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Jac didn't want to stay in peoples company once they had dropped Poppy off, and so as she resorted to hiding in her office – Jonny decided to spend the rest of his break at Pulses. As he left the lift to head to the café, he bumped into a caffeine-deprived Sacha Levy. He was always more bumbling than usual when he was running on empty. The bump actually woke him up slightly, and he wholesomely laughed at the accident – patting Jonny's arm and apologising.

"Sorry, these long shifts do nothing for me!" Sacha chuckled, and Jonny laughed; they had become well acquainted since the registrar was the best friend of Jac. "But they do say, no fool like an old fool." He shrugged.

"If you're old then I will soon be down the hill, I can't accept that!" They walked to the kiosk together, and Sacha nodded understanding completely.

"It will creep up on you, my friend. And now you've got a little one, time will go a hell of a lot quicker! Trust me." He winked.

True, Jonny thought, he had experienced the hurricane that was Daniel – attempting to destroy everything in his house. They normally say this occurred in the terrible two's, but this boy took it up at four. Jonny hoped that his lovely Poppy wouldn't go down the same route, but she was her father's daughter. He smirked.

They both ordered a fresh caffeine supplement, much needed for the pair as they slumped tired into a spare couple of seats – waiting in a backlog of people for their drinks. As Jonny sat in a train of thought, Sacha noticed the man was full of confusion.

"Now you look like someone with a lot on their shoulders."

"Hmmm, you're not far off." He mumbled, rubbing his head. They sat in a moment of silence. Sacha's face dropped into a state of confusion and worry, something worrying the nurse would always involve Jac or Poppy - "Nothing wrong with my favourite God-daughter, is there?"

"No, no. Poppy is just fine." Jonny smiled at the bright thought of the apple of his eye. "It's Jac."

"Oh dear." Sacha chuckled. "If you've had an argument, she normally doesn't mean anything she says. She-" "We haven't had an argument; everything is brilliant on that front."

A smirk told Sacha far more than he needed to know.

"Well, that's something I guess. Is something wrong with you then?"

"No, not really. Everything's great. Jac being with me, and Poppy – everything's fine. It's just-" He sighed, he must have looked like an idiot, he thought. "It's just not enough." Sacha was very confused by then; his tired mind couldn't fathom what he meant.

"Not enough? Jac Naylor, the Jac Naylor, Queen of ice, has fallen for you. That is a miracle in its self. And then you have a beautiful little baby together, and it's just not enough?"

"That's not what I meant, being with Jac – it's not set in stone. I don't just want her to be with me anymore."

"Ah, now I get it." Sacha laughed, it was then all so simple to him. "This is brilliant, I love a good wedding."

"The wedding would only happen if she ever said yes." Muttered, he dread to think what she would do if she hated the thought of the idea. They had a good thing going, he believed, he didn't want to ruin the family they had created.

"You're worried about how she might react, I can see your problem. I love Jac dearly, but she doesn't handle surprises well." Sacha laughed continuously, imagining the possibilities. "There is a chance you could leave the conversation unable to have more children."

"Yes, children I would actually like to have one day." Sacha grinned inanely - he could understand why the nurse was scared to ask Jac something so important. But deep down he knew the red head would say yes, she had willingly had his child - that enough should convince him, he thought.

"Mate, listen. Women are a strange kind - I had to learn something from my two failed marriages, didn't I?" They both pondered. Sacha even wondered himself if he could learn from his overly short marriage to Chrissie, not letting your wife run off with a posh boy probably wouldn't help him as a life rule. "if you really want it, then just go for it. Over thinking it won't help, you can't mind read. Just ask her." Patting his shoulder, the cafe assistant brought over their drinks.

The two men stood, accepting their beverages from the sincere woman. With a swift nod to each other, they walked in opposing directions to the wards that await them – both a little wiser than when they arrived.