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The familiar feeling of guilt kept up her as they approached the newly acquainted building, the part of her daily routine she would grow to revile in the most, contrary to public perception.

Jac Naylor was known for being unversed in the field of emotion, but surprisingly, she had learnt to concede to these unfamiliar feelings in her everyday life. She dealt with them in her own special way, letting people delve into her personal life had reflected in her actions. Due to this, on rare occasions, she even found herself in agreement with the likes of Mo Effanga – much to the astonishment of Jonny. The glee he had shown was enough to make it only a yearly occurrence, much with the agreement of her registrar. They wouldn't want him ever knowing that he could be right; the smugness would be unbearable and Jac would have to put up with it most of the time.

Living with a far clearer mind, all of the fearful notions she'd experienced throughout her pregnancy had diminished; the ice-queen had taken to motherhood like a duck to water – bewildering her colleagues, although much to her pleasure. Even if she was just as astonished as them. And whether he admitted it or not, so was Jonny. The arrival of their first born had made such an impact for the better; she had definitely turned their lives around.

As they waited outside the building for the doors to be opened, Jac knelt down to check on her daughter. Having been almost a year since her arrival, the little girl was definitely becoming an image of her mother. Every day there was something new in the baby's appearance that Jonny related to Jac's defining features, and of course she became smug with the suggestion. She couldn't complain about it at first, that was until her daughter's personality began to spout.

As soon as she had started crawling, it was evident that the baby was going to be exactly like her father, much to the mothers' horror. Nobody could possibly imagine a child of Jac Naylor being a daddy's girl in any shape or form. The red head had to let it go; it was partially her fault that Jonny was the baby daddy anyway, so she didn't have much choice. And as long as she didn't grow up wanting to become a nurse, she could live with it. Although the little person held so many tendencies held to her father, she could feel so much love for her young daughter that it would never matter.

In her own world, the consultant unexpectedly felt a hand slip into hers and turned to see Jonny stood beside her. The nurse was in his scrubs, having started his shift hours previous to hers. Kissing her cheek, he smiled. The work-mode flicked soon on in Jac's brain, she pondered as to whether he was skiving so publicly - or not. He may be sleeping with the boss, but she wasn't going to let him get away with anything more easily than the others. She squinted at him, scanning his features.

"I'm on a break." He affirmed, smirking.

"Hmm, you know I'll find out-"

"I'm serious, you can ask Elliot, I thought I could wave off Poppy on her first day at the crèche." She gave him an incredulous look, and after he peered over the pram to check on his child, he laughed at the expression. Bluntly, she responded.

"She's a baby."

"I know. And that cold Naylor front won't work on me remember! I know you wanted to keep the nanny and that you're stressing out about going back to full-time, blah-blah-blah; but this way we can come down during our breaks, like now!"

Jac still wasn't sure if his plan was a good idea, but he had a point about having Poppy closer. She still glared at him however, she swore him to secrecy over being anxious about going full-time – she couldn't believe a professional woman like herself would end up needing to be dragged back to the workplace, but she had fallen into such a happy routine with the baby, she just wanted to be at home.

If she was worried about leaving her then, then she dreaded to think what would happen when their daughter was older, how she would react to her bringing home a boyfriend – or leaving for university. The she-devil would definitely make her presence felt, that was for sure. Jac shook her head, her daughter hadn't even uttered her first readable syllable and she was thinking about universities. The neurosis was kicking in, much to her disgust. She shook her head at herself; a nudge from Jonny brought her around to him again, and he smiled sadly.

The doors opened, and a heap of guilt-ridden sadness washed over her again.