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Chapter 2

Katara POV

Time: 1:45 Noon

My legs and my feet were hurting badly. I had basically been practicing all day with the new routines, and tolerating the frustrations of an angered Zuko. Seriously this guy had some mad problems. If I compliment him he feels that I am "buttering" him up. But if I don't compliment him he gets angrier than before. Of all the partners that I could have had, I had to have him. Look at that I already hate someone on my first day of school. Wow no response from my inner self, that's a first.

Chibi Katara: Don't count on it sister! I am currently busy. *Raises leg in the small tub and begins to shave* Hey! Can't a girl get some privacy? *Closes bath curtain*

After a couple more minutes when finally ended the unperfected routine and left the room without saying a single word to each other. I quickly ran into the changing room letting a few tears slip from my eyes. It's hard I admit. As the second and more mature child I always took on more responsibility. I got straight A's, I cleaned the house, worked more than two jobs. It's hard enough that my parents are miles away while I'm stuck here, with the worse dance partner ever. At least it was temporary. The door to the room opened and I quickly wiped my eyes, and put on a hint of concealer. To my relief it was only Yue and Suki who were laughing at something.

"Hey little ballerina." Yue said in a fake posh tone. She looked fabulous as usual. Wearing a blue top, white pants, and grey ankle boots. Her black sunglasses rested on the top of her head as she walked over. "Are you coming to the mall with us?"

I swallowed harshly and tugged on my light blue yolo bracelet, and fastened my heart shaped necklace around my neck. Stress was overcoming me and I started to resent everyone for it. I grabbed my blue and brown duffel bag and shook my head. They clearly got the message and told me they would see me tomorrow, and I sprinted from the room. The moment I had left I saw Sokka and Zuko walking toward me having a clearly funny conversation. Until gold eyes flew to mine and I growled inwardly. Stupid bastard! So Zuko Agni is the cool guy, who cares? So what if he has everything perfect and written in two thousand dollar stone for him? He won't get what he wants out of me, that is a promise. The two guys finally found their way and were standing in front of me.

"Hey sis how was your day with my buddy here?"

"Unpleasant but I managed to go through it." I stated simply.

"Uh well, I'll see you later. Zuko and I are going to have a study session with Yue, Mai, Suki, Toph, and Aang. You wanna come?" her brother questioned with hope. She was about to say yes until she saw Zuko let out an exasperated but silent sigh. He suddenly met my stare and realized what he had just done. But I waved it off. I'm not weak people!

Chibi Katara: Beat his ass! *Grabs chibi Zuko by the hair and puts him in a headlock*

"Uh…n-no thanks. I have more work to do anyway."

"That's why it's a study session, Kat." Sokka urged.

"I do better alone, straight A student remember?"

My brother rolled his eyes and hummed dramatically. He gave me the keys to his car and I made my way out of school. Before I left I heard Zuko make a comment that my hair was so tight in a bun, it looked like my head would pop off. Tears already began to fall as I made my way to the black Pontiac. My feelings were honestly hurt and terrorized. How could someone be so mean, rude, and heartless? Fine if Scarface wanted to act like that, he can act like that. He will regret it though, I promise. He wants a fire to rise out of me, then it'll come like crashing tides! Wait was that a good quote, or no? I pushed the thought away and began to murmur to myself as I drove off. Everyone I knew had a life. Sokka, Suki, Yue, all of them! Where does that leave me? Will I be a spinster all my life?

Chibi Katara (80 years old) I'm so alone, cold, and old. I should have taken a man when I had a chance. Oh! My cat has come back from the alley!

"I am not a spinster!" I squelched. Finally I silenced my thoughts and started to take in my surroundings. Colorado was actually perfect for a girl like me. I wasn't into the big city stuff, and lights. The sky was bright and gave me delicious and comforting warmth. But not as much as the greenery and vegetation. Seriously everywhere you turned you would see a squash-corn field. The guy in back of me was honking his horn angrily and finally decided to swerve to the left side of the road, and go in front of me at high speed. You're not rushing me buddy! That was proven since he swerved in front of me…heh…

After five minutes of driving I arrived at my gran-gran's perfect house. Ever since gramp-gramp Kahnu died which was seventeen years ago, my grandmother had earned a large amount of money. She had spent it on this gorgeous house. It was a two-story and painted a white Chantilly lace color. The shudders were navy blue with specks of light blue etched into them; courtesy of my dad. The door was made of hard glass and had a light blue door frame. To seal the look together were shrubs of arctic polar rose bushes, and rose-daisies. Perfect. I parked my brother's car in the driveway, got my bag, and walked inside the house.

I forgot my gran-gran told me she had a date. I had never seen her drive off so fast before. I did my usual route as I walked through the house. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed an apple, then made my way to the telephone. I saw a big red light blinking on it that read: "1" A new message I wonder who that could be? I pushed on the play button and listened with great interest.

"Kanna it is I your lover," an elderly voice spoke.

"Gag!" I said taking another bite into the apple.

"I have sought you over a dozen suns and moons, and still I have not found you. All I can say is I can't wait to see you on our date. I'll call you later my polar sugarplum. Oh! This is Pakku."

My eyes widened as I heard the last comment. I replayed it and listened to the name of the caller again. Yep I heard right! Pakku! His name seemed so curse I couldn't even say it, I had to think it, and that's bad enough. So you guys are probably wondering why I hate his guts. He was the principal at my old middle school, and seriously the guy had it out for me. He claimed that girls' could not participate in sports, how low is that? From then on he became public enemy number one. Anyway I guess it's time for me to get to work. Not that I need any luck or anything but still wish me luck.

