of waiting I bolted inside, without watching where I was going and ran straight into someone. My books fell from my hand, and I looked at the person in horror. It was a man. He had dark hair, golden eyes, and a scar on the left side of his face. He wasn't ugly that scar made him look more hot! Wait stop it! You ran into this guy Katara!

Chibi Katara: Yeah dummy! You just ran into that guy! Have some sense, you are making me look bad! *Hides from reporters*

I shook my counterpart/conscious from my head and looked at the stranger.

"S-sorry, I wasn't watching." I apologized.

"Yeah I'm sure of that. Watch where you're going." He snarled and walked off. I raised a brow at the retreating stranger and sighed. I gave a fake laugh and wave.

"Nice meeting you too, scarface." I whispered. Apparently it didn't turn out to be a whisper, and it caught people's attention. The guy turned around swiftly and perfectly like a car making a u-turn. He looked PISSED OFF!

"What did you say?" he questioned. I swallowed trying to find out what to say, the only thing was silence in the air.

"Agni! Get to class and stop picking on the new students!" a teacher ordered. The scarred man growled and stocked off into the halls. STUPID, STUPID, STUPID! Why do I have to talk?!

Chibi Katara: I ask myself that question everyday! *Pulls zipper over her mouth, and makes muffled noises, then shrugs*

I turned to the man who had instructed that guy to go to class. I saw it was Headmaster Roku. This guy was a classical legend in dancing, especially for his elemental tango. This school actually had four headmasters. Headmaster Yang Chen, Headmaster Kuruk, and Headmaster Than Lan. They were all great masters in the arts of dancing.

"Making trouble already Ms. Kishiko? I read your reports you're a 4.0 student, don't make trouble like your brother." Roku said simply. I chuckled nervously and rubbed the back of my neck.

"Don't worry headmaster, the slacker is my brother." I promised and walked away quickly. The halls were filled with students but finally I found the ballet room, and walked inside. Sadly for me it was filled with people dressed in baggy pants, tank tops, and all that other hip-hop wear. My brother and his two friends were in there, not to mention the guy who I had ran into. He was talking to my brother casually, but stopped as everyone noticed me. I waved nervously once again not knowing what to say. I am such an idiot. Why didn't I read the big plaque on the door. I know why because I AM AN IDIOT! ONCE AGAIN! Just saying. Whoa I just noticed how hot he looked! He had dressed so…professional, and now he was in a sleeveless black shirt, black baggy pants, and sleek dance sneakers. Toph punched him in the shoulder, and I waited for him to snap on her, until he-gently- nudged her back.

They were friends. Mr. Hothead wasn't throwing a tantrum. I think he does owe me an apology you know since, he ran into me in the hall! Who does he think he is?

Chibi Katara: *Fixes glass, trying to be the voice of reason* Note to self, regular sized me. You ran into him, and you called him Scarface if I might add! The guy is cute maybe you should give him a chance! Then you could live happily ever after! *Grabs cardboard chibi Zuko and marries it*

I never noticed when my brother called me over. My feet turned against me as they led me to the group of four. I swallowed hard and looked directly at my brother.

"What are you doing in here little sister?" Sokka questioned.

"Sister she looks way to good to be related to you." A gloomy voice mentioned walking over casually. I took a good look at her to see her stand next to Scarface…I mean Zuko! She was the definition of elegance. Her skin pale without a mark or blemish. She wore a black long sleeved leotard, black stockings, and black ballet shoes. Her dark hair was in a ponytail but had two odd looking buns at the top, all-in-all she was quite…beautiful. I don't think she could compare with the next woman who walked In though. This woman should be named the Queen of Perfection. I noticed she was walking next to a girl with tea brown colored hair, who was walking on her hands! This school keeps getting better and better.

Those two were wearing dancing heels; they must be in classical or contemporary dance classes. The one aka Queen of Perfection walked directly in front of me, and I held out my hand.

"Nice to meet you." I said trying to be friendly.

She gawked at my hand and then walked around me to stand in front of Zuko. I still stood there with my hand held out, and I quickly pulled it back taking a deep intake of air.

Chibi Katara: Wait a minute you're just going to let her get away with that?! Come we can take her! *Puts on boxes gloves and punches Chibi Azula in the face*

I groaned at my inner self and turned back around.

"Hello Mai you look lovely as always. Hello Sukka, hello Tup, hello nomad."

Toph had the attitude to match she quickly pushed off Azula's comment and responded with one of her own.

"Hey bitch-zula. I thought you were getting laid by Jet, why in such a bad mood?"

Azula's cheeks had turned red and she rolled her eyes. "That's not the point, father wishes to speak to you, urgently. That's all there is to say. See you after school Mai. I still don't quite understand why you're with the ballet geeks, but that's alright." Azula said simply and stalked off with the hand stand girl. So she's rude. You would be an idiot not to see the resemblance between Zuko, and that Azula girl. They are clearly siblings. Suddenly Headmaster Yang Chen walked inside, holding a cane. It wasn't for any injuries; it was to tap on the floor for further directions, which I thought was silly! Her grey eyes scanned the room until they landed on me, and Mai. We were the only ones in leotards and looked completely out of place.

"You must be Katara." She said walking up to me.

"I…um…y-yes." I stuttered. Dang it!

Chibi Katara: Be brave you dummy!

"Class is right across from the hall. If you and Ms. Daggers will so happily come to the room." She said sternly. Me and gloomy quickly left, and walked into a separate room. When we entered I noticed the room was filled with twenty other girls. Two in particular; Suki and Yue. Yue was my brother's current girlfriend.

Chibi Katara: I think that Toph girl suits him better

Shut up!

Yue was the rich girl in the conservatory. Her father is actually the principal of the school, and a very good one. This school has the highest rates in the country! Yue was in a blue tye dye one shouldered leotard, and had white stocking with silver ballet shoes. While Suki wore a dark green leotard with long sleeves on them, followed by black stockings and black ballet shoes. Even though Suki was a ballerina, she was also a hip-hop dancer. I ran to my two friends and hugged them. They were surprised to see me. Finally the bell rang and the classes began.

Zuko POV

"Come on, sparky! We have to nail It this time!" Toph yelled at me. This move was supposed to be simple, it was a two-step for crying out loud. But it's that girl! She called me Scarface and didn't even have the nerve to apologize when she had the damn chance! Talk about selfish!

Chibi Iroh: You should apologize first, it is the right thing to do.

Chibi Evil Zuko: *Pushes Iroh and takes center stage* No don't apologize she wanted to act bad, now let her!

Toph yelled at me once again when I messed up for the fourth time. This is going to be a long class!

Katara POV

The pique turn was so easy to do I did it in a single heartbeat. Yue, Mai, and Suki did it as well nailing the move perfectly. We pointed our toes accordingly, and did as told. Yue, Suki, Mai, and I were paired in a more advanced group, and we already began choreography, with Headmaster Yang Chen's assistant, Ling. She directed us as we did through, sharp, and clean movements. The muscles in my legs were starting to hurt, but it pushed me to go on. The assistant tapped her stick on the ground ready for us to perform full choreography.

"Ready 1, 2, 3, 1, 2, 3, 1," the woman said. "Pirouette a la seconde" she ordered. This move surprised me. It was usually done by the male, but I guess we were in such advancement she gave us this move. She began to throw more directions out. Finally we were nearing the big finish. The girls' and I took hold of each others' arms ready to jump, until some of the hip-hop dancers came in, with boom boxes. The four of us toppled on top of each other with small screams and curses. I saw Toph was laughing her butt off. I snarled and stood with the help of Suki, who had the same look on her face as she saw my brother snickering.

"What's the meaning of this, Kuruk?" Yang Chen spat.

"I was talking to my students. They seemed to not be getting some of the moves, I think that they should incorporate your dancing into their hip-hop. There is really no difference, just the music we dance too." Kuruk explained wisely. I heard groans and moans.

"I ain't wearing no dang tutu, or bathing suit!" Toph mentioned.

"There called leotards." Yue mentioned.

"Leotards stink! I'll stick with my baggy pants, and tee-shirt, thank you, Ms. Yue." Toph growled out.

"That's a wonderful idea, Kuruk. We'll assign partners. This will happen for three days, to see how well you incorporate your moves, you'll even get extra credit. So please do this wisely." Yang Chen ordered.

"Sokka you're with Mai." Kuruk said with delight. Sokka groaned as he looked at gloom and doom, and slugged over.

"Yue you're with Aang." Yang Chen stated.

"Zuko you're with Katara, try to be kind." Kuruk said. Zuko growled as he stomped over and glared, I returned the look and folded my arms in defiance. And thus the controversy began.

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