A Story of Life

By:F. E. Huston The Boy

As he walked he hummed the background music to his favorite song. A 1983 song that just the title alone was the perfect description of his freaked out life. He loved his style, but he was generally the subject of ridicule because of his unique way of life. He was called emotionalist, druggy, and a lot of other ridiculous names. None of which are even relevant to what he truly was, he is. He is a free spirit. He has not tried to be the center of attention in actuality he would much rather be left alone to be who he wants.

The Girl

She walks with her friends talking just like any other day. She is at peace with everything. She does not know how she is to change the life of a boy she has never met. Her only goal for the day is to be basically invisible. Not a hard task, but not an easy one either.

The Meeting

He walks down the hall and everyone seems to move out of the way like he has leprosy or something. As he continues on someone shouts an insult he ignores them. He pushes on finding it harder to navigate the hall way. He steps past an older student his books go everywhere. Every time he reaches a book it is kicked away. The bell rings everyone goes to class. He looks up at the sound of another person's breathing. Across the hall a girl is picking up his books the first person to help him in this school. When she hands him his books he looks at her eyes and the world stops as she begins to leave, muttering something about class, he finally opens his mouth and says thank you to her retreating figure. She looks back and smiles. Later he sees her she is talking to her friends he waves. She waves back, not realizing that in that wave she stole his heart.

The Dreams

He woke up screaming …again. Due to the same annoying dream made over with a new main character he was losing sleep in massive proportions. The girl with the gorgeous eyes had become the subject of his reoccurring nightmare. He could not get over that girl and her unusual act of kindness.

On the other side of town, a girl wakes with one thought "what in the world". She walks to her door half expecting 'the boy in black' to be waiting at the door just like in the dream she just woke from. For some reason he intrigued her. She could not understand the immediate passion for this mysterious dark boy that had invaded every aspect of her life.

Looking for something?

The next day both were searching for something neither of them found it. He could not remember when he had ever been so disappointed in his life. He began to write a poem not just about his massive disappointing crush, but also about his need for what she had given him just a hint of the moment she had looked in his eyes. Her eyes invading his mind while his mysteriousness invaded hers.