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-Do you live here? - Booth asked, startled to see the poverty of the neighborhood in which she lived.

-Yes. Let me at that corner, I do not want to get into more trouble.

-You do it very often? - He asked- get into trouble, I say.

-Sometimes it's inevitable. - He gave a slight smile to hear her worlds.

-Good luck. and.. See you soon.

-I thought you'd get out from my life.

-Sometimes fate works in our favor.

-Fate? No, this is ridiculous. I do not believe.

-No need to believe. I already believe for the two of us. - She looked at him and then got out.

-Goodbye, Seeley.

-Goodbye, Temperance. - He started the car and went home.


When Temperance came home, it smelled like cigarette. Soon, fear took her body. She went quietly, but soon saw the silhouette of her "father". He turned his head toward at her up and down he said:

-Slut! Already spreading your legs for someone? Because I doubt that this is your clothes.

She quickly looked down. She was still in the clothes of Seeley. Damn! she could not have made this slide.

-No ... I just ... is that ... - she stopped when she felt his hand on her face, with such violence and speed that made her lose his balance falling to the ground.

-You have to ask me before you leave this house, get it? Bitch! - He kicked her in the ribs-Now go to your room and just get out of there when you go to college tomorrow.

Temperance rose with difficulty from the ground. She put her hand over her ribs which were very painful. She walked slowly up the stairs with difficulty. She came to her room and threw herself on the bed, waiting JUST the other day arrives.

oOo oOo The Next Day

Seeley Booth arrived at college late. Dying of sleep, spent the night thinking about a certain girl with blue eyes. He was in the last year. His girlfriend, Katie, was also in that class. He was running down the hall toward his room when someone bumped into. He heard a moan of pain. He looked at the person in front. It was her. She had a hand in her rib. And was bending down to pick up books.

-Look! A troublemaker! - He said so recognized.

-Haha, I do not believe it! It's some kind of ... uff-she was going to talk but the sharp pain was very strong.

-Hey, are you okay? - He suddenly became concerned.

-No ... is nothing. I'm fine. Gotta go to class. - Said she, lying. She hurried.

-Sure! See you soon! - He said listen to her.

She entered the room and the teacher looked at her. He knew she was a excelent student. Just nodded for her to go to her place. He turned and continued the lesson.


Seeley, on the other hand, when he entered the room caught the attention of all eyes. The teacher looked at him with a very serious face and said:

-Again, Mr. Booth?

-My alarm clock did not ring. - He said apologetically.

-It seems that the alarm never rings for you, is not it? Unfortunately that'll send you to the board. Already delay four times in less than a month!

Seeley just lowered his head and did what the teacher said.

. ~.

- Mr. Booth, I'm telling you that if you do not improve your grade unfortunately you're going to have to leave the basketball team.

-What?! - It could not happen, he was waiting anxiously the finals and the team needed him.

-Calm down, I talked to some teachers and we find a solution.

-And this-what is it?

-Let's give you a tutor. So it helps you for exams. - Said the director happy with his decision.

-And who would be that tutor?

-She is ... - the phone started ringing his office, he attended -Sure, send she in.

The door opened and a girl. Seeley turned to her and thought, "No way."

- This is your tutor: Miss Brennan!

-But she is the second year! I'm already on the third. - Booth said confused.

-Even though she is in the second year she is smarter than you-the principal spoke sharply.

-Um ... ok. - Booth decided not to argue.

. ~.

When they left the room Temperance director turned to him and said:

-This is getting ridiculous already! You're stalking me or something?

-Of course not, maybe it's just ... er .. you know, fate.

-Already said it does not exist. But when you will want lessons?

-Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This good for you?

-Sure. Where?

-It could be in your home.

-NO! I mean ... at your its best. Mine is long gone.

-So, yeah, in my. I'll wait for you today. This address here. - Said giving her a piece of paper in which he had just written his address.


oOo Booth's House oOo

-Pops, I saved that girl ... she studies in the same college as me. She is my guardian now.

-She is in your class and you did not recognize her, shrimp?

-No, Pops. She is in theo second year. - The doorbell rang.

-How ...?

-Looks like she's a genius or something.

-Ahhh. - Hank spoke.

Seeley left the kitchen and went to open the door.

-Hi. - She said shyly.

-Hi-he said. He realized that once again she had her hand in the ribs.

-Can I ...? - She asked, wanting to join.

-What? Ah ... course, of course. Come in. - That he was lost in thoughts quickly went out of the front of the door.

- Let's start with ? - Said she already sitting on the couch.

-Biology? - He said, sitting beside her. Close to her, he could see a bruise near her eye . But his lips did not say anything.

-Sure. - Class usually happened.

. ~.

The other day she was talking to Booth that she could not go on Friday. Her "father", Jonh, had forbidden her to leave. She would have to spend the entire afternoon cleaning the house.

When she arrived at the door of Seeley's class, he came to meet her.

-Booth, I will not be able to give lecture on Friday. Something happened, so I can't go.

-It's okay. I. ..

-Seeley! - Spoke the girl kissing him


-Katie, I already told you not to call me Seeley. I do not like.

-I am your girlfriend. I can not just go around calling you "Booth".

Brennan played Booth's shoulder to tell him that she would have to leave.

-Do not touch my boyfriend! - Katie said.

-I was not going to "touch" on your boyfriend your blonde slut. Just going to warn him that I have to go. Goodbye. - She said turning.

-Finally! - Said Katie-Who is she?

-My tutor. Stop this ridiculous crisis of jealousy!

The rest of the week went normally, taking, of course, the crisis of jealousy. But Booth was concerned on Monday, when Temperance did not appear.

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