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This femme was…she looked just like an angel.

The entire Autobot faction gathered fifteen metres away from the femme and the bodies of two very familiar mechs, lying on the crystal floor of the cavern.

Sunstreaker could tell by the very look of the femme that she was one of the Wreckers. In all honesty, Sunstreaker had never seen a femme Wrecker before – she had the slim build that any other femme would have, but she also had the tough outline of a Wrecker. Her armor was thrice that of any femme Sunstreaker had ever met – this was odd, because during the war femmes were not often used as warriors. Her left forearm was transformed into a wrecking ball similar to that of Bulkhead's, while her right arm rested on her thigh. Her helm was tilted upward, facing the crystal ceiling of the cavern, but her shining optics were condescendingly glaring at the Autobots. Her glistening paintjob of royal purple and jet black shone softly in the dim light emitted by Bumblebee.

Sunstreaker's confused mind gathered his thoughts – majority of the Autobot team had been sent to recover Optimus Prime and Ironhide. Their fading signal had led the Autobots to this crystal cavern, glistening with frozen water, and they had journeyed for a few minutes into the cave before they finally saw the dim silhouettes of their leader and his sparkmate, in critical condition. Just when Prowl was about to give out instructions on transporting the damaged mechs back to Base, however, a femme had appeared out of thin air – she had not spoken yet, but the femme was definitely Cybertronian.

"Who are you?" Bumblebee's voice broke the silence.

The Wrecker said nothing, merely tilting her head higher up, her optics still focused on the group.

"She looks familiar," Bulkhead muttered softly, while Prowl consulted his databanks.

"It can't be." Prowl's soft whisper of shock caught everybody's attention. "She matches the hologram on datapad 2492 of the Archives – Ancient Cybertronian History. One of Primus' offspring? This cannot be true!"


"Primus had kids?"

"Who'd want to mate with an immortal hippie like him anyway?"

"Sideswipe!" Everybody's annoyed response was immediate, and it earned the red frontliner a cuff on the helm. Prowl cleared his vocalizer, causing a burst of static to implode, his optics refocusing on the Wrecker femme. A quick check on the relevant data file, and then, "Your name is Primex?"

The femme lowered her head slightly. A nod.

"What are you doing here in the mortal realm?"

The femme's optics narrowed, and appeared to lock onto the Autobot second-in-command for an instant before a servo rose, sweeping the air above the wasted bodies of their Prime and his mate. "I have come to claim them."

The sentence hung in the air for a moment. Claim them? Claim the Prime and Ironhide? Why would the child of Primus want to claim the Autobot leader and his mate? The war was still ongoing between the Autobots and the treacherous Decepticons –Optimus could not afford to go anywhere. Without his leadership, the Autobots would lose their sense of direction. And yes, they had Prowl, but it would not be the same without their Prime. And they could not possibly take away Ironhide – he was their best at reassembling, upgrading and calibrating weapons systems. They could not possibly win the war with primitive weapons!

"Claim them?" One of Arcee's optic ridges went up.

"Yes." Primex's cold voice filled the entire cavern. "I have come to bring them home. They are too weak from injury to live on. All Primes are destined to join Primus when their time has come to become one with the Allspark."

Smokescreen shifted uncomfortably. "Then…why are you taking Ironhide?"

"They are sparkbound to each other for all eternity. Even in death they will be joined together…" the femme's vocalizer trailed off.

"You can't take them," Blurr started, but clapped his servos over his derma plates, surprised that he had found it within himself to oppose the intention of an immortal being connected to Primus.

"What?" The femme's voice raised a notch, and she took a step forward, her right forearm transforming into a large cannon – much bigger than any of Ironhide's! Blurr took a step back, whimpering softly, causing Primex to relent and lower her weapon. "I think we all know what happened that led to this," the femme growled, gesturing to the two damaged mechs lying on the icy floor. "Your blasted Council has exiled the Prime wrongfully. Ironhide chose to follow Optimus when he left Iacon after his exile. They left and ended up here, getting fatally injured along the way." A huff, and her weapon transformed back into her arm. "I'm merely taking them home, to rejoin the Allspark and claim their rightful place."

"The Council was wrong," Prowl ground out. "The moment we found evidence that Optimus was innocent, we were given permission to locate him –"

"Your blasted Council and your blasted protocol," Primex snarled. She turned to the two recharging mechs on the ground. "Letting them live means paying a price, you understand?" Her words echoed around the cavern. "I will only give you a single chance. The next time something like this happens – I am coming back, and I will not be so relenting."

A flick of her fingers, and the femme turned around, stalking back into the depths of the icy cavern, her form growing dimmer and dimmer as she moved away, and finally faded off into the black nothingness.

A long pause as the Autobots stood gaping in awe, rooted to the very ground, before Prowl snapped out of the reverie and began barking out instructions. Ratchet reached the two mechs lying on the ground first, brandishing his scanner and moving the gadget over Optimus' prone body, while Wheeljack was doing the same to Ironhide. The atmosphere was tense as the Autobots allowed the medics to do their work.

A full fifteen minutes passed before Ratchet stood up, dusting himself off. "Their condition is stable for the moment – if we can get them back to our laboratory at Base immediately. It's a good thing we brought the trailers; Bulkhead and Jazz will pull them back to Base. We need to go, now." His voice was filled with urgency, and Prowl continued issuing orders as Bulkhead and Jazz cycled into vehicle mode, Ratchet hooking the trailers to their rears. Wheeljack gently laid the limp body of Ironhide onto Jazz's trailer before tending to Optimus, carrying him to Bulkhead's trailer. Giving both Autobots a soft click, Jazz sped off out of the cavern, Bulkhead following him at close range.

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