Next Morning

My digital alarm clock started to ring much to my dismay. I smashed my hand down on the off button and the intolerable ringing ceased. That clock was a gift from my parents, it had been hand crafted in Alaska. Most things in my room were. Everything was white in my bedroom, except for my bedding. It was a mixture of white, blue, and pink. I had studied until nine o' clock last night and still wasn't sure if Sokka had come home yet. I pushed the covers from my body and stood slowly stretching my arms over my head. You know I was an A student and I was well aware that they did not study last night.

Chibi Katara: *Scans Chibi Sokka with lie detector* you're guilty sleeze bag! Get in the cell! *Throws Chibi Sokka in a cell and throws him over water*

That was a pretty good idea but I could never do that. I looked over at my calendar and was surprised to see that today was Saturday. I had been so excited about the conservatory I didn't bother to see what day it was. Great now I had time to my volunteer work at Won Shi Tong Public Library. I did the usual showered and brushed my teeth. The real problem was trying to find an outfit. Some people may not believe this, but I actually like to wear heels, even though they say it could rupture the arch in your foot. Through the week days I wear flats, but on the weekends say hello to heels! I put on a twisted burgundy tunic, black jeans with white and floral designs, and finally I put on suede burgundy wedged heel boots. I took my hair from its tight bun and let it flow down my back.

It was already curled thanks to the tight bun that Zuko had referred to. I grabbed my DANCE backpack and left from my room, and walked to see if Sokka or gran-gran had arrived back last night. I went to Sokka's room first, it was empty. Then I went to gran-gran's and almost threw up my guts. Her and Pakku were asleep together. Wrinkly skin against skin. Tui and La take me now! My feet led me down the stairs and out of the house as fast and swift as I could muster. The bright side of Sokka not returning home is that I could use his car. I jumped inside and revved off down the roads of the sweet smelling country.

Zuko POV

My head hurts. Whoever thought we were having a study session last night is insane. We drunk a few beers well I drunk more than a few and was suffering the consequence. Now we're all at the library doing our study sessions much to my disagreements, but of course uncle forced me into going. I looked up from my textbook and saw the group of friends I had come to know and love. Yeah me actually love. Each of them had self-respect, and treated me like…family. Sokka and Aang were like the brothers I never had they were always wacky and supportive. But the difference between them was that Aang was all nomadic and peaceful like my uncle, while Sokka is just…Sokka. Yue is a good friend but I'm not around her too much but she gives me advice about girls and stuff, the ones that I like. Last but not least was Toph. I respected her most. She was straight with you no matter how harsh you act, and considering she can beat my ass she's awesome. She was actually my study partner at this moment, bossing and giving me commands.

"Oh crap!" Sokka suddenly gulped.

"What's wrong?" Yue questioned holding Sokka's arm. He pointed with his finger and I saw a woman in floral jeans, and a burgundy top, her long brown hair reaching to her waist, but sadly she was facing away from us, laughing with some skater punk guy. Toph kicked her feet up on the large table and took a swig of her water, a sigh of contentment coming from her lips.

"Ex-girlfriend?" Toph offered. "You better watch out Yue that girl is two times curvier than you, and from the back she looks pretty hot."

I agreed until that girl turned and her familiar blazing blue eyes landed on Sokka. This was going to be good…

"Ew…it's my sister!" Sokka squeaked.

Regular POV

The minute Katara laid eyes on her brother her anger started to kick in. Any intelligent person knew her brother would never study. She turned back to the "skater punk" aka Haru-her ex-love interest- and turned to the table the other five were sitting at. She fixed her golden name tag and plastered a smile on her lips as she stood next to her brother. She leaned down so she was at his ear level and began to talk louder than necessary. Her brother began to cringe and hold his pounding head as well as Zuko, and she just laughed. Her triumphant look was priceless and she now folded her arms over her chest and gave a soft smile.

"Sorry bro couldn't resist." She said simply, aware of his hangover.

"Guess I deserved it." He replied back coolly. She pulled a seat up next to Yue and crossed her legs.

"Kat I never knew you worked here." Yue said starting up conversation.

"Yeah I do volunteer work." Katara admitted shyly. Her shy demeanor led Zuko astray as he scoffed.

"Shouldn't you be working for your money? Instead your doing stupid volunteer work." He snorted and went back to scribbling on his paper. She tapped her polished fingernails on the table and swallowed.

"Says mister rich kid who doesn't work at all. Instead he rips off money from his hot-shot dad!"

"Katara…" Aang warned in shock. She clearly didn't know what Zuko had been through and didn't care. Enraged golden eyes met blue fury. He gripped his pencil so hard it broke in half.

"Go to hell." He snarled to Katara.

Her look was just as defiant, "You go first." And with that she stormed off from the table and went to the doors of the large library and closed them with the biggest slam known to man, while Zuko threw his study objects in his backpack still growling.

"Cut her some slack man. She doesn't know." Sokka pleaded.

"Whatever just keep on defending your priss of a sister, I don't care!" he growled.

"Dude she's my sister." Sokka spoke.

Zuko only flipped them off and left the library as well, in one of his angry rants. Leaving Sokka angry and the others in a confused state.

Katara POV

Who did that guy think he was? I can do damn volunteer work all I want too. Whatever if he wants to be a jerk so should I. It already stinks that we're partners on the stupid project together. My eyes widened as I saw a long black limo pull up and out of the car was Ozai Agni. A business mogul. A look of insanity and anger on his face, his secretary right behind him.

This wasn't going to be good. I watched as he walked over to the fleeing Zuko and slapped him right on his scar.

Chibi Katara: THIS ISN'T GOOD! COVER YOUR EYES AND HIDE FOR YOUR LIFE! *Jumps behind a bush and holds a gun*

The next few moments were in slow motion as I saw Zuko do the unexpected….


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