Author's Note: Hi, everyone. This is Red the Mudkip, with the first fan fiction I will be posting on this site. If you have any constructive critiscm, or praise, or whatever, feel free to review on this story! But please, no "flaming" or "trolling". Also, so that you don't get confused, the italics in the second and third paragraphs are flashbacks. I guess that you could call this "AU", or "Alternate Universe", because Gold doesn't REALLY go to compete in the World Tournament (or does he?). Now, on with the story.

The moon gradually rose behind the trees, sparkling stars following it. Leaf sighed and stared out her window. She missed Red and Gold very much. It had been about a month since Leaf had seen them; the two boys had been invited to a "World Tournament" in the faraway Unova Region. Leaf still remembered the moment they left.

Two boys stood in the center of Pallet: one with a red cap, a black tee-shirt (which he wore under a red vest), jeans, and red-and-white sneakers; the other a bit younger than him, with black hair (it was so black that you could mistake it for blue!) under a black-and-yellow baseball cap, a red sweater, and black "shorts" that ended just above his knees. Their names were Red and Gold, respectively.

"Have fun in Pallet, and take care of my mom for me," Red had said before happily getting on his Charizard, whose name was Ace, and taking off to the skies. Gold then nodded to the people who had gathered in the middle of Pallet Town. "Take care, everyone, and tell Blue to spend more time in his Gym if he wants to stay Gym Leader. I don't want other trainers to run all around Kanto searching for him." The ten-year-old had snickered for a moment, then waved and boarded his Ho-Oh's back and joined Red in the clouds, flying swiftly towards Unova.

All the residents of Pallet Town looked up at the sky, waving until the two heroes were tiny dots.

The girl sighed, twirling a strand of her brown hair, and sat down on her bed. I wonder when they'll be back; I'm starting to miss them already, Leaf thought. Eventually, Leaf yawned and snuggled under her warm blanket, ready to sleep.

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