"I can't take losing you twice, Gemma." Clay admitted, with nothing left of himself. He sat beside the woman who he'd given everything to, the woman was sitting next to him on the bed, despite the fact he destroyed all that was built between them.

Gemma said nothing, and Clay looked forward, bracing himself. His hands ached. His heart stood still. Gemma turned her head toward him, and moved her face toward his. She touched her lips to his, answering his question. He won't lose her twice. He'll never lose her again. Her hands went to his face and she kissed him again. She felt his pain. She felt it start to melt away when she touched him. She knew he couldn't taste her deception, see her facade, hear her lies. His arm wound around her waist, and his other hand brushed lightly through her hair. Her breathing hitched and he heard it. His hands cradled her face and she looked down, trying to blink away the moisture in her eyes. She cleared her throat. His thumb caught the one stray tear that brimmed over. He opened his mouth, words unable to make their way out. His mind raced.

"I don't want to hurt you, Gem." His own voice broke. Greatful of his misunderstanding her tears, she kept the act up.

"I know, baby," she half-whispered, " I know." He held her head to his shoulder. Her dark hair spilled over his chest. Clay kept his arm around her waist. He turned to cradle her face. His thumb rested on her chin, and he leaned in. Gemma's act failed. Her old self broke through. She wasn't the victim anymore. She didn't hate him. She didn't feel pain, regret. She didn't feel repulsed. She didn't feel afraid. She didn't remember Nero's existence. She was Clay's old lady. She was his wife. He was her old man, and her husband. Her arms twined around his neck, and she held him like a life preserver. He rolled over top of her and she parted her lips as his crushed down on hers. Her legs wrapped up around his waist, and she pulled him as close as possible. This wasn't a game. This isn't a bargain with Jax anymore. Clay is hers. And she loves him with every piece of her.

She has to save him.