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At the horizon the sun was setting. Only one could see the sun going to a new destination. It was then that Temperance Brennan sat on the beach, thinking about everything that had gone through her life. In the deserted beach listening to the sound of waves crashing on the sand. The wind in your hair came to give the feeling of freedom. The freedom she wanted. Her pain was more than she could bear. She just wanted to sleep and never have to wake up, never have to feel that pain unbearable that attacked her chest every time she thought about her parents, her brother, her "family."

That's what she thought when approached from the sea. She felt the water at her feet. She was wearing a long dress , which was completely soaked. But she did not care, She just wanted to forget. She kept walking, thinking of nothing, remembering only the good times. This would be her fate? A 17 years old girl who committed suicide on a deserted beach, to forget. It should not be so easy, but it was. She just continued. Until the water was not letting her breathe. Until the moment when she felt someone pulling her arm ...

Hours before ...

* POV * Brennan

Today makes two years since the beginning of the decline of my life. I'm here, sitting in front of my adoptive Sister, Felipa. Someone with this name should not suffer so much. Look who's talking, there is Temperance?

But I do not care anymore. I just wanted to go somewhere, far away, with no one, with nothing.

I look to the side and see my "mother" face looking at me with contempt. Of course, what else could she feel? If not even my family cared, why should she? After all, I'm nobody, I'm nothing.

You know what? I'm going out,the stamped hatred in her eyes already are making me suffer more than I already suffer. Just to clarify my thoughts, my desires. They do not care if I go now, if I come back tomorrow, if I don't come back. It's always been like that, always will be.

Walking down the street in the spring, seeing the beautiful flowers, seeing families in the parks. I decided to go to a place that used to be ours. My and my family's. That beach where we spent a great time together. That beach that a few people knew about, and those who knew had a refuge from their nightmares, commonly called life.

I just wanted to sit in the sand and think. It was exactly what I did. But at a certain point, my thoughts began to think of ways to rid me of this pain. To escape this anguish. I wanted to, at least, stop thinking about the last time I saw my family. It was there when I had the idea. I got up, went down in a sea of emotions, tried to forget ...

Seeley's POV

I was at the beach, a secluded environment. I love to bring my girlfriends here. I love coming here to think, even now, living with my grandfather. My mother left me, my father? Made me suffer.

Just a few moments after arriving at the beach, I saw a girl couple of years younger than me, dressed in a long dress. She sat on the sand, she had been a good time there, just thinking. Suddenly I saw a tear trickle down her rosy cheeks . She stood up and walked up to the sea. The water started hitting on her feet, but she did not stop, the dress clinging to her body. Then I realized what she would do. I hurried to run toward the sea. She dove, I hastened my steps. Quickly went down and pulled her by the arm until the sand.

I tried to make her react, but to no avail. I glued my lips to that young girl that I did not even know, just to save her. I pushed air into his lungs until the moment the air expelled water of the sea that had been accumulated in her lungs. She coughed and opened her beautiful blue eyes. Her expression was one of confusion. That pissed me a lot. A girl so beautiful should not suffer so much.

* End * POV Booth

Temperance looked at him, did not understand what had just happened.

- Why did you do that? - Asked when she could.

-You would kill yourself - He said.

- You do not think I should be doing this for a reason? - Now she was angry.

-Hey, I'm sorry if I saved your life.

-And if I did not want to be saved?

-What makes you think that way?

-This really is not your business. - She said, standing up.

-Woa! Where are you going? I will not leave you out there alone. Not after he tried to kill yourself. You are going to my house, will change this clothes and then I take you to your home.

-No way! I do not have to obey you!

-Please. I swear I'll never bother you again, or see you again - He looked into her eyes. She saw the sincerity in his eyes, she felt safe.

-Ok. But then you disappear from my life!

-Done! - He said smiling charmingly.

They stood up and gone to Booth's car, which was not much new or big, really just for needs. When they arrived at Booth's home, he told her to go to his room he would get some clothes for her. So she did. While she was in the bathroom he was talking to Hank, to be able to explain the situation of the young girl , that he realized that he didn't know the name.


-What's up little man? - Hank said, after lowering the newspaper on the table in the dining room.

-It's .. er, today something happened while I was on the beach, and there was a girl ..., well, she tried to kill herself- Hank was surprisedI saw her , she tried to drown, and I saved and now she's taking a shower in my bathroom. And I do not know what to do.- Said Seeley sitting on a chair in front of Hank.

Hank looked at him and said:

-Provide support to her, if she did it, she had a reason. She must suffer greatly, sometimes suffering leads us to think that death is the best way out, even when it is not .Give her some clothes for her to wear, I think the clothes of your mother could fit in her. Give support, ok?

-Of course, Pops. But I do not know, there's something different about her. When I had to do mouth-to-mouth on her, I felt something, something different.

-When two souls are destined to be together, nothing can to stop them. Sometimes, people are so idiot to know that... If it's that, just wait for the work of fate.

-I will find clothes for her. - And he went to his room. He grabbed a shirt and shorts. He knocked on the door and left the clothes for her.

Minutes after, she left the room, dressed in his clothes. He thought he had never seen a scene so beautiful. So he atardes to talk with her.

-So Miss, how about you tell me your name?-Booth sympathetic spoke.

-What do you want to know? Wouldn't you disappear from my life?

-I could go away, but I don't want to, I liked you . Belive me, when I like someone, I do not give up. Come on, let's eat something, you

must be starving.

-I'm not hungry! I just wanna go back to that place.

-What place?

-H .. My house.

-Why do not I believe you?

-I'm telling the truth, if you do not believe, that is your problem.

-You have not told me your name.

-Either did you, anyway. - She said.

- Sure. I'm Seeley Booth , I'm 19 years old, and I will enlist the army next year. You. ..?

-Ok ... I'm Temperance Brennan, I'm 17, and I'm trying a scholarship to study anthropology.

-How about you tell me why you want to kill yourself?

-I ... I think it is still not the right time.

-Look, Tempe. No matter what happens I'll be here, if you need.

-I do not know why, but I think socially speaking, I should say thank you now. So, thank you.

-You're very welcome - He replied smiling.

-I really should go home, I end up arranging problems. - She said.

-Sure, I'll take you home.

